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The motion control unit for your iPhone, Android and Camera that is fun, simple-to-use, and fits in your pocket.
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Progress Update and Feature Highlight

Posted by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni (Creator)

Well we sure have had an exciting 4 days. Because of you all we are now at 30% of our goal and have a whopping 291 backers! If we keep up this pace we will be able to reach all of our stretch goals. Some stretch goals will add free features and components to everyone's pledge and some will be additional add-ons to expand the use of your Spinpod... One of which we are especially excited for and know you all will love it!

As the creators of a Kickstarter project, we are able to see where all our backers are located. We are truly amazed and thrilled at all the international support we are getting and can't wait to see what panoramas and motion time-lapses videos you all take around the world!

We also were featured on some great blogs and websites. Take a second and check them out. Make sure to share the articles with your friends by clicking the "tweet" and "like" buttons on each article.

The Phoblographer

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And now for the good stuff... We are going to used some of these updates to highlight specific features of the Spinpod. Today we thought we would talk a little bit about the Spinpod's motion ramping. While recording a motion time-lapse video, the Spinpod is able to switch rotational directions just by you sweeping your finger across the capcitive touch buttons. Instead of just instantaneously switching directions, the Spinpod ramps down its speed before changing directions and ramping it back up. The result is a quick yet smooth, natural transition when switching directions mid time-lapse.

For the more technically inclined we have included a plot of the motion ramping used by our Spinpod. Thanks and have a great week!

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