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This project was successfully funded on March 13, 2012.

An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Onesmallmonkey about 23 hours ago

      I backed the documentary edition and I say release it to the general public. The more people that get to see it the better.

    2. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin 4 days ago

      @Steven - Looks like that worked. Thanks!

    3. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin 4 days ago

      @Steven - Are they handling shipping for DF?

    4. Creator Steven Campos 4 days ago

      Hey Gabriel and Thomas, feel free to email instead.

    5. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin 6 days ago

      @thomas - I sent them an email yesterday. Haven't heard back yet.

    6. Creator Thomas Zoth 6 days ago

      Like others, I have a question about updating my address. Who can I contact?

    7. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin on February 21

      So... I take it nobody's checking this thing anymore?

    8. Creator daniel elliott on February 19

      Looking forward to it :)

      On a related note: I noticed mention of a PS Vita version. I like this game, but not enough to buy it again at full price. Any chance of a vita key for backers? (or just a discount ^_^)

    9. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin on February 19

      Yeah, hoping for a new survey. A lot happens in three years.

    10. Creator John on February 19

      wow its almost been 3 years.

    11. Creator Gabriel "Bug Eyes" Herrin on February 17

      Hi DoubleFine! I have a couple of questions. When I answered the survey back in 2012, I had a different address. How do I change it with you guys for the disc when all is said and done? Also, is the ps4 version doing to be free for adventure backers? Thanks, and continue doing what you do. (Currently enjoying the hell out of Grim Fandango!)

    12. Creator Jonathan Villemure on February 17

      Hi DoubleFine ! I haven't been playing Act 1 yet because I'm waiting for Act 2 to be released so I can enjoy the whole game at once. But take your time, I like my games polished. I feel I've already got my money worth just with the documentaries which I found both interesting and funny. Keep up the good work !

      And when that red yarn pal in Tim's office gets too noisy, just smile at him because everybody wants to be happy and while your games won't change the world, they put small patch of happiness in many people's days :)

    13. Creator VkBest on February 7

      @double fine will be available this game on iPhone? Or iPad forever?

    14. Creator Benjamin Wimmer on February 4

      Hi there!
      I've moved since the first wave of offline backer goodies have been shipped out. Will there be another questionnaire sent out for the shipping of the physical game box? If not, who should I get in touch with regarding my new address?

    15. Creator Double Fine and 2 Player Productions on February 4

      To those asking for a status update, we are indeed still hard at work on the game! We're on track for a release this spring. Remaining work is mainly bug fixing, polish, and platform work. So it's really almost there! We're playing from start to finish in the office and it's looking really great! Really wanting to overdeliver here, and it seems like that will be the case!

      Once the game is done we'll start production on the disc and the art book and will get those in your hands as soon after release as possible with manufacturing times on physical goods as they are.

      But yeah, we're really getting there!

    16. Creator Double Fine and 2 Player Productions on February 3

      Hey Adam, we refunded you months ago. Could you please kindly stop leaving comments and bothering people who are still interested in our project?

    17. Creator Adam Lichi on February 3

      i look foward to the day when DF closes its doors and the scamming will end.

    18. Creator Christopher Weber on February 3

      2.5 years after estimated delivery: Full game still not finished. Meanwhile double fine releases lot's of other projects. I feel cheated.

    19. Creator VkBest on January 31

      Why this game is not available for iPhone? When they launched this campaign they said this game would be ported to iOS and Android, not iPad or Android tablets.

      The screen size can´t be a excuse when they will port this game to Vita.

    20. Creator Marie-Andree Poisson on January 31

      So, been away from here for months! Where is the second chapter? Paid full price, for half the game. Can I have a 40-50% refund?

    21. Creator Zoran Bogunovic on January 26

      Sorry if this has already been answered in the comments already (there's too many to sort through) or if it's on some other forum (which I find redundant considering I backed the project via kickstarter). Are still getting a a copy of the of the game & documentary on disc once available?

    22. Creator FlamingFirewire on January 24

      Glad to see the second act will be coming soon - really enjoyed what I played of the first act, and honestly, I think that was the first time in a very long time that I have only played one adventure game until it was finished. With the exception of Gemini Rue, I usually lose interest or stop caring about the story before I reach the end, so it was nice to be able to sit down and play through the game during my free time.

      While I expect that Act II will require more thinking and thus more sessions to get through, I hope that I find myself focusing solely on this games second act during my free time :)

    23. Creator Charl Vorster on January 17

      with this, i learnt my leason never bak anything and never buy double fine products. where does one go for a refund....

    24. Creator mbpopolano24 on January 16

      Get out of here. You are a ridiculous company. Broken Game, ehm, Age, Massive Failure, ehm, Chalice, the only thing you are able to do is begging for money and deliver broken, unfinished games. Guess what, joke is on you. You know what I mean.

    25. Creator Double Fine and 2 Player Productions on January 12

      We had Ron's game in a MASSIVE CHALICE update and threw shoutouts on Twitter as well. Unfortunately we just didn't have a Broken Age update ready to go during the campaign. We backed and are super stoked though!

    26. Creator Martin O on January 8

      @Dave and Paskarl (k0SH): At least they mentioned it now in the current update. Though now you can get the basic tier only:

    27. Creator Martin O on January 8

      @Anon: The full game will be finished in a couple of months. In the mean time you can use to get the existing stuff: Download Act 1 there or use the Steam key to play it. Then watch all documentary episodes so far.
      If your are done with all the documentary episodes the game will be probably finished!

    28. Creator slot9 on January 7

      Woooo!!!!!! Once again I just want to thank Double Fine for continuing to work on this (with their own money) and for 2PP Continuing to make Documentaries. The value I have received from this kickstarter already is great. Love you guys.


    29. Creator Anon on January 7

      I'm completely lost about the status of this project. Is it completed? If so, where can I get the game?


    30. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) on January 7

      What really bothers me is that Tim / DF didn´t send an BA update and mentioned Ron`s project!
      They know each other a lot, they respect each other, they worked together in the past and Ron did The Cave at/ for DF.
      Can´t understand why anything of this wasn´t enough for a single update with "hey - check out Ron`s new project.."
      One message for 87.000+ backers!!

    31. Creator Dave on January 6

      Did anyone mention Ron Gilbert's kickstarter. I feel like someone should have. I missed it and am sad because his looks more like what I was expecting from this kickstarter.

    32. Creator Isaac Bergman on December 24

      So in other words, if we go by the timetable on the forum and multiply it by a factor of 3 years, we can expect the beta of part 2 to be finished by Christmas 2019! YAY!!!!!

    33. Creator Double Fine and 2 Player Productions on December 24

      Hey y'all, sorry to those unhappy with the lack of Kickstarter updates recently! We've been making more frequent posts on the forums, but try to save things up for larger updates on here. We're super close to the next documentary update (likely first week of January!), so we were holding off on posting another update here until that is ready. In the meantime though, you can check out the most recent project updates on the forums here:

      and here:

      The short story is, Act 2 is at Alpha and it's looking really good! It's super long and we're really pleased with how it's playtesting. Can't wait to show you more in the doc in a few weeks!

    34. Creator ABCHEE Alex on December 23

      I think we must ask for a gift for our patience ! like a game like the game Hack n slash or the remake of day of tentacle for example. WHo want to begin asking to Tim?

    35. Creator Tomimt on December 19

      @richard: all the game tiers come with both, act 1 and act 2.

    36. Creator Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on December 18

      anyone know if the $100 tier comes with act 2 included?

    37. Creator ClementXVII on December 16

      @Bruno Fonseca, as a backer, I completely agree with you.
      Keeping the KS updates frequent at least let everyone know what to expect in regards to delays or other surprises. Soda Pop Miniatures sends an update once a week in regards to their Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King kickstarter. Stonemaier Games is also known for sending frequent project updates sharing the good and bad with his backers as soon as he knows about it.
      I find that by being open with the backers, it creates a situation where backers can be more understanding with bad news.

    38. Creator Bruno Fonseca on December 5

      As a backer, it would have been nice to know about the delay over a kickstarter update and not on the news websites...

      Communication over kickstarter has been quite poor lately. Not everybody has time to go to the forums...

    39. Creator FlamingFirewire on December 3

      For anyone who missed the update on the forums, the game is scheduled to come out in early 2015 now:

    40. Creator Ruben Iversen on November 29

      Jon Smith
      As Martin O and Georgios Chrysikopoulos said
      t-shirt has been sent out long ago so if you havent recived yours you shoud email doublefine support.
      Dont rely on kickstarter to get private msg across, thats not what ks is for.

    41. Creator Martin O on November 23

      @Jon Smith: Georgios Chrysikopoulos is right, those specific rewards were send out long ago (> 2 years). Checkout updates #12 or #13 and search for Fangamer!
      And that's how the posters were packaged:…

    42. Creator Jon Smith on November 22

      Guess they will get my message when they post the next update

    43. Creator Georgios Chrysikopoulos on November 21

      EDIT: I meant to say *TWO*-and-a-half years ago (not too long after the Kickstarter ended, that is, within the first 6 months of that). At least that's what I remember. I suppose I'll have to go looking for them, I think I just stashed them somewhere and haven't used either the T-shirt or the poster yet (add *embarassed* emoticon).

    44. Creator Georgios Chrysikopoulos on November 21

      @Jon Smith: I'm rather certain that I got those rewards (T-shirt and poster) one and a half year ago and that they are not related to the other physical rewards (game box, etc.) that are to be delivered after the game is finished. So, you should contact Doublefine and ask about them if you haven't received them yet.
      (Disclaimer: since it's so much time ago, though, I hope I'm not being confused with some other project, can anyone else confirm that they have indeed received the T-shirts? )

    45. Creator Johnny99 on November 19

      I was close to ask where the game is that I backed for almost three years ago. But the first part was so crappy, Tim can keep my money and the frickin' game.
      Thimbleweed seems to be indeed the adventure I hoped Broken Age would be.

    46. Creator Jon Smith on November 17

      Question have those at the 100 donation get their shirts and poster yet? I didn't but was hoping it would just come at the end with the game when completed. Even though I did my survey that while back. Any help?

    47. Creator Ben on November 15

      I never do this kind of thing but I feel like a rant is appropriate, for once.
      I understand that expectations for a crowdfunding projects shouldn't be high. You're backing, not buying: you're supporting creation. Behind the project is only people, and they can make mistakes.
      But by now we've crossed the two-year anniversary of when the rewards should have been delivered, and despite previous comments it doesn't look like part 2 is coming any time soon. What's worse, most of the updates we've received focus on all the other projects the company is working on (heck, they've even crowdfunded and shipped alpha of another game in the meantime). Sure, there's a lot of different teams, but when you've made a commitment to 87,142 people, maybe you shouldn't take it too lightly and instead rally up all your resources to make it happen?
      Anyhow, I am excited to receive part 2, whenever it's done. And I'll be more than happy to pay for future finished games by DF of the same caliber (I'm a big Monkey Island and Grim Fandango fan). But I won't back any new crowdfunding campaigns they might launch.

    48. Creator Jason Devine on October 30

      Did this kickstarter give out keys for spacebase df9?

    49. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) on October 17

      "an expected release of late 2014 (2 months away) becomes mid 2015 (8 months away)? That would be very, *very* unlikely for a project like this and at this stage"
      That is the point where I still disagree. Sorry ;-)
      But hey. I LOVE to be proven wrong! And fingers crossed that I am wrong again! :-)

      *Dreamfall:Chapters* was originally scheduled for a November 2015 release.
      They know how to plan a project. That is the difference ;-)
      Take a closer look at DF`s "promises" when Episode 1 should be released.
      Or even better. The story when and how they decided to have an episodic release.
      Complete different story from Dreamfall btw.

      But again, I am happy as you are when BA part 2 hits the store sooner than later..

    50. Creator Georgios Chrysikopoulos on October 17

      EDIT: that should be November 2014

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