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The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
The first ever 3D mouse made JUST for gamers. We merged two joysticks into one mouse for the ultimate gaming experience.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gershman about 23 hours ago

      Been 3 weeks since an update. I'm wondering if you could let us know how it's going! New content is always welcome @creator

    2. Hugo Loi Creator 3 days ago

      @Roberto L. It's alright, your screenshot is well received and approved on, no need to consider any additional purchases!
      @Nikita, Thank you for remaining positive.
      @Sean Seagren. Thank you, Sean, we're full of surprises (pun intended). I probably didn't make myself clear, there's no change neither new proposals it's the "somewhat awkward reference to the backer discount on additional mice"
      @Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen I want to thank you for taking the time to write suggestions that may be indeed helpful. I'll be sure to pass this along to the executive team for consideration.
      @Michael J. Buck II. You can edit the survey address by logging into your account, visiting the project page and clicking the `View Pledge` button located to the right of the project's icon, please note that the page may take time to refresh.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Buck II on April 18

      @Hugo I was curious as to what I would do for a change of address, I will be moving apartments and need to notify someone of my new address as soon as possible to make sure this product doesn't get shipped to my old address when the time comes

    4. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen on April 18

      @sam. Thanks for the clarification.

      It really is a case of not being able to please everyone all the time.

      Personally I think that a tournament is a great way to have some fun and more importantly get some publicity out there.

      I expect this innovative company to come up with more great things in the future.

      I for one am going to pick up that sweet looking mouse mat for a tenner.

    5. Sam on April 18

      @Graxxor they were complaining about the mousepad, as the original wording suggested as such, there was a bit of confusion about the wording cut it has been cleared up now and people have chilled out.
      Then a few people complained about the tournament as a stretch goal as a number of people feel they deserve something for reaching the stretch goal but didn't want to partake in a tournament.

    6. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen on April 18

      Were people really complaining about not getting a second mouse? Now I haven't followed this campaign very closely, just backing on a red-wine-impelled whim a month ago... But even to me, it's clear they didn't reach their 600k stretch goal, unless some were expecting the Indegogo funding to be included for some bizarre reason.

    7. Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen on April 18

      @Nikita... Some nice games mentioned there... I like the idea of a classic shooter. It would show the device can be catered to older games. CoD is a given, Car driver? How about Project Cars.
      We need an RTS of some description if we're going to cover all the bases.
      Also as for ultimate 6DOF Space Shooter with optional VR, Elite Dangerous CQC Arena is the best, IMO. It's highly polished, extremely well balanced and has gorgeous graphics.
      I recommend this over Star Citizen which has more freedom on the 6 axes and the awesome Murray Cup space racing sub-game, because Star Citizen is still in Alpha and has trouble getting people into the same instance rather than the reason you stated: "Terribly Expensive"
      Star Citizen is currently $35 ($10 sale) at the moment, which gets you one of the 4 starter packages. It's only if you decide to get a bigger ship or an org pack that prices go up. Dual Universe is currently €180 and Elite Dangerous was $300 during the Alpha.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sean Seagren on April 17

      I was a little confused about the reply as well, whether there was a change to give free mice or if it was a somewhat awkward reference to the backer discount on additional mice. Either way the increased responsiveness is a pleasant surprise. Hope @Creator sustains it and works out the little hiccups.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nikita on April 16

      Sounds both fair and fun :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sánchez on April 16

      Hello everyone,

      I didn't understand the reply from Hugo Loi to @Sean Seagren, will there by an additional mouse per backer after the rest first one is delivered to all backers?

      Hope anyone clarifies that.

    11. Missing avatar

      Roberto L on April 16

      @Hugo Loi How will we know if our sharing submission was accepted? Will you send us an approval email or something? For instance, I sent a screen grab of sharing it on the Star Citizen forums, but how will I know if this is approved? If it isn't, I'll be disappointed but I'd also like to know on order to consider buying one in the time period where we are allowed to do so.

    12. Hugo Loi Creator on April 16

      Hello everyone!

      @kyril @Nikita @Torben we are thinking about multiple genres so everyone can have a chance, since our mouse is meant for different types of games why not creating a tournament with different ones? Also when we proposed the tournament we thought one big prize would be appealing but I understand that people would get upset, so I'm thinking now about multiples (yet great) prizes, this way the community would have more chances to win and we could even meet everyone's timeline by making multiple rounds. This is open to discussion but I think it's a good idea so everyone can have some fun :)
      @Nir @Sam nothing changed don't worry, private messages and dm's work!

      On the mouse part everything is still going well, we've been working on some major improvements on the software, if you read our last update we still have some issues with the plastic molding but things are in progress on this part too, more info in an upcoming update!

    13. Missing avatar

      Nir Phili on April 15

      @sam during their live stream i asked if im eligible for the mouse pad if i only shared with one person in dm's and they said i am eligible, i hope they didnt change their mind and wont send me a mousepad

    14. Sam on April 14

      I love the idea of the tournament like what better way to get all the backs together playing games and having fun like we are all one big happy family.
      In practice it is a bit more complicated no matter what game people will be upset, trying to schedule a tournament around work and school in one time sone is hard enough but people will be playing games from all different countries, I, for example, live in Australia, 10 hour time difference from Europe, and 16hrs to the US , so it will probably be at some ungodly hour.
      Honestly for now I hope the focus on actually getting the mouse completed to the best possible standards. Focus on the stretch goal mess afterwards...
      a lot of people are scared and angry about how things have been handled but we can only hope that they learn and do better in future.

    15. Sam on April 14

      Thank you for answering @hugo Loi, I just picked up the mouse pad today, only shared the campaign in a few private messages and word of mouth.
      Good luck with getting everything together, fingers crossed we get a great product, you guys must super busy.
      I am really looking forward to trying out the lexip, been using this $10 "temporary" mouse for a year now lol.

    16. kyril1217
      on April 14

      It's kinda weird a stretch goal for the only selected/few backers that who can join tournament. I'm just thinking how it became a stretch goal if few backers would benefit that stretch goal?

      Well As long you deliver the mouse at exact date it is good for me. 🐶

    17. Kageve Gonswic
      on April 13

      Interesting, thanks for the responses @Hugo Loi

    18. Missing avatar

      Nikita on April 12

      @Torben Dybdahl
      I think the game picked for the tournament will be largely determined by the most common games referenced in the survey. I noticed there was a section there, asking what games you play or what games you are planning to use the mouse for.

      I am expecting it will be some sort of active game that can utilise the added functionality of joystick together with the normal mouse capability. Star Citizen comes to mind, but that game has uber high requirements, is unfinished and terribly expensive.
      Maybe.. Overwatch? Or some older shooter like Quake 3 or one of Unreal Tournament games? These are now either cheap or available for free and can be run on a toaster. Also, since there will be only one winner by current description, it may have to be a game that has a free-for-all match setting.
      Just hoping it's not CS:GO or one of Call of Duty games :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Torben Dybdahl on April 12

      What game(s) have You thought we should compete in at the tournament

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian porter on April 12

      Thanks Hugo for your answers. Other than your little slip up with the sharing on social media for mouse pad I think you have run not a bad campaign. Yes alot of people wanted the second free mouse like myself, but I/we did not make it to get it so everyone stop asking complaining about it we only have ourselves to blame for it. The tournament was something I'm not really interested in as my skills are such I have no chance of winning like most here. But as you have stated some do want it and I would not want to take anything away from those who do. So keep up the good work and more interaction is always welcome, even if its just to say hi to the community.

    21. Hugo Loi Creator on April 12

      Hi Everyone!

      @Fadi @Adam our plan was always to be able to launch our mouse and to see if if the gaming community was on board as it's written on the main page. We could remove the tournament but we promised it and some people want it to happen, also it doesn't affect your pledge/mouse anyway.
      We thought the tournament idea would be appealing for gamers, just a fun idea to get people to play and interact with each others, the stretch goals have been set weeks ago and we already did many changes because of backers comments, actually most of them come from the community. Even if only a small portion of our backers want the tournament they are still backers we don't want to disappoint by getting rid of it, again no impact on what you will receive anyway.

      @Sean No impact on the quality or sustainability, we are providing one extra mouse per backer because we spent days after people got frustrated by the 2x1 goal negotiating and figuring out how to provide a discount to the backers. This was a well thought decision made possible thanks to the amount reached on KS, these mouses are available at a later date (september) so we're sure the factory can meet the deadlines. Long story short, same mouse, same quality, at a better price thanks to the backers and negotiation leverage, at a later date so we don’t rush and can make sure of quality and shipping, hope this helps :)

      @Nikita @Kageve Development of the mouse/software is the biggest investment we make, and our campaign already helped us improving the micro-controller, hiring people for the software and mac support, and investing a fair amount in a great factory so we can provide you with a strong, durable and reliable mouse. Like said above the tournament was just a way to get our backers to interact with each others, Lexip is a complex set of technological parts, this is not an simple, average mouse we don’t treat it as such don’t worry.

      @Sam 1. Yes it is programmable RGB controlled by the same software that the mouse uses.
      2. The surface is hard textured plastic.
      3. You’ll be able to order the mousepad on IndieGogo as long as the campaign is on (15th of May)

    22. Missing avatar

      Fadi Nader on April 11

      @Adam I agree I think they just had a plan and went with it disregarding any input from us and just gave us scraps just to look like they are doing something. At this point I will be taking this experience as a lesson learned. In this current state I will not be recommending this mouse based on their lack of communication and lack of collaboration with the backers. I am not hopeful about this project and I am prepared to take a loss. The fact that they are still going with the tournament even though the majority of the backers do not approve of it is very appalling and clearly proves their disregard for us the backers.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sean Seagren on April 11

      @Creator: please provide an update on sustainability. The reason for not giving away the mousepad (now a 10€ add-on unless qualified under ambassador offer) was cost. The project didn't reach the $600k level so reasonably you didn't offer a 2nd free mouse... which presumably would have been sustainable for a slightly higher level.

      While I appreciate the backer discount to 70€ for a 2nd mouse... that's €19 below the ultra early bird price or almost twice the add-on (and supposedly near-break even) cost for the mouse pad. I get that maybe there are economies of scale as people order more mice, but you're offering the discount even if only 1 person takes you up.

      I'm not asking you to give anything else for free or to change the stretch goals around. I am asking that you provide an explanation on how that cost is sustainable and assurances that thought is being given to the quality of the product. Marketing is necessary to build a brand and I am all for getting the largest possible community- but it should not come at the expense of the product.

      I was on the fence even asking since communication has been so poor and the best advice is probably to stop watching and be pleasantly surprised when/if a quality product ships. That's a pretty depressing comment considering how early in the project we are and we're not even talking about the usual post-delay grumbling (yet).

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam on April 11

      Making any requests seems to fall on deaf ears.

      After the at best "mistake" ( I call it lie) and continued terrible community interaction. I'm just hoping for a useable product and then avoiding the company from now on. It's so sad that something cool got derailed in such easy to avoid ways.

    25. Kageve Gonswic
      on April 9

      @Nikita Agreed, pretty much that. Personally I would like to see the money go towards more development on the mouse/software, but if it's like that I guess we'll just have to make the most out of this tournament.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bert Tutolo on April 8

      I just checked my credit card statement from kick starter for this and it shows that the 108 euro payment is showing as a recurring direct debit (15th March for the transaction date and 19th March for the processed date) - This doesn't right - has kick starter made a blunder ?

    27. Missing avatar

      Nikita on April 8

      @Michael J. Buck II,
      I understand your position and to be honest, a tournament is a rather strange thing to arrange here. Firstly, tournaments are arranged normally for very hardcore gamers. Secondly, normally the group for which the tournament is arranged, already is centered around a specific game.
      Here, there are 3824 backers all over the world, majority of whom are clearly not hardcore gamers, not to mention professional gamers (people who actually participate in these tournaments).
      The spread all around the world makes certain that for a large number of people participation is tricky at least due to time difference.
      However, we have what we have. All I am saying is that since the 2 4 1 deal is a no-go, I might as well participate in a tournament. Hugo is clearly certain that the team can sacrifice the necessary amount of funds towards the tournament without the impact to the quality of the mouse.

    28. Missing avatar

      Wolfhammer on April 8

      latency and cheating are big issues

    29. Missing avatar

      Wolfhammer on April 8

      i really hope they dont do the tournament

    30. Kageve Gonswic
      on April 8

      Rock paper scissors then?

    31. Missing avatar

      Ian porter on April 8

      Not minesweeper I'm terrible at that ha ha

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sánchez on April 7

      Let's hope for a solitaire or minesweeper tournament in which all can have a chance to win

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Buck II on April 7

      @Sean Seagren, I can agree with you on that point, well said.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sean Seagren on April 7

      At this point I'm hoping for a good product and given up hope on a good experience getting there. While I have zero interest in the tournament, @Creator clearly communicated that set of goals and really didn't have to offer anything. Being responsive- including communication during the end of the campaign- would be good. But clearly this isn't a project where that happen.

      The concept, which is why I originally backed, is still interesting and I'm hoping that in a few months I will have an amazing mouse.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Buck II on April 6

      @Nikita, if you are going to participate in it then it is a good trade off :) but im a full time student who attends school 60 to 80 hours a week plus I work part time. I have no time nor interest in a tournament, nor would I even if I actually had the time. But that is just my personal opinion, I think they could do much more productive things on their end with the money, even if it's to save it for overhead.

    36. Sam on April 6

      Drama aside I was had some questions about the mouse pad.
      1. is it programmable RGB and if so is it controlled by the same software that the mouse uses.
      2. is the surface cloth or a hard textured plastic.
      3. When is the cut off point in terms of securing the mouse pad via indiegogo

    37. Missing avatar

      Fadi Nader on April 6

      Everyone that wants the tournament please chime in. So far, I've read most, if not all the comments since this project started and I have only seen 2 people give or take a few say they want the tournament, the rest are against it.
      And when they have the tourney, how will it work? Is it a lan party? Can you enter the tournament remotely? There's not enough information.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nikita on April 6

      @Michael J. Buck II, well, I agree that the 2 4 1 deal is much better, but at least tournament is something..

    39. Gary Denney
      on April 6

      @An Tran, with regards to stretch goals, there is nothing inherent in the term that means it only applies to something free given out to every backer. It is just an incentive to get more backing to the project. I've seen a wide variety of stretch goals in the projects that I've backed. Some examples are extra product for everyone, extra product for people who have backed for at least X amount of money, an additional variety of product available at an extra cost, more functionality (either for everyone or for backers that have spent above a certain level), or even a wider variety of colours or sizes to choose from. About the only thing universal is that they kick in after the main funding, but now that I'm typing that I've seen at least one project that had stretch goals that kicked in before it was even fully funded. Outside of the requirements from Kickstarter there aren't really any hard and fast rules.

    40. nick.does.bags
      on April 6

      Tournament is a waste of money imo. There's other ways of advertising the product.

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Buck II on April 5

      I do have to say I am a bit disappointed that all of us backers were completely ignored in our feedback towards being against the tournament in general. Even if there is no second mouse, a majority of those active on the board had little to no desire to partake in a tournament at all.

    42. Kageve Gonswic
      on April 5

      PS, yes, please QC the crap out of the mouse and it's software. I hope to get something worth bragging about because of it's quality and utility than price or notoriety.

    43. Kageve Gonswic
      on April 5

      With your audience being so spread out around the world, how would the tourney work? Who can participate? I do hope we all have a chance, cause all us backers have different interests in games, different timezones... any word on how you'll address that? Would be nice if you told us your plans before you finalise them so we could feed back before it gets locked into something that we may not like/want.

    44. Hugo Loi Creator on April 5

      Hello everyone!

      Ahah yes @Brandon you've preceded me! Totally agree with you @Rohani we launched our product on Kickstarter because we wanted to see people getting involved in our project. We addressed this clumsy mousepad issue many times during the campaign and we are glad to see everyone ready to talk more about the mouse!
      We talked about production in this update so we'll talk more about the software in the next one, our engineer and our graphic designer did a great job, hopefully we can show screenshots/demos :)
      The tournament is on our mind too and we are trying to find a funny/good way to do it, I'll let you all know as soon as it's ready
      Thanks guys we keep you posted!

    45. Rohani
      on April 5

      I totally agree with @Sean Seagren, @An Tran and others.
      Backers money comes with their thoughts and this stretch goal problem deserved to be pointed at.
      We also all agree that the mouse is the true goal and if it's good, we're all good.

    46. kyril1217
      on April 5

      I just wondering how about the tournament ? Any news about it?

    47. An Tran on April 4

      But whatever. Please just focus on making the mouse amazing and make sure that QC is excellent.

    48. An Tran on April 4

      Sorry for the double post, internet is being weird.

      Anyway, lastly, don't be calling the mousepad nor the contest you're doing a "stretch goal". A stretch goal implies a goal reached by the backers with a reward awarded to EVERY BACKER, not just the select few who accomplish a certain condition. We can understand that you guys can't afford to supply everyone with a mousepad, but if that's the case, don't imply that you can by calling it a stretch goal.

    49. An Tran on April 4

      My problem is that we weren't notified of the change right away by email, which is what some of us read instead of going straight to this site to also see comments. If I had known it was a REQUIREMENT, then sure I would've been more than happy to hit the share button even though I barely use social media. In the end I did indeed share on Twitter, but it was long after we hit 300k. I thank you for acknowledging your mistake and apologizing, however it still stings. At this point I don't care enough about the mousepad to pay 10 euro (though it would've been nice to have) for it. I just want my mouse, so I won't have to deal with this anymore.

    50. An Tran on April 4

      My problem is that we weren't notified of the change right away by email, which is what some of us read instead of going straight to this site to also see comments. If I had known it was a REQUIREMENT, then sure I would've been more than happy to hit the share button even though I barely use social media. In the end I did indeed share on Twitter, but it was long after we hit 300k. I thank you for acknowledging your mistake and apologizing, however it still stings. At this point I don't care enough about the mousepad to pay 10 euro (though it would've been nice to have) for it. I just want my mouse, so I won't have to deal with this anymore.

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