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Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
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    1. SK
      just now

      I haven’t receive anything yet. Pls advise !

    2. Adam Perkins about 22 hours ago

      Glad I waited so long , It does not help my service and it already broke. The neon strip fell off the case. Now if I want to use the case , I have to hold the piece in place and put the phone against it so I can get it to lock in.

    3. Felix Trotter Pando
      3 days ago

      Excelent product Pete!! My 6s is back and better!!!! I test the improvement in signal and it is true!!!!

      Im really interested in any new project!

    4. Naveen Rajan 4 days ago

      @pete Any updates for iphone 8 plus cases for backers from Canada?

    5. Pete Peng Creator 5 days ago

      @Amar Gandhi - Thank you for following up. I apologize in advance if my answer reiterates my recent responses. At this time, production of the iPhone X and Plus cases is completed. I am in the middle of coordinating the factory handoff to Elium.

      For U.S. backers, I am waiting for information as to how and when Elium will import the inventory. I need those details in order to project an accurate delivery forecast since variables such as overseas travel and how long the inventory will take to clear customs have to be factored in.

      Once I receive more information, I will post it in the next update. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks again!

    6. Missing avatar

      Amar Gandhi 5 days ago

      Hi Pete,
      Any update on shipping for iPhone X cases?

    7. Pete Peng Creator 5 days ago

      @jimmy a vickers - I just responded in a DM. I'm very sorry as that is completely our fault. I will make sure that your case is sent out as soon as possible. Thank you.

    8. Pete Peng Creator 5 days ago

      @Hendri Lesmana - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Although I responded in a DM, this is a good opportunity to share what was posted in Update #40 regarding the glow-in-the-dark feature:

      "Ultimately, the glow-in-the-dark should be a soft glow (similar to the hands of a diving watch) and may require the presence of ambient light such as if you turn your phone face down when it’s on in a dark room. The yellow-green inserts have a limited coating of phosphorus. We avoided over-saturation in the design to ensure that the signaling from the embedded PCB antenna is not adversely affected. Please select this link to see a list of light sources that charge glow-in-the-dark items from most to least efficient."

    9. Pete Peng Creator 5 days ago

      @Eduardo - I'm sorry for the late reply and for how long this is taking. At this time, production of your case is completed. I am in the middle of coordinating the factory handoff to Elium. For U.S. backers, I am waiting for information as to how and when Elium will import the inventory.

      I need those details in order to project an accurate delivery forecast since variables such as overseas travel and how long the inventory will take to clear customs have to be factored in. Once I receive more information, I will post it in the next update. Thank you.

    10. jimmy a vickers 5 days ago

      i STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY CASE FOR IPHONE 6S. What is the problem, when can I expect delivery?
      BAcker #485,

    11. Missing avatar

      Hendri Lesmana on

      I received my case yesterday.. the first thing I noticed was the glowing in the dark line did not glow in the dark. Anyone experience it like me? Im using iphone 7 case.

    12. Eduardo on

      @Pete I’m waiting for the 8 plus and I’ve moved about a month ago and updated my address on here on Kickstarter. Do I need to send you an email too?

    13. Missing avatar

      Leeroy Lo on

      Thanks for the update pete , glad to see everything almost on schedule from the production factory as well!
      Keep up the good work !

    14. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Vincent Paladines - I am so sorry to hear there was an issue during wireless charging. The factory product manager and I spoke this morning to discuss what the issue may be. Although the antenna is essentially a printed circuit, it is tolerant to heat. There should have been a pass through effect not a conductive one, especially since the Qi charges at a very low frequency.

      Something obviously happened, but we would have to replicate the scenario to better determine the causation. In the meantime, I will DM you in a moment to discuss a resolution please. Thank you for sharing what happened. If this happens to anyone else, it would be good to know.

    15. Vincent Paladines on

      Hi guys!
      Anyone having problems charging the phone with a wireless QI charger?
      I’ve tried yesterday for the first time with a fully functional charger that I’ve been using for a year, I left the phone charging all night long (I saw the charging symbol besides the battery indicator) and this morning when I took the phone, it was boiling hot and the battery non charged at all...
      I now experience bad quality signal, and it seems that the case is no longer working as flawlessly as it did before charging it with the wireless QI.
      This is so frustrating, @Peter can you give me a hint here please .

    16. Missing avatar

      John Lally on

      I need to change my case from iPhone 7plus to iPhone X.

    17. Luke Barton on

      Still eagerly awaiting the 8+ cases. Aug 10th needs to get here.

    18. Pete Peng Creator on

      @T W T - Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear your iPhone 6/6s case appears to be adversely affecting your phone's performance. The case's effect varies depending on the use case. The one constant though is that it should never make your phone's performance worse.

      You are the 3rd or 4th iPhone 6/6s case owner to report issues with the case, so I'm wondering if there were a batch of iPhone 6/6s cases that were not properly assembled. Misalignment of the embedded antenna feed lines during installation can make the case defective.

      I'll reach out via DM in a moment to send you a couple of options. Thanks again!

    19. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Barry - Thank you for your initial feedback! Regarding the screen protector application, I'm sorry to hear about the bubbles. I'll pass that on to the factory to see if there is a way to improve the application adhesive.

    20. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Frans - Thank you for sharing your observations. I'm very sorry to hear about the scratches. This appears to be a production error, because the back of the cases are constructed out of Polycarbonate. My theory is that the scratches occurred during the installation of the antenna. The back of the case is face down on the counter/table during the assembly process.

      When you have a moment, would you please email me to a photo of the back of your case? Documentation of this issue should help the factory identify and correct the problem.

      Regarding removing the glow-in-the-dark inserts, it shouldn't be a problem. I use the iPhone X T0 case, and it does not have any inserts. The shock absorption appears to be similar. If anything, it may be better as there will be more give. We learned that if the edge guard is too rigid, the vibrational feedback can adversely affect your phone and its screen.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks again!

    21. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Vance Heredia - I'm very sorry for the delay of your iPhone 7 Plus case. Per the last two updates, the iPhone Plus cases won't complete production until August 10th. These cases will most likely ship from Elium's 3PL in China about a week after production is completed. More details will be provided as we get closer to the completion date. Thank you for your continued patience.

    22. Missing avatar

      T W T on

      Hi Creator, I’ve received my iPhone 6 case recently in good condition. First look it looks and feels great. Fits perfectly with my phone too.

      Having used for the past 3 days, I didn’t really noticed much difference in phone signal strength. However I realised that the phone battery drains very quickly these few days with the case. Instead of having a balance of abt 20+% left by ur end of each days, it now can’t survive till evening.

      Pls advice.

    23. Missing avatar


      Case, stand and screen protector all received. My iPhone 7 easily fitted into the new case and from limited testing seems to get a better wifi signal around the house. I need to do more testing but it is a good case.
      The screen protector is very difficult to get all of the bubbles out. Will try again later.

    24. Missing avatar

      Frans on

      Hi Pete,

      I received the case last week and I see some improvements on signal strength.
      I also have the same problems with scratches on the back side, the product seems to be very vulnerable for scratches. Hopefully there will be a good solution for this.

      On the Elium website I read that the 'glow in the dark' accents are removable. I prefer to use the case without these accents. How does that impact the shock absorption of the case?

      Thanks for your reply, best regards, Frans

    25. Missing avatar

      Vance Heredia on

      Hello Pete,

      Just to let you know I ordered a 7+ case but have not received it or a tracking number


    26. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Konstantinos Kazantsidis - Thank you for letting us know that you received your case. I'm sorry to hear that your case also arrived with scratches. When you have a moment, would you please send us a photo to The more evidence I can share with our factory, the more likely we can discover how this is happening. Thank you!

    27. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Audrey Khoo - Thank you for the constructive feedback. The team and I are very glad to hear that you notice the improvements from better signaling. However, I'm so sorry that your case came with scratches. I've passed those details back to our factory. If you have time, would you please send us a photo to It would be good evidence for the factory so we can improve their QA process. Thank you!

    28. Pete Peng Creator on

      @mark erban - I'm glad to hear via DM that your parcel was found. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you.

    29. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Ezequiel - Lo siento mucho, pero según las actualizaciones del 12 de julio y hoy, los casos con las antenas integradas para el iPhone Plus y X están programados para finalizar la producción el 10 de agosto.

    30. Missing avatar

      mark erban on

      Hello backer 1340 here.
      I ordered A iPhone 7 case and have not received a tracking number as of today 7/26

    31. Missing avatar

      Ezequiel on

      Hola disculpa cundo me mandas el número de rastreo de mi promesas

    32. Konstantinos Kazantsidis on

      Got mine today. i‘ ll test it and give a Feedback.
      Same here with the back an the scratches.
      the case looks solid and it feels good in my hands.

    33. Missing avatar

      Audrey Khoo on

      Hey Pete! I've received my phone case too. It seems to have improved my signals and am happy with that. I agree with some of the backers that there is room for some improvement, specifically the quality of the back plastic piece. It already came with some scratches and it looks rather cheap. Perhaps you could look into changing the finish of the plastic at the back. Also I could be mistaken but I thought the luminous piece running on the sides are meant to glow in the dark or am I wrong? But I have to say it's a solid first product and hope you'll continue developing this line of phone cases!

    34. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Ronny Siu - I'm sorry for being unclear. We were supposed to ship in early April. That is the baseline reference since it was the campaign promise. Since the factory is projecting that the iPhone 6/6s Plus, 7/8 Plus and X cases will most likely be completed 8/10, which is in the second week of August, that means that we will be shipping four plus months after what was originally projected. It's a situation I'm terribly sorry about.

    35. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Vincent Paladines - Thank you for the detailed observations! I'm sorry to hear about the scratch. That's good feedback, and we will investigate if there is a way to improve the backing without adversely affecting the signaling. Thanks again!

    36. Missing avatar

      Ronny Siu on

      Hi Pete,
      Your last update 4 days ago mentioned about 4 months shipping delay. Would you please clarify if it's based on April which you initially promised from the beginning of the project, or the date of last update?
      Thank you

    37. Checkmaster

      Got mine today ;). Will test it now

    38. Vincent Paladines on

      Hey guys,
      Yesterday I've received my iPhone 8 case, living in Europe (France). This is my 2nd day using it and here are my opinions:
      1. Very pleased with the manufacturing quality! The case is well made, we can say -without question- that those are good materials, and the details are well achieved. It's a beautiful piece of plastic, nice colours, and even if I wasn't so convinced by the way the model looked like in KS campaign, I now believe that I can keep this case for a long, long time and it won't bother my eyes! Just one thing to improve : The quality of the coloured back side plastic, isn't good enough to take hard hits and scratches, my keys have already scratched a good solid mark on it and that will not disappear. Maybe it would be an improvement to upgrade this materials to something like the Mous (UK) cases uses... Those are solid rock stuff!
      2. Notorious improvements in the WiFi and 4G signals for a daily usage! : better coverture at home with mobile data, WiFi, and even improves it in normally signal loss places like the parisian underground. I feel like the battery consumption has lightly decreased also. So... Yes, this is the most important quality of it, this was the big deal, AND IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY!
      3. The bonuses, mostly the removable kickstand is cheap and will not worth a daily usage. Just “optimal for 20 uses”, so yeah I think many people was expecting something with a clip system, that would make it removable for every day usage. But, hey! it never was the ultimate kickstand crowdfunding campaign, so lets not focus on that...
      I feel like I've got the product that I expected. So yeah, thanks Pete, this is an effective, fully functional case-antenna! Really cool.

    39. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Brian Altherr - Our development team will be very glad to hear that the case is working for you. With so many different mobile scenarios and platforms, it helps when they learn that their work made a difference. Thank you for sharing!

    40. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Aaron Cheng - As mentioned in a DM a moment ago, it's now reporting at the URL. I'm sorry to share that the information provided is not very helpful at the moment. Thank you.

    41. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Kate Pohlner - I just sent you a DM to clarify your order and its status. I'm really sorry for that. Thank you.

    42. Missing avatar

      Brian Altherr on

      I wanted to let you all know that I received my case and it was well worth the wait. It's the only phone case I've owned that my wife commented on stating "that's a good looking case". I feel the case provides good protection. I'm also seeing improvements in my wifi and bluetooth connection. I use "tile" (that little square you keep on key ring and etc). I missed place my keys (again) and opened the app. I had strong signal and hit the button to make it ring. I never heard the ring because I had left my keys in my car in the driveway. In the past I was never able to connect when my keys were not in the house. Now I can.

      Thank you for making a well designed case that is also highly functional

    43. Kate

      Can I please have my tracking number

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron Cheng on

      hi, Pete. Regarding on the tracking number given to me, the parcel remains to be unknown and cannot be checked. Is the tracking number correct?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Torres on

      Thanks Peter for the detailed response. I was also worried about the “slowdowns” at inspections when these trade wars occurs.

    46. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Jeffrey Torres - That is a good question, and our answer is not at the present. Whether that will change, I don't know. At the moment our primary concern is ensuring that our antenna case is classified correctly as an aftermarket antenna that improves your phone.

      The principal reasons are that the embedded PCB antenna is the primary and most expensive component which happens to be housed in a case form factor and is the primary value proposition of the product.

      Also, antennas are typically wire or circuits which are encased, and the case form factor is necessary to align the antenna properly to service the phone's frequencies of interest. It's a parasitic solution since it won't work as a standalone antenna in free space. If classified correctly, then our duties will be significantly reduced. Thank you for this question!

    47. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Glenn Brown - Thank you for your feedback! Although I responded earlier to your other comment in the update section, I think it's great that you posted the feedback here in the main section which can help backers who come across it. I'm sorry though for the redundancy of the answers. To correspond with your points:

      1. We are thankful that you are experiencing the benefits of better signaling. My team very much appreciates this feedback because inductive coupling the antenna feed lines to the right areas is really difficult to do. The whole process can be painstaking. Not only do we have to position and shape the antenna, we have to be careful of noise issues from larger energy fields. It's a delicate balance.

      2. We do advocate that nothing ever should be placed between the phone and the case because the spacing plays a big part in the inductive coupling process. Thus, the disc for the magnetic mount is best placed on the back or exterior of your case.

      3. I'm sorry that the removable kickstand details were unclear. This information can be found in the campaign page which demonstrates how it works and how it is positioned.

      For instance, the stand is designed to be placed in the center (or lower portion) of your phone or case. It can then be rotated without removing the stand, similar to a pop socket.

      We posted a short demo video (less than a minute) in early January, which I will repost in the next update since the campaign was half a year ago. The demonstration can be found either at Kickstarter,, or at our YouTube page,

      Thank you again!

    48. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Aaron Cheng - I'm sorry it has taken so long to send your tracking number. If you have any follow up questions to the DM I sent, please let us know. Thank you.

    49. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Brian Altherr - Thank you for confirming receipt of your case. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.

    50. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Y.l. Christopher Lee - Your patience is much appreciated. As mentioned in the last DM and update, the cases are in production with a targeted delivery date. I look forward to reporting a hard ship date once I receive confirmation from the factory. Thank you.

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