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An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
An adventure game from Tim Schafer, Double Fine, and YOU!
87,142 backers pledged $3,336,371 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Abraham Aucamp 3 days ago

      Is there a place where I can update my mailing address before the physical game is sent out? I have moved since the start of the Kickstarter. (Similar to Jeff Nowak below)

    2. Creator jeremy whittaker on November 19

      I dont know if this is the right forum to bring this up, but I have yet to get the box game or the Blu Ray Documentary in the mail. The only thing I have gotten is the shirt. Is there a back order for this? It has been a very long time since this was shipped out.

    3. Creator Jeff Nowak on November 11

      I am also waiting for the box set and blu-ray to be mailed. But I have moved since I backed the project and need to update my mailing information. How would I go about doing this so that I can get my backer goodies? Thanks in advance for your time.

    4. Creator gentzel on October 30

      Another update on the Double Fine forum, regarding the Blu-ray (the long straw in getting the boxes shipped): "We’re building discs in November with the goal of having things done and ready to print by the end of the month. They probably won’t arrive by Christmas but hopefully not much longer after."

    5. Creator Joseph P on October 29

      I saw a copy of Broken Age in a gaming store yesterday and was tempted to buy it before remembering I actually backed this game for a physical copy. It's been so long...

    6. Creator gentzel on October 28

      For those asking for updates on the shipping if the physical game, you can get far more timely information on the Double Fine forum:

      Yes, it would be good to post an occasional update here (once every few months) for those not monitoring the forum, but at least the info is available.

      For the lazy, here's a summary of the most recent posted info as of this writing (from 10/2):

      Bagel paintings: "currently being packaged for postage, and should all be sent out very soon"

      Big Box & Blu Ray: "We hope to get this out before the end of the year"

      Art Book: "most likely going to be shipped in 2016"

    7. Creator Anthony Gambatese on October 26

      Hello ... anyone know how I would get my hands on my steam code ... I stopped following this project some time ago and just recently decided to go through my over 100 kickstarts and noticed I never got the code for this one .. now that its done I am looking forward to it ... but don't know what to do next ... any suggestions ??

    8. Creator Jon Smith on October 24

      Have they shipped the game yet?

    9. Creator ShinKagato on October 18

      Sorry not October, December, stupid brain lol

    10. Creator ShinKagato on October 18

      Aha so October for the big box edition? I was randomly going through these and realised i had the poster and the t shirt but not the game lol. Glad its still on the way ^_^

    11. Creator Mr. Horseshoe on October 13

      Hi, I pledged $100 for the Special Edition but have not received it yet. The last message I got about it was in 2012 O_O;;;;;;;;

    12. Creator Nathan "JintoLyn" Jones on October 5

      I'm glad they responded to your twitter question but I wish they'd take 5min to post a small (it can even be one sentence) update on Kickstarter. Thank you @Alexis for posting the information for them.

    13. Creator Alexis Jauregui on October 1

      Asked their Twitter account, they promptly replied saying they're looking at a Christmas time frame for the big box, and the art book early next year.

    14. Creator Brian Young on September 30

      Yeah, still waiting on a game box here, totally forgot about it to be honest. =/

    15. Creator brad bick on September 30

      Is this kickstarter abandoned like the others?

    16. Creator Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on September 29

      Wow I just found an interview with Tim on IGN and it reminded me... What's going on with my game box!

    17. Creator Scott Moore on September 29

      Please take a minute or two of your time to update us on the status of this project, in particular the boxed copy of the game. Clearly folks are feeling left in the dark.

    18. Creator Paskarl (k0SH) on September 26

      Any news on the boxed copy of the game???????????????????????????????????

    19. Creator cianty on September 20

      Yep, also waiting for any updates on the box. This is definitely a lesson learned...

    20. Creator Jake Friedel on September 20

      Yeah, I was in the $100 tier, no box and no documentary. This wouldn't bother me so much if they would just give an update! Come on guys, we are the ones that kickstarted this and now you just leave us in the dark!?

    21. Creator Ferry Timmers on September 18

      So are the physical boxes already out there? I'm in the Netherlands and have not received one as of yet. Should I be worried?

    22. Creator Marcuso Elendil on September 17

      I'm also still waiting on the physical box. Should we maybe officially complain to Kickstarter for Broken Age not delivering what we basically paid for? It might be a last measure, but seeing the lack of answers here...

    23. Creator David Eadie on September 13

      Any update on the "big box" rewards yet? I've moved since the last set of rewards was sent out so a bit worried they'll be lost at the old address.

    24. Creator Douglas Paul Millsap on September 13

      About a week ago, I also saw the game at my local Wally World. I had completely forgotten that I did not receive the physical game yet. You know, I was originally drawn toward Kickstarter, because of my disgust with modern DRM. Kickstarter seemed to offer two amazing things: (1) An opportunity to see “my kind” of games get funded/developed, and (2) actually own a physical version of the game that doesn’t require Steam, Origin, or Uplay. Since making pledges toward several projects, I’m more disillusioned than ever. Included among the physical games I’ve received are: (1) a game with Steam DRM injected into the game disc, (2) a “Collector’s Edition” box that is nothing but a DVD case, and (3) nothing yet for this Broken Age project, despite the fact that it’s available at retail for non-backers. I haven’t made a pledge in years. Way to make us backers feel special.

    25. Creator Gabriel Herrin on September 13

      Yeah, agreed. That's pretty lame.

    26. Creator Stephen Swan on September 8

      I don't appreciate the fact that I STILL have not gotten my physical box reward yet but I can get a physical box from Walmart for $19.99 right now. I REALLY hope this "collector's" box is worth it. :(

    27. Creator Ian Bulock on September 3

      Also here to look for more info on how to change the address for my reward. I have moved and the forums got all archived I see.

    28. Creator Basti Grünwald on August 30

      It's really time for some update about rewards and shipments. My address has changed, too. Hope DF makes some announcement and shipping address changement possibilities, too.

    29. Creator Tyler on August 28

      Have they shipped out the big box rewards and such yet ?

    30. Creator JetSpike on July 29

      Has anyone been able to download the documentary from the VHX site? The email I got says we can stream or download, but on the site I can't find anyway to download it. I'm having trouble downloading from Humble Bundle as well, downloads start but never finish.

    31. Creator Andy Baio on July 21

      So great. The documentary series is one of the best explorations of the difficulties of making a creative commercial project ever put to film—an absolute joy to watch. I feel like I've grown to know the people that made it—the videos humanize everyone involved and help you empathize with them in a way that buying a finished product never will.

      I easily got my money's worth from the documentary alone, and then getting Broken Age on top of it? And a poster signed by the team, a t-shirt I wear constantly, and soon, a boxed copy to remember it all? This is still the best Kickstarter project I've ever backed. Thanks to Double Fine, 2 Player Productions, and everyone else involved.

    32. Creator chriscboy on July 17


      I have moved house since I joined the kickstarter. Is there any way I can get my address changed so that I can receive my game box + blue ray ?


    33. Creator John on July 17

      Now we need a kickstater for broken age 2. :)

    34. Creator Mark on July 16

      Congrats Double Fine, I look forward to getting a chance to play episode 2. I feel like with the documentary and episode 2 coming later it was like I was slowly getting gefts through the years.

      Thank you,

    35. Creator Hoder Jensen on July 16

      Also worth mentioning, DFA for PlayStation 4 / Vita on sale in Europe.

    36. Creator Ferdinando D'Agostino on July 15

      Wtf where are the physical copies? LOL

    37. Creator Jamieson-Lee Scott on July 15

      Be patient. Look at what our patience allowed them to do with the actual game; give them time to craft a box deserving of it.

    38. Creator GF_ on July 12

      Are you dead? No answer since May. It isn't the game I paid years ago. I'm really worry about you? Did something happen? Double Fine?!

    39. Creator Brian Bagnall on July 12

      I wonder how many here played a SCUMM game on the Amiga or even the C64? If you want another retro fix, this project has you covered:

    40. Creator Ian Sherman on July 8

      Month after completion, I wonder when I'll actually get a copy of the game as a physical backer. I wonder IF I'll actually get a copy.

    41. Creator ABCHEE Alex on July 1

      We are the 1 st jully 2015 and NO NEW FOR THE PHYSICAL BOX WITH GAMES AND BLURAY !!!! I need answers !

    42. Creator zhen on June 19

      I haven't gotten my game KEY

      Who can help me?

      thank you

    43. Creator Jussi Koutonen on June 17

      Hi all.

      [Disclaimer] I have no way of knowing how official this information is, but I felt this should be shared.

      Here is a quote from Double Fine forum administrator Cheeseness' post regarding the physical goodies.

      "I don’t think a date has been set yet. There’s a poll where backers have been asked to give input into the type of box that the $100 and up backers will receive. So far as I’m aware, that poll is still open."
      - Cheeseness, 4th of June 2015

      Thread link:
      Poll link:

    44. Creator Laura E. on June 17

      So I'm going to move soon, and was wonder when and how can I get my physical copy?

    45. Creator zhen on June 16

      I participated in this project,
      How to get games?

    46. Creator Jérôme Lavoie on June 16

      Hi, anyone knows when we'll get our physical copy (100$ + bakcers)? Thank you!

    47. Creator james norton on June 15

      When will we be able to update our address via the survery? Last time there was only a 48 hour window which isn't much notice. Thanks,

    48. Creator Jussi Koutonen on June 14

      I'd like to enquire about the physical goodies. When will we get them?

      With lots of love,
      100$ -tier backer.

    49. Creator Glen Fernandez on June 13

      Nice, my name wasn't included as a backer in the credits :/

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