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Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
Firefly is the world’s first iPhone case that not only protects your phone but improves cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.
1,826 backers pledged $92,865 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alan Ng about 2 hours ago

      Be frank! New iPhone is coming out at the late Sep. When can I receive my case? If u keep delaying the product. there is no point if I receive the case if I already changed my phone.

    2. Doohyun Lim about 18 hours ago

      When I receive the case of iPhone 6s ?

    3. Mario Velloso 1 day ago

      Hi Pete. I never back products anymore because of the many disappointments I've had with delays or cancelations. In your video, you convinced me that wouldn't be the case. But unfortunately it is....I want my money back, how can I proceed? Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      gernic 2 days ago

      Hi Pete,

      Thank you for the latest update, much appreciated. It is so hard what you are doing, dealing with the manufacturers, the fabricators, the assemblers, the customs, the shippers. I don’t understand where you find the hours in a day. But the bit that must drain the most is dealing with people who don’t understand what a backer is.

    5. Pete Peng Creator 2 days ago

      @Gerald Yong - Hi Gerald. I'm sorry about these delays. Although I received earlier today tracking numbers from the factory regarding shipments in Asia and am in the middle of notifying those backers, orders to Singapore are being shipped through Elium's 3PL. They still have not sent me their tracking numbers yet. As soon as they do, I will notify you as soon as I receive them. Thank you for your patience.

    6. Pete Peng Creator 2 days ago

      @Tarun Kumar Basak - I am confirming I received your DM with your updated address. I will reply via DM with a confirmation as soon as I finish responding to other messages and comments. Thank you for your patience.

    7. Pete Peng Creator 2 days ago

      @Philip Ma - Yes please, you can change your address. Address changes are among my first priorities, because I need to update the internal logistics and report changes to Elium's 3PL as soon as possible. You can update your address via the Kickstarter system, DM, or email us at Thank you for your patience.

    8. Ben Peters 2 days ago

      Hey I‘m waiting since April - but there is still no case in Germany!!! 😤
      If you can not deliver - send my money back!

    9. Missing avatar

      Felder 4 days ago

      Wo bleibt der Mist ?!?

      Bist ihr liefert ist das iPhone X aus dem Sortiment .....

      Abgemacht war der April und ihr schickt nur immer ein Update mit den gleichen Ausreden ......

      Immer sind die anderen schuld ..... nein ihr müsst liefern egal was das Problem ist .....

      Gebt uns einfach unser Geld retour ihr sein nur Betrüger sonst nix .


    10. Missing avatar

      Leeroy Lo 4 days ago

      Thanks for the update pete and sorry to hear about the custom mix up. Getting excited as we move closer to finishing up the iphone plus and X cases. Keep up the good work and hopefully everything is green light from here !

    11. Philip Ma 4 days ago

      Can I change my address? I just moved

    12. Missing avatar

      wesam murad 4 days ago

      When we receive the case of iPhone 6s ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Tarun Kumar Basak 6 days ago

      Hi Pete,
      I have pledged for 6s plus which I believe will take some time to ship.

      I have moved to a new country, could you please let me know if you can change the shipping address for my pledge?

      Thanks and best of luck for your campaign.

    14. Gerald Yong on

      Hi Peter,

      I heard that the shipment have already been ship out ?

      But yet to received ?

    15. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Emma Anderson, I'm sorry, but we are only covering iPhone cases at this time. I just sent you a DM with further details. Thank you!

    16. Emma Anderson on

      Pete- can I change which case I get???
      (Switching from IPhone 6plus to Samsung Galaxy S9 plus)???

    17. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Felder, Danke, für ihre Frage. Es tut mir sehr leid, aber Ihr iPhone Case wurde verzögert, wie in den letzten Updates berichtet. Hier ist das neueste Update:

    18. Missing avatar

      Felder on

      Wo bleibt die Hülle ?

    19. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Ezequiel, ¡Hola! Acabo de enviar un mensaje directo para confirmación. ¡Gracias!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ezequiel on

      Buenos dias quisiera saver si puedo cambiar el color de mi promesa el color que escogui es blanco pero quisiera cambiarlo a negro si es que se puede y si no perfudiaca en algo el cambio de color tampoco quiero a serte sentir comprometido no se puede esta bien gracias tu tranquilo que entodo proyecto hay retraso yo seguire esperando mi promesa con calma pero con ganas de poderla usar y porqueno presumirla :)

    21. Pete Peng Creator on

      @David, Yes, you can definitely change your order. I just sent you a message via DM. If you can reply back with your updated case preferences, we'll make the changes in our master logistics form and confirm. Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      David on

      You’ve probably already mentioned this in one of your many helpful updates. I just want remember. Is it possible to change the cases we ordered? I now have a newer iPhone than when I originally ordered the case.

    23. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Paul Branham, @Leeroy Lo - Thank you for the kind and supportive words! Your summations are incredibly helpful. Honestly, we can't finish this project without everyone's support. We were truly stuck because of the age-old chicken vs egg barrier-to-entry. It is our teamwork - internally, agency, backers, manufacturer, Elium, etc. - that is enabling the Firefly to see the light.

      @Leeroy Lo is so correct that this is a shared journey. That's why I absolutely hate that we have failed to deliver on time. It is my responsibility that we deliver the product that you all expect regardless of circumstances. But there is faith, and testimony requires adversity. So we tread on, using the Golden Rule as our standard to follow.

      After we ship the Firefly, our collective journey isn't finished. We still need to learn how the case performs and hope that everyone can continue to help by sharing their mobile experiences. If the feedback is mostly positive, then that is the storybook ending I believe my father has earned. Again, much thanks to you all and God bless!

    24. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Philip Ma, Thank you for your follow up. I just sent you a confirmation via DM. If you have any other questions about your order, please let us know.

    25. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Eu Ming, I'm sorry about the belated reply, and thank you for your question. In free space, the frequencies 1.7 GHz+ have an approximate peak gain of 4-5 dBi, and the lower frequencies from 700-1150 MHz have an approximate peak gain of approximately 2 dBi.

      Since the antenna is parasitic to the phone as a coupled and additive solution, the gain conservatively may fluctuate +/- 1 dBi at different points of the pattern depending on the phone's material structure.

      For example, the most recent iPhone models have a glass backing to allow for inductive wireless charging. This means there will be less reflection in these phones so will have a different pattern than those iPhones constructed with aluminum.

    26. Missing avatar

      Leeroy Lo on

      Im gonna add to paul and say from the many kickstarter projects backed so far. This is the only one that made me feel that i was part of the journey.

      From the beginning till the end , it was not about so much about receiving the end reward but more of , Pete taking us through step by step the growing pains and successes in bringing his dreams alive.

      Everytime he faces a delay , i dont go ugh my product is delayed but i was interested in what exactly the difficulties was and how he overcomes it.

      I mean does everyone realize everytime there is an issue, pete already plans a fix and scheduled response for us. Simply amazing!

    27. Paul Branham

      I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way, but I just want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the thorough and frequent updates from Pete.

      Full disclosure: I skim the update emails, so I don't read all the details closely, but I have been reading closely enough to tell that this project is in good hands. The updates are structured well enough that I can glean the important information quickly, but if I decide I want more details, they're available for me to digest accordingly.

      For anyone new to Kickstarter, manufacturing delays are VERY common, but out of the ~40 projects I've backed, this one stands out as one of the best in backer communication. As a backer, it's natural to start to feel uneasy when a project gets delayed because you worry that your money may have been wasted (I've personally been on the wrong end of a few fraudulent projects), but the level of detail in Pete's emails and the quality of the writing lead me to believe that this is a genuine project that is just experiencing garden-variety delays. The transparency on this project is something I wish other creators would use as a model for their own projects. Thank you Pete for your dedication to your product and your commitment to keeping all of us in the loop. Looking forward to eventually receiving my iPhone case when the big day comes.

    28. Philip Ma on

      How do I find out what case I am getting again? I recently upgraded to iPhone X but not sure about this Kickstarter product model since last year

    29. Missing avatar

      Eu Ming on

      Hi Pete, not sure if this has been asked before, what's the antenna gain for different frequencies with your phone case?

    30. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Ryan Bland, I just sent you a DM, which you can reply to with your new address. You can also email me at One thing I forgot to add is that you can adjust your address in the Kickstarter survey though not the rewards themselves. In any event, please feel free to respond in whatever manner works best for you. Thank you.

    31. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Laura Schwab Spencer, I just sent you a DM, which confirms your order with coupon for the car dash magnetic mount. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!

    32. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Travis Cook, I just sent you a DM, which should clarify your question as well as verify your order. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan Bland on

      Hello, I have moved since I backed this project, How do I go about updating my address so that when you ship it goes to the right place?

    34. Laura Schwab Spencer on

      Thank you for the awesome updates and keeping us in the loop so well. I’m not certain since I haven’t seen any messages, but I believe I’m in the first round of shipments since I only ordered the single iPhone 7 case with bonuses. I would like to get the magnetic car mount if possible if that is an option with my pledge. I couldn’t find a way to DM on the app, so please let me know how best to get in contact before the final deadline. Thanks!

    35. Travis Cook on

      If I got the $85 dollar option that comes with two screen protectors and two wavstands will I still get the wavstands since the deal with them fell through? I really don’t need 4 screen protectors.

    36. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Kit Ng, So far, so good. We had to modify the PCB because the molding required the antenna feeds to adjusted. Lab testing has verified the PCB for fabrication. In depth field testing will continue as we wait for the pre-production sample for the final Go-No Go before mass production.

    37. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Felder, Danke, für ihre Frage. Bitte beziehen Sie sich auf die Updates. Jede Woche wird der Zeitplan des Projekts aktualisiert. Es tut mir leid für die Verzögerung.

      Wir haben einen Bonus als Entschuldigung für die Verzögerung hinzugefügt. Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld. Nochmals, meine Entschuldigung.

    38. Kit Ng

      How’s iPhone X coming along??

    39. Missing avatar

      Felder on

      Wan bekomme ich meine Hülle ? April ist schon vorbei und es wurde noch nix geliefert .......

    40. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Sal, Thank you for the heads up! I've sent you a confirmation via DM that your request has been fulfilled.

    41. Pete Peng Creator on

      @gernic, @Almog Baku - Thank you both for your support and encouragement. It is fair to say that we could have done a better job of anticipating potential hiccups. Regardless of the reasons, I am responsible so the least I can do is pull back the curtain because we're essentially all on the same team.

      Honestly, we were at the chicken vs egg impasse that many hardware startups experience. Without everyone's support, realizing the Firefly doesn't happen. So your kind words are very much appreciated. On behalf of our entire team, mahalo!

    42. Sal

      I purchased an iPhone 8 plus and have a iPhone X. Please update my pledge. Thank you, Pete.

    43. Almog Baku on

      I agree w/ @gernic, very professional. Thank you for your constant updates and keeping us on the loop =]

    44. Missing avatar

      gernic on

      @Pete Peng.

      I want to say that I have backed 21 projects on KS and this is by far the most professionally run one. Your communication has been excellent. At no stage have I felt nervous about the project or doubted your ability to deliver. I am so looking forward to my case.

      @the whiners. KS is not a store

    45. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Huang Yung Hao, Thank you for your selection. I just send you a DM to confirm as well as a follow up request for some details needed for shipping please.

    46. Huang Yung Hao on

      I want to get the car dash magnetic

    47. Pete Peng Creator on

      @andry chandra gunawan, Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    48. andry chandra gunawan on

      I really understand your problem, and i dont need car dash mount.... :)

    49. Pete Peng Creator on

      @Naveen Rajan, I am sorry and understand your frustration. I just sent you a DM that elaborates on the update. All product is scheduled to ship in May, but the cases for the iPhone 6/6s Plus, iPhone 7/8 Plus and iPhone X models probably won't be available to ship from the U.S. until the first week of June for reasons explained in yesterday's update.

      There are no excuses as I am ultimately responsible. If you have any questions about the message I sent, please reply back via DM or to my April 14th email that concerned your iPhone Plus case order. Thank you again for your support, and my apologies again for not fulfilling as promised to you and all of our other backers.

    50. Naveen Rajan on

      @Pete I just replied to your email. Please acknowledge if you have received my email with the case details.

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