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The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
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    1. Hugo Loi Creator 2 days ago

      Hey @John all you have to do is go back on the post campaign survey you filled and click on edit, the option is still available :)

    2. Missing avatar

      John Alan Miller 4 days ago

      Need to change my shipping address how do I do that?

    3. Hugo Loi Creator 4 days ago

      @Nihilion je comprends bien il s'agit surtout de rassembler les colis le plus possible pour gagner en efficacité, une fois que les colis seront envoyés aux États Unis nous aurons plus de temps pour faire du cas par cas par pays! Pas d'inquiétude le délai d'attente entre les américains et l'Europe varie peu :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nihilion 4 days ago

      Merci @Hugo Loi pour l'update.
      Par contre je suis frustré de passer après les américains, c'est dommage, ça reste un produit français a la base ;)
      Enfin bref, content que la phase final avance.

    5. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl 4 days ago

      Looking forward to the update then. Thx for the heads up

    6. Missing avatar

      Romano W. 5 days ago

      @Hugo Loi, Thx for the Update!

    7. Hugo Loi Creator 5 days ago

      Hello everyone!

      @Maximilen vous avez donnez votre adresse lorsque vous avez rempli notre survey de fin de campagne, si vous désirez la changer c'est toujours possible sur le questionnaire
      @Urbaniak L'envoi des souris est prévu pour septembre comme marqué dans notre dernière update, je vais en envoyer une autre aujourd'hui pour reconfirmer tout cela avec tout le monde :)
      @Brandon @Torben update coming today! Since the molds were about to be finished by the 20th of July I was waiting factory confirmation to send a positive update to everyone :) Videos are coming, the graphic design team had to work on different other tasks these weeks such as the upcoming website and the finalized packaging to be ready for production, they created also some videos that I am going to put in this update, we are also contacting pro gamers on different games so they can show you the possibilities of the Lexip at its full potential, that's why it takes a bit more time but no worries we didn't forget!

      Have a great week :)

    8. RAICHLE Maximilien on

      Bonjour, par quel moyen est-il possible de renseigner son adresse pour la livraison lorsque cette phase débutera ?

    9. URBANIAK on

      Bonjour. Je n’ai toujours pas reçu la souris. La réception est prévue pour quand. Merci d’avance

    10. Brandon on

      @Torben beats me, back when I had posted was based on my conversation with them on Facebook, I haven't heard anything new, I'm in the same boat as you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      @brandon and @hugo - what about them videos? It’s 3 weeks ago you said they where being produced within the week. Not to mentions it’s been more than a month since the last update. When are we gonna hear more from You?

    12. Brandon on

      @Jared, just send them a message with your new address

    13. Jared Grossman on

      I recently moved, is it possible to update my mailing address?

    14. Hugo Loi Creator on

      Hello and sorry for the delay @Geme and Brandon, yes it's in our interest too indeed and like we said during the campaign yes the drivers and utilities will be open source as it's something really important for us, I wish to see Lexip being criticized and improved by the community and I cannot wait to see this mouse evolve and be constantly redefined by the gamers/pros.
      For the moment Lexip will work directly on Windows, and as said during the KS, Mac users will be able to use all the possibilities of this mouse before the end of 2018, no plans regarding Linux at the moment as we prefer to focus on the production and on these 2 operating systems right now!

      About the production nothing new to say (which is good news!) the molds will be ready by the 20th of July as planned and the factory will ship us the injected pieces then so we can control them before starting the production (more info on the last update) I will of course send an update to everyone as soon as we have the molds ready :)
      Have a great week!

    15. Brandon on

      @Geme I don't think they're having trouble answering you, I think they've just home silent again. The team isn't very quick on responding here

    16. Missing avatar

      Geme on

      I admit, it makes me a little uncomfortable how difficult those questions seem to be to answer. After all, would an extensible software not be in your interest? For example, if someone turns the 4-Button-Emulation into cool contextual radial menus (and for free!), would that not boost your sales, too? What's definitely unique and deserving of protection is your hardware and embedded systems, but you may not want to hobble yourself by providing software that becomes stale within months. Even if you reckon you need that proprietary license after all, at least provide an API perhaps?

    17. Missing avatar

      Geme on

      Hi Lexip team,
      I'm a UX developer, mostly in the VR backend. My colleagues and I like the Lexip as an input device, both for our own work and our users. I'd just like to know how developers can best prepare for use of the Lexip, in terms of libraries, drivers etc. Will you make the drivers and utilities open source? What about different platforms and operating systems?

    18. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      👍🏼 cheers from 🇩🇰

    19. Hugo Loi Creator on

      Hello !
      Yes @Brandon @Torben we're starting to mount them this week and we'll continue during the summer, I'll message you all when we have the first ones!
      @Jerry in any case you're free to change your delivery address anytime on your survey, all you have to do is click on the "edit" button :)

    20. Brandon on

      Here's an update about the videos, they're being produced this week, so stay tuned and we'll get an update soon.

    21. Brandon on

      @Jerry, yes, we filled out the forms a while ago, I'm sure if you message them directly with your details they can get you squared away

    22. Jerry Yuan on

      I forget. Did we submit surveys for this yet?
      I’m worried because I’m in a different place in June than in September.

    23. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      @Hugo - how’s it going with the videos?

    24. Anthony

      Great updates and comment replies. It’s very much appreciated and instills confidence, which is important to wary backers. Keep up the great work and excellent communications and don’t let the knee-jerk naysayers get you down.

    25. Hugo Loi Creator on

      Hello @Kimmo, yes since we have a 2 months delay with the production it is going to be the same amount for the left-handed version
      No problem @Torben I will put them on the KS page directly I'll let you know when it's done!

    26. Kimmo Kulovesi

      What is the estimate for when the left-handed version ships relative to the right-handed one? That is, does the delay also push that back by a similar amount?

    27. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      Thats the Way to do it Hugo.
      Looking forward to see the videos

    28. Hugo Loi Creator on

      I won't keep it silent no worries and we really appreciate that you understand our will to do everything the right way we want this mouse to be epic, the team is preparing some short videos showing the possibilities of the mouse on each game genres with our favorites presets for Lexip, I'll let you know when we upload them on the KS page and on Facebook :)

    29. Miguel Cerejo on

      @hugo, don't worry about the delay, but like most of us, just don't keep the silence, say something about the software, make some little videos of some demos, give us tips and just write some updates, it would be easier and will take probably 1 hour tops to do it, and we will be satisfy reading from you.

    30. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen on

      So the delivery time is now looking like September at the earliest? I hope we can get them within the year.

    31. Kevin B. Arias on

      Take your time Hugo. I'm no rush for that delay. Do what you can to make sure that gaming mouse is perfectly good ;)

    32. Missing avatar

      iamXnl on

      Fine with a delay as long as you're not pulling an OSSIC X on us ;-) (yes, I lost about $300 on that failed kickstarter and I don't want a repeat)

    33. Missing avatar

      Larry Gilman

      I agree with Torben Dybdahl, I don't mind waiting. Being informed is what I appreciate.

    34. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      Thats all I ask for. Little news is what it takes - 👍🏼

    35. Hugo Loi Creator on

      @Torben We won't be silent I promess, it's just difficult for us to provide info when we're not 100% sure of it, that's why sometimes we are taking a bit of time to respond - so we can be certain of what we say. I understand it might be frustrating sometimes, I will post more often then, even if it's just to say that we're looking for the answer :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      Thank You for the update. I really don’t mind delays on new projects like this one and others on KS and alike. Frankly I’ll be surprised if there weren’t delays. It’s the silence that worries me. Keep up the good work. We will be right here listening ;-)

    37. kyril1217

      @Hugo Loi - glad to know :)

    38. Hugo Loi Creator on

      Hello everyone!

      I just posted an update about everything right now and I hope I answered everything you asked here, sorry I didn't reply enough here we've been really busy this week figuring everything out, we didn't want to give wrong info and this comment section was really quiet these days - I will check it regularly from now I promess!
      @Tombuben yes the number continued on from when the KS ended, the indiegogo page was just a way for people to have the opportunity to back the mouse even though the KS was over, that's why we didn't promote it a lot, we knew we were just 100% focused on the production :)

    39. Jonny Shaw on

      They've replied to @Brandon on FB saying an update is coming today, so chill and save your frustration for tomorrow (if it doesn't) :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      Comments by the team is an update May 3. and a post here May 11. That’s just not good enough. Silence is a killer amongst investors. It takes so little to keep investors secure if only you keep up a good and frequent communication.

    41. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      @Brandon - still, all it takes by the creator is 30 seconds to write a comment here that an update is soon to come.

    42. Brandon on

      Just a heads up, they're preparing an update, so don't panic, questions will be answered

    43. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      They might not be looking for more “pledgies” here but it’s custom that you keep your primary investors regularly informed. Even if you are away for events and alike.
      It’s not only delivery but also the game event. What news do they have.

    44. Missing avatar

      Eric Montoya on

      Hey everyone I don't think this is a scam, but rather now Lexip is getting more momentum and they're forgetting to message/update but I'm sure it'll work out as planned. @hugoloi should have someone who works for him atleast keep us in the loop somehow...

    45. Missing avatar

      Geme on

      "Delivery in [month]" in campaigns like this normally means either the end of the month or - if even the slightest delays occur - the next month. So keep calm for now, save your fury for when they actually do say it'll take a little longer. Which they probably will, eventually ^^
      @Ali It's definitely not a scam. There's too many actual people mentioned, product photos, test reviews... They just don't have a lot of experience with campaigns like this. And let's face it, there's not really much of a need for them to communicate with us much right now. The campaign is closed, they're not looking for new pledges here and we're not going anywhere. Couldn't even cancel the pledges if we wanted to.

    46. Missing avatar

      claire bradley on

      They've been at the gamessummit so probably too busy to look at the kickstarter comments atm

    47. Ali Mohamad Fayad on

      Any updates avialbe. We need to know . I feel this might be a scam dude .

    48. Sam on

      Any news, any news at all?
      is the product still slated for delivery in the next few weeks?
      Have there been any changes or improvements made to the mouse or its software?
      How are the mousepads coming along?

    49. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on

      Last Update is a month old!
      Do we get a new one soon?

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