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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

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Hello from 2 Player Productions!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Greetings backers of adventure!  This is 2 Player Productions speaking, so if you’re expecting some witty banter from Tim Schafer I suggest reading update #2 again and learning all about love bombs!  The only bombs we have here are full of shyness and self doubt, and any war fought with those would just be weird.

For your amusement we have edited this video of Tim acting silly during our shoot for the Kickstarter pitch video.  We’re currently working on the first episode of the series and we should have something ready to go before the end of March.

No one here or anywhere was really expecting this Kickstarter to blow up the way it did. I mean, Dave told us it was an awesome idea, but who ever takes that guy seriously?  The last few weeks have been kind of crazy for 2pp and Double Fine.  This has gone from being a fun project we wanted to work on to being our lives for the next year+, and that’s really awesome.  We have all of you guys to thank.

Some people have been asking what our plans are for the documentary series, so we wanted to address those questions.

If you are familiar with our work on the Penny Arcade series (season 1), it’ll be a little like that.  Every month we plan to release a fully edited episode that runs between 10-20 minutes (at least) and sums up the progress of development.  It’s likely the episodes will have some kind of theme, like “building the engine” or “designing the characters”.  You’ll also get to know the team behind the game and some history of adventure games along the way. 

We also want to feature more specific videos that focus on the nuts and bolts of the development process.  Maybe Tim and the team had a really awesome meeting that lasts for like an hour.  Let’s put that online for you guys!  Maybe two of the lead developers had a breakthrough with a feature they had been struggling with.  Upload it!  We want these videos to be accessible and informative.  Some people may not be in to all the nuts and bolts of things and just want to get the gist of it.  Some people like nuts and bolts!  We’ll try to make you both happy.

Spoilers are an issue of course, and yeah, there may be some of those.  We’ll give you fair warning though.  It’s not our goal to reveal every aspect of the game, so as often as possible we’ll try to avoid ruining key story points and puzzles.  We’ll have an episode about designing a good puzzle, but we won’t reveal all of them.  

We’re proud to announce that Terence Lee, the composer behind the awesome indie game “Dust Force”, will be producing original music for the documentary soundtrack.  The second we heard Terence's compositions we knew he was someone we wanted to work with.  We have deep roots with the chip music community, and Terence’s music merges the nostalgia of chip with rich natural textures and intelligent, catchy songwriting.  We want this soundtrack to be more then just background noise; when everything is said and done the music should stand on its own as something you guys will want to listen to over and over.

We also want to take this opportunity to announce that Tim will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit this Sunday, March 4th, from 1pm to 3pm PST.  If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s best described as a social news website that’s driven by user contributions.  “I Am A” is a specific forum on the site where people will host public chats to talk about who they are and what they do.  If there is anything you would like to pick Tim’s brain about, here’s your chance!  Just head over to the IAmA board at the specified time and keep an eye out for Tim’s thread.

You may even find a bunch of other interesting stuff to check out too.  Just looking right now you’ll find the scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, someone who was struck by lighting, and a chimney sweeper amongst many others.  That would probably make for an interesting Venn diagram.

Follow the link below and you’ll find an unnecessarily detailed recollection of our time shooting the Kickstarter pitch video.  It’s kind of long, so maybe go to the bathroom and then make yourself a sandwich before digging in.  Just make sure you wash your hands first, because health regulations!

Thanks a ton everyone!  Tell everyone you know and lets see if this thing can hit 3 million!!!!!

New Goodies!

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

Ahoy, Backers of Adventure!  And potential Backers of Adventure!  And Haters of Adventure who come here whenever they feel like gnashing their teeth and seething with rage!

To the first group, we’d like to say THANK YOU again for the incredible support you've given this project. You’ve changed the way we are thinking about it, and you’ve changed the way EVERYBODY is thinking about a lot of things.

To say thanks to the first group, to entice the second group to join the first group, and to confound and annoy the third group, we are now offering these NEW REWARDS!

The Digital Soundtrack of the Documentary  ($30 reward tier)  Listen to the awesome game soundtrack at the same time as the awesome documentary soundtrack!  I don’t know if that makes sense, or if it’s even medically advisable, but at least this way you have the option!

Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary ($100 reward tier)  Perhaps you’re not hip to this digital download craze.  Or maybe you just like really nice boxes to put on your mantel so that your guests might linger and admire them while you pour another scotch.  Either way, this is gonna be suuuper rad.

The Double Fine Adventure Book  ($60 reward tier for a digital PDF, $500 reward tier for a physical copy)  WTF? ART? In your MFing HANDS? Whoa Nellie, this is an exciting new development!  Filled with concept art, developer bios, excerpts from the game’s script, and deep dark secrets, this book will further expand on this entire adventure.  It will be made available both as a super nice, mantel-ready hardcover book in the $500 reward tier, and as a digital PDF in the $60 reward tier for people who just want to read it on the crapper with their iPads. (By the way, never ask to borrow my iPad.)

SO MANY NEW REWARDS!!!!  To memorialize this momentous occasion, we’ve got a special treat for you.  About a month before we launched the Kickstarter we filmed a 35 minute conversation in which Tim and Ron discussed what adventure games are, what it is like to make them, and what different forms they’ve taken over the years.  It’s like watching Bill Moyers talking to Joseph Campbell, but if those guys were cool. We’ve embedded a 5 minute clip of that conversation below, but you can see the full version here

This project has really grown into something much larger than we were expecting, which is-scientifically speaking-awesome.  Many of you have been asking if this means we’ll be taking a bit more time with the production, and the answer is yes. This is not a cute, quick little game anymore. This is the real deal. This is a capital-G Game. This means that some rewards might show up a bit later than originally intended but fear not, it’s all to make sure we provide you with something that is worthy of the love bomb you detonated over Double Fine. Kaaaaa-blooooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo!

That’s the sound a love bomb makes.


Important Update from Tim...

Posted by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions (Creator)

...who is me.  And is already very sleepy from staying up late to work on this game.  Kidding, I was just up late watching TV.

Important announcements regarding platforms, languages, and DRM below!

Thanks to all the backers!