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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kevin Bell 1 day ago

      Anyone in Canada receive the Big Box yet?

    2. Vaarel 1 day ago

      The Double fine adventure was my very first kickstarter and I just got to click the box saying I received my items wooot!

    3. Benoit Capelle 2 days ago

      Aaaaaaaand it's here \o/
      Big box received without any visible issue (France)
      it's been a long ride (and un bumpy one) but now, 4,5 years later i can finally mark the "received" checkbox on the kickstarter "backed projects" page.

      Thanks guys.

    4. Missing avatar

      Juha M. 2 days ago

      I suffered from the same that the inside holder cardboard in the box got damaged because while travelling in the post from USA to Finland, the bluray set was most likely moving inside the box. The big box itself is in perfect shape though so that's most important for me. It does not really matter to me that the inside holder is a bit ripped from the corners.

    5. Missing avatar

      Juha M. 2 days ago

      Got the big box this week. Huge thanks to Tim Schafer, Double Fine and 2 Player Productions.

      The box and it's contents are amazing. This long journey is finally completed and it was worth the wait. Christmas came early this year.

    6. Banni Ibrahim 3 days ago

      So, I got my boxed version today. What I wanted to know, are all the other materials like the Blu-Ray and other extras in the box? Or will they be separate? I would rather not open the box if just the game is in it.

    7. Kinoss 3 days ago

      I finally got my big box! yay!

    8. Paskarl (k0SH) 3 days ago

      'The Eagle has landed' ( Germany)
      1730 days AFTER the successful kickstarter project ;-)
      = 4,74 years later!
      Retrospection // kickstarter:
      'Double Fine Adventure'
      asked for: $400k
      until: 13. March 2012
      got: $3,336,371
      from: 87.142 backers
      = 833% / Ø $38

    9. Gabriel Herrin 4 days ago

      Of course, I no longer have a mac with a disc drive so... you know... yay.

    10. Missing avatar

      redrum666 4 days ago

      I got my broken age big PC box, game and blu-ray today its really nice looking my only complaint is that the tray that holds the blu-ray case in the big PC box does not hold the case very well it got loose during shipping and the tray ended up getting ripped and kind of deformed my big PC box

    11. Missing avatar

      Guenter Pajer 5 days ago

      I would like to inform you - similar to my message a few days ago - the 42 GB file from Humble is also corrupt - bad CRC.

      Please could you inspect it and help me and the world ?


    12. Christian Page 5 days ago

      God dhl's tracking sucks. My package shiped 28th and the only update sence has been "en route" worse that seems to mean less than nothing as it first said it enters this phase on the 2nd but each day they update it to say it entered the "en route" phase the current day. So it's luring to make it sound like progress is being made when it's not. So I have no idea how close it is and no estmated delivery date. I can't plan to be home wich means it will get left in the snow.

    13. Paskarl (k0SH) 6 days ago

      Still waiting for it in Germany but finally it's on its way..

    14. Missing avatar

      Jeff on December 3


    15. Gabriel Herrin on December 2

      *phrasing. Beat you to it.

    16. Gabriel Herrin on December 2

      I cant believe what I'm holding right now. It finally came!

    17. Trevor Howell on December 2

      I can't believe I'm actually holding this game in my hands. Amazing!

    18. Michael Stum on December 2

      Box arrived yesterday for me. T-Shirt and poster were actually sent out all the way back in 2012 or 2013, grey shirts with a subtle Adventure Backer print.

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Buijs on December 2

      Box arrived. No t-shirt or poster, but the box is nice.

    20. Ronald Wanders on December 2

      Box arrived today in the Netherlands. :D

    21. Rupert Fuller
      on December 2

      Arrived today to Dublin, Ireland. A happy kickstarter customer here! Be almost a shame to break the seal on the box.

    22. Dax Jacobson on December 1

      Thanks, wow it's finally over.

      While trying to remember what level I had pledge at, I noticed KS wanted to know if rewards had shown up, so I Clicked on the "I got it" to let KS know too.

      Today I received the final (very nice) Blu-Ray package via US Postal, thanks, so much guys.

    23. Jared Creaser on November 26

      Quick question, if I backed at the $15 level, is there any way to download the tvOS version without buying again?

    24. Yorick de Visser on November 19

      I've done some more digging. For those who may be confused as to how to get the VHX quality definitive edition, check your Humble Bundle Keys page. Had to go through the forums to find that out. Anyway, be sure to type the address for since it may not work. After you've claimed your Deluxe Edition content you can find it again in the Browse section of the DF Video Library. Looking forward to going back and watching everything.

    25. Yorick de Visser on November 19

      I'm also wondering how I get the definitive edition. I back at $30,- but only see episodes for the documentary in Humble Bundle. On VHX my e-mail was not recognized. Not happy about this being so obtuse, because I can't find anywhere that we could link our backing to VHX.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kathy Perry on November 18

      Ignore my last post lol

    27. Missing avatar

      Kathy Perry on November 18

      Damn I never even got the game and they have a final update impressive

    28. Alan P Clapsaddle on November 17

      My pledge was for $30+ tier but I have no idea where to get the definitive edition.

    29. Missing avatar

      Anon on November 17

      It's been so long, and there have been so many confusing emails, and I don't remember getting an email about my address. How can I check?

    30. Andrew Pam on November 17

      Oops. I flagged the fangamer email as spam because it arrived without any explanation or context before this update did. The email doesn't mention any connection with Double Fine.

    31. Kinoss on November 17

      I just got another email from fangamer. Sounds like they are sending out the big boxes soon.

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin O
      on November 16

      It's also my very first Kickstarter. I'm actually a little bit sad it will be finally over soon, I enjoyed following the process very much.
      It's been a long time and I'm excited about watching the (remastered) documentary again!

    33. Missing avatar

      Mike Hansford
      on November 16

      I don't care that it's way later than I expected, I'm super excited that the first thing I backed on Kickstarter is finally delivering the last of it's rewards. :D

    34. Reid Harris Cooper on November 16

      @Kevin Kelly: Unless you got a totally different email the item mentioned should be:

      1x Broken Age Special Edition with Double Fine Adventure Documentary - Blu-ray

      That would be the Box with DFA included.

    35. Kevin Kelly on November 16

      I got that same email saying my Blu-ray would be shipping soon, but what about the Special Edition Box?

    36. Mario on November 16

      I got a email:
      If your address is correct, then you don't need to do anything. We'll be shipping your item(s) soon!
      If your address is incorrect, please go to the following URL

    37. Missing avatar

      Sean Rester on November 9

      I will NEVER give another time to double fine. This is insane to have to wait this long for rewards.

    38. Christopher Hamilton on November 7

      I'm moving house - what can I do about an address change for the boxed version?

      I was kinda expecting it to have arrived way before this date :/

    39. Gabriel Herrin on November 6

      : / hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    40. Missing avatar

      Øyvind Vevang on November 3

      So what's happening with the boxed versions? Can we have an update with some sort of estimated delivwry now please?

    41. Alexis Maes on October 26

      four year later, I have a tablet game on my steam account and no box version in sight. YEAH. never again double fine,

    42. Missing avatar

      East Chao on October 10

      Glad to hear it wasn't a problem shipping it and that it just hasn't been shipped yet... i guess...

    43. Daniel Åberg on October 7

      So there's a vinyl release that seems to be on track to be released before the boxed version of the game now? Jeez

    44. Joseph P on October 6

      seriously double fine, you got to stop smoking the doobies. it's hurting your productivity. i'm warning you, bro. i'm worried about you.

    45. Paskarl (k0SH) on August 30

      4 years later.. lol.

    46. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on August 30

      My first Kickstarter that began a long chain of investing to projects.

      Also way not the last to complete itself. Still waiting for forever taking projects like Last Life, Drift Stage and Paradise Lost: First Contact to be released someday. All three of those were supposed to be ready years ago.

      Also the quality in DF projects has been amazing. So happy to be a backer. Just sad that I lost my DF backer pin badge a few years ago... :-(

    47. NightWolf21k on August 28

      Wow, the boxes are still in production - How many years after the game was released? I must say i totaly forgot about this project i just checked some of my older ones, and after reading this post i must say, i dont believe that there will ever be a box. I just heard to many times "we are stil working" and the opposite was the case. i am glad that i forgot about this project and that it is a reminder never to back another Double Fine Project again. Sorry to be that harsh, but its just my two cents.

    48. Double Fine and 2 Player Productions 2-time creator on August 25

      Hey y'all sorry for the delay here. We've been so close for so long that we were hoping to wait until the next update could be, "THE BOXES ARE IN PRODUCTION!!" The good news is, that really is almost the case!

      We just got our final pre-production test print on everything and it looks GREAT. And 2 Player just put the final touches on their crazy extensive collection of footage, which now is fully color corrected, has the blurs removed, has subtitle tracks, two commentary tracks, and hours and hours of bonus content.

      It's gonna be really great! Thanks so much for the patience. You can expect an update any day now with news that the production chain is a go, at which point it won't be long. Hopefully we can get you some photos of the final product as it comes off the chain!

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