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Progressive metal band Redemption is preparing to film its second live DVD at the Progpower festival in Atlanta, GA in September, 2012.

Los Angeles-based progressive metal band Redemption is performing a headlining set at this years ProgPower festival in Atlanta, the leading US festival for progressive and power metal.

We last did a DVD in 2007 -- we've had two new CDs and a whole lot of great ideas since than, and want to film this upcoming performance and release a new DVD with the help of our amazing fans and the Kickstarter community.

We're going to put together a great 5-camera hi-definition shoot, with our own lighting guy with a great lighting show and some great ideas for our stage dressing.  We'll be performing some of our best-known songs from older CDs, plus some never-before-heard material, plus songs from our two more recent CDs, Snowfall on Judgment Day and This Mortal Coil that were not released at the time of our last DVD.

Our last DVD -- one clip of which is featured above -- was pretty darn cool.  But we've got some really unique things planned for this new shoot including the performance of a song that will only be performed once for as long as the band exists!

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  • The concert is indeed September 15, 2012. The perils of drop-down menus when building a website! ;)

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  • The base budget here covers a regular DVD. There's not a of money in Blu Ray relative to its additional cost but if we generate significantly more than our initial target (which only covers some of the DVD production), I promise I will strongly consider a blu ray or high-def download option.

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    Email Updates! Be a part of the experience and receive email updates from Redemption beginning with the final rehearsals leading up to the DVD recording, through the Progpower festival itself, and throughout the editing process, including exclusive photos and video clips!

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    Personalized, Autographed DVD! You get the email updates, plus a copy of the DVD upon its issue, signed by all the members of the band and personalized.

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    Immortalize your support for the band! You get the email updates and signed DVD, plus your name will appear in the booklet and on the DVD itself in the credits as a "special thanks." You will have played a big part in helping this product get made and you deserve to be recognized!

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    A PRIVATE CONCERT! All of the above PLUS... A special invitation to attend a private concert of Redemption in Atlanta on Saturday morning, September 15th, at the bright and early hour (believe me, Ray will be more upset than you!) of 9AM. We'll be doing a second performance to ensure we've got lots of quality footage -- and you'll be the small audience for a private show. Includes a meet and greet after the show.

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    Executive Producer! All of the above, plus your name will be listed more prominently in the credits of the DVD as an Executive Producer. You will also receive autographed copies of each of Redemption's previously released CDs, and of the next CD that Redemption produces (which we'll get to right after this DVD is done)!

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    A personal dedication! With this highest level of support, you'll receive all of the above, plus a personal dedication of one of our songs during our performance, per your specifications (subject to good faith discussions with the band -- like we're not going to dedicate a song using offensive language). Your dedication will remain in place on our DVD for posterity!

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