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The motion control unit for your iPhone, Android and Camera that is fun, simple-to-use, and fits in your pocket.
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New Add-on and Limited Reward Tier Added!

Posted by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We are extremely excited to announce a new add-on for the Spinpod. The add-on is a Dolly System which, when used with the Spinpod, produces linear and curved motion for time-lapse photography and can support the weight of DSLR cameras.

We have opened up a new limited reward tier for this system so make sure to get one before all the spots get filled up.

Take a look at our Kickstarter page for all the info. We couldn't be more excited about this add-on and hope you are too. Thanks!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      Thank you!
      I have to check my account and think about it first! but thank you!

    2. Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni Creator on

      Yes, if you would like you can keep your pledge at the SPINPOD POWERED DOLLY SYSTEM reward tier and just increase your pledge to $240 or $255. We have already made a note next to your name to make sure you get everything you pledge for. Thanks a lot!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      Thank you for your answer. I already pledged on dolly, so if I change my pledge to 240 or 255 it will be the same, right?

    4. Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni Creator on

      @Nicolas, yes you can! You have two options here depending on whether or not you also need a landscape mount. You can first choose Pan&Tilt or Pan&Tilt Kit (if you want the landscape mount) and then edit the pledge amount to 240 (Pan&Tilt + Dolly + intl shipping) or 255 (Pan&Tilt Kit + Dolly + intl shipping). You can not select dolly any where on the page, but as long as your pledge amount is as above, we will make a note of it and include this dolly system in your order. Let us know if this answers your question and feel free to contact us if your need any help.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicolas LeDrezen on

      Is it possible to pledge for the dolly + 2 spinpods and L-bracket? If so how much would that pledge be (+intl shipment)?

    6. Missing avatar

      Bart Vilain on

      Oké, thank you for the quick response!

    7. Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni Creator on

      We aren't sending out confirmations but don't worry, I just checked your backer information and you are all set up to receive a Dolly System. Thanks a lot!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bart Vilain on

      Do I get any confirmation that the dolly is included after I've upped my pledge?

    9. Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni Creator on

      @Jeffrey, You don't need to do anything else. Thanks

    10. Matt Kane on

      this is awesome - just upped my pledge so i get a dolly. great stuff

    11. Jeffrey Smith on

      I added $70 to my pledge amount. Do I need to do anything else?
      Very excited about this project! :)

    12. Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni Creator on

      @Michael, no need to inform us. We will receive notification when backers adjust their pledges. I already saw that you increased your pledge from 145 to 205 which is the correct thing to add the dolly system. Thanks for the support:)

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael A Caro on

      Do I need to inform you that I added the $60 to my pledge, or will you get automatically notified?