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Update #61

Hey Stranger

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I know, this is the last campaign you were expecting to get an update from, but I was just looking over our Kickstarter campaign and I was overwhelmed by the urge to reach out to all of you backers and thank you again for your support last year. 

Now that we've put a little time between us and the campaign, we are even more touched by the kindness and patience (and financial assistance) you supported us with throughout that whole process. 

We hope that you are enjoying the game. If you like it let us know, or better yet let someone ELSE know. We've had a lot of images for the game uploaded on lately, so some new feedback, reviews, etc from you always helps drum up some more interest.

Anyway, know that we continue to appreciate the opportunity you gave us. Keep gaming and keep making some new memories in the secret animal wars!

Update #60

That's a Wrap!


Dear esteemed backers,

It looks like (with the exception of one postcard) we have sent out all backer rewards at all levels.  Big thanks to Matt for his insane commitment to the international orders. We are incredibly excited to finally see what kind of adventures you have in the secret animal wars.

Let me restate again our deep gratitude for giving us the opportunity to make this game. It is more than a little scary putting a dream out there and asking for help to make it happen. We hope that we have repaid your trust in us with a game that you will enjoy for years to come.

If you like what we've done here...

What's next for Eye-Level Entertainment?

We are working hard on the spiritual successor to our 2008 board game, ETI: Estimated Time to Invasion and hope to kickstart it sometime later this year. There will definitely be opportunities for sneak peeks and playtesters so we'd love for you to tag along during our next wacky adventure.

Please don't be strangers! I'll be checking this account often, so if there is anything we can do for you, please let me know.

Now go enjoy the game!

Update #59

International Orders Well Underway


As of this update, we are about 1/3 of the way through fulfilling the international packages. There was the expected learning curve as we worked through the intricacies of the USPS website and customs forms. Hats off to Matt for his persistance despite the maddening bureaucracy of it all.

Matt is going to keep plugging away at getting the rest of the orders as full-time job and family allows. He feels he should be able to grind out the rest in the next week or so! Hang in there... we are close!

Update #58

The End Is In Sight!


With the help of understanding and hard-working family members, we are happy to announce that nearly all of the remaining US-bound shipments are packed and will be shipped out on Monday, Dec 31st. 

If you are included in that group, feel free to stop reading this post.

Still here? Well them I bet that you're an international backer! Hello there! Want to know what's going on with your stuff? Then I will turn this update over to Matt, the expert in exports...

"We know that customs can be very difficult / costly / time-consuming and we want a consistent and fair approach for all our international supporters. I've taken KS backers' opinions under consideration, as well as have done additional research about how other KS-backed projects have handled international shipping, and have decided that we will be listing it as merchandise, not a gift. However, since you are getting them direct from us during a KS promotion, discount pricing is in effect. Prices will be listed as follows: 

  • NotB: Prairie vs. Polar - 14.95 USD
  • NotB: City vs. Suburb - 9.95 USD
  • NotB: Farm vs. Forest - 9.95 USD
  • Flat Acting: 14.95 USD
  • All other items (buttons, magnets, artwork, etc.) will be listed as having no value.

We will also include a packing list in a sealed plastic shipping envelope on the outside of each international shipment. This will contain pricing as noted above for your shipment. In many cases, this should help to move your package through customs more quickly.

Some of you might have had KS projects shipped as 'gifts' in the past without problem, but not everyone has the same experience at their post office. We must treat all international shipments the same way and we hope that our approach will at least save you time standing in line. 

Thanks to all our international supporters. We appreciate your support as we work to finish the final steps of this amazing experience for our humble company."

I want to double down on Matt's gratitude to the internationals. We've got a few more things to clarify this week, but it looks likely that we should have the rest of the rewards in the mail early next week. Given the expense of shipping and the desire to avoid custom delays, we want to make sure we get these right the first time.

Update #57

We Haz Games

On a wintery Pittsburgh morning, two brothers picked up three pallets of long overdue Prairie Vs. Polar games. Well, almost. They couldn't fit them all in the two SUVs so one of them had to go back and get the last 80 games.

With months of production delays, shipping delays and customs delays behind us, we are going to try and minimize the holiday delays. We've set up a rather impressive command center in an undisclosed location and started working through the fulfillment process. 

We hope to have the first two dozen or so games out on Christmas Eve and the rest soon after the 26th. Some of you may be getting e-mail confirmations through the USPS. (If you are not one of the lucky ones, your package might still be ready to go out on the 26th... we noticed e-mail confirmation was available after we already had the first couple boxes done. Whoops!)

As we fill each of your boxes with your own self-selected goodness, we are filled with unadulterated thanks and appreciation for your patience and support over these too many months. We're adding a dozen extra random cards to everyone's games as a small token of thanks. I think you are going to be excited with the final product. We sure are.

We'll keep you abreast of the fulfillment progress that we are able to squeeze in among the holiday festivities. Stay safe, have fun and thank you once again!

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    GECKO LEVEL. Website recognition PLUS a signed NotB postcard expressing our sincerest thanks!

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    PENGUIN LEVEL. Everything at the Gecko level PLUS one copy of Prairie Vs. Polar PLUS a stylish supporter's magnet that will make you the envy of any metallic surface.

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    BADGER LEVEL. Everything at the Penguin level PLUS four more animal cards available ONLY to upstanding Kickstarter supporters like yourselves PLUS three 1" collectable buttons PLUS we will sign your game PLUS you will be graciously recognized as a supporter in the rule booklet.

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    SLED DOG LEVEL. Everything at the Badger level PLUS one copy of both outstanding original Battle Boxes (City Vs. Suburb & Farm Vs. Forest) PLUS a second set of the four fabulous promo cards PLUS six more buttons (for a total of nine buttons).

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    BOBCAT LEVEL. Everything at the Sled Dog level PLUS nine more buttons (giving you the entire elusive 18 button set) PLUS a piece of signed, matted original art! This will be the original pencil or black ink art from an Eye-Level Entertainment project! (Sources include NotB cards, NotB web comics and our family board game, Flat Acting.)

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    KILLER WHALE LEVEL: The same as the Bobcat level except your original artwork is guaranteed to feature one of the highly valued NotB legends (from a game card or one of our webcomics) PLUS twenty highly collectable hand-cut prototype cards used for in-house playtesting PLUS bonus mystery Eye-Level swag! Take a chance on love!

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    BISON LEVEL (OPTION #1): Everything at the Killer Whale level PLUS we will incorporate a name of your choosing into the title of one the new locations! A true game changer for you or someone special in your life! See the incentives section for more details.

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    BISON LEVEL (OPTION #2): Everything at the Killer Whale level PLUS you will get to help name one of the two promotional legends! The prairie's swift fox and the polar's narwhal each need an awesome name. That's why we are calling on you! See the incentives section for more details.

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    NEW! SLIGHTLY UPGRADED BISON LEVEL (OPTION #3): Everything at the Killer Whale level PLUS you will get to help name one of the bonus legends in the actual game! The forest's bat and the suburb's mockingbird need better names. Got any ideas? See the incentives section for more details.

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    POLAR BEAR LEVEL: Everything at Killer Whale level PLUS an original print by me, the NotB artist! Send some photos of you or your pet (or really anything) and prepare to be artistically catapulted into the secret animal wars! Things will never be the same again! You will receive a signed and matted 8x10 full color print PLUS if we reach our stretch goals, your artwork will get strong consideration for the bonus promo cards!

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    NEW! HUMAN LEVEL: Almost everything at Killer Whale level PLUS you will be transformed into a new human ally card that will included in the game... not as a promo! Give us some photos and your profession (real or otherwise) and we'll do the rest! You will also receive a signed and matted 8x10 full color print! (Note: We cannot guarantee that the included Eye-Level game art for this pledge level will be of a legend. See incentive section for explanation.)

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