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pledged of $30,737 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Hugo Loi
pledged of $30,737 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. XMatt-ManX just now

      +1 to infinite scroll, that's one of the things I really think this mouse is missing, I'm just so used to having it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Isaac Little about 5 hours ago

      Hi so what’s the deal with getting the mouse pad? Why should we have to share it just to get that, that’s not what Kickstarter is about. I’ve backed this project to get the mouse and I should be able to get the mouse pad too.

    3. Hugo Loi Creator about 12 hours ago

      Hello everyone!
      @ToThePoint We messaged them! Yes that would definitely be awesome to do something with them the project is great, I'll keep you informed :)
      @Kevin this is an awesome idea, I'll check if we are able to propose something of quality and in time, and I think we should propose this to the community and see if they are in for this idea this is clearly something that deserves further research
      @Wolfhammer People tend to think that the mouse has no buttons and only joysticks, but actually all axis of both joysticks are programmable and side's joystick is clickable, which means 5+4=9. Add to this top button, clickable scroll, and 2 side buttons = 13 they are all programmable and we really feel it's more intuitive in hand than many extra buttons

    4. kyril1217
      about 12 hours ago

      Will you send this through via DHL for international?

    5. Missing avatar

      Wolfhammer about 17 hours ago

      can we have more mouse buttons?

    6. Missing avatar

      kevin rumzek 1 day ago

      Stretch goal suggestion. A protective case. As a travelling gamer I'd worry about damaging the joystick mechanism.

    7. Missing avatar

      TP 2 days ago

      Hi Hugo, here is my opinion on the mouse side buttons. I would like relatively large side buttons to make it easy to click. I don't know the size of this Lexip mouse, but I want to comment side buttons of two other mice. Logitech G403 side button is so good, including its tactile feeling and large size. In contrast, clicking Steelseries Sensei 310 side button is a terrible feeling, because it's too small to press. So I would really appreciate if Lexip mouse could have large side buttons. By the way, I love that joystick on the side, and I think it will make my Elite Dangerous experience much better!

    8. ToThePoint
      2 days ago

      Would love to hear about you reaching out to Intrepid Studios, Inc. who in 2017 ran their KS campaign for Ashes of Creation which is in active programming/development. The backer base is strong and if you can have your product seamlessly function with theirs you may just get a boon in backer base trickle over.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ardit Bala 2 days ago

      Nice, I’ll read through it. Thanks!

      @JT it’s where instead of just having a mouse that clicks every time you spin the mouse wheel, it rolls freely, thus allowing for a greater scroll speed. Essentially kind of like clicking the middle mouse button, just no arrows, finer control, and more convenient.

    10. Jt Crawford
      2 days ago

      What is infinite scroll? When you click the mouse wheel and it brings up the arrows? I hate that "feature"!!!

    11. Hugo Loi Creator 2 days ago

      Hi everyone, thanks for your growing support and enthusiasm!

      @ToThePoint, Brian There are several clean and classy options. You will have several proposals when we close in tho this stretch goal and you will decide.

      @ToThePoint, Ardit Yes ToThePoint pinpointed it very well - no pun intended. If you want some more details, Tom's Hardware asked us what remains to be done on the mouse before production goes live. You can see the full list on their article (goo.gl/6Gt95C). We are currently manufacturing Lexip's new plastic injection molds, fifteen steel-made babies of 600 pounds each. The top shell mold is especially hard to get right because of the topology of the top shell (big hole for the thumb joystick). Along with the other tasks remaining, we are around $300K before starting the production. After the production comes the testing, quality control, support, Mac OS driver dev (we are hiring for that btw, job place in Savoie, France) and retail launch.

      @ToThePoint Infinite scroll is not an automatic because not everyone likes it plus it is difficult to perform without getting on Logitech's patent fields and still having a good design. Hard life for small companies :)

      @Ardit Thanks again for your feedback. Hope Lexip fits you!

    12. ToThePoint
      3 days ago

      Really hope should it be reached they keep it clean, keep it classy

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Bari
      3 days ago

      Will the Kickstarter version be green and white or black with a big Kickstarter K logo in the middle just my guesses

    14. ToThePoint
      3 days ago

      @Ardit Bala

      Excellent bullet points on the details. Obviously, you are not a troll, I apologize for having even thought it possible.

      Though I would love to know where every dollar will be spent regarding funds raised it is improbable we will get those details. The R&D to make the changes they have and to create the pre-production devices already cost loads. The production to fulfill will be a hefty price tag. And, it is fair to believe they would like some margin of profit and some ability to initiate are large enough first production run to create some retail stock. Something to initiate future sales, profit, and continued service/support.

      There are several elements that intrigue/excite me about this product. Most pointedly, the detachable/replaceable cable allowing to use color and length to detail ones wants as well as fully programmable capabilities. I am really hoping they succeed to greater extent than they imagine so we can see support and upgrades long into the future.

      I'm switched regarding wireless. I wouldn't want the ability most of the time but the idea could be implemented in a cool way. When you unplug the dpi automatically drops down to a lower rate to match its purpose and abilities (because wireless innately has faults unless extreme top dollar is applied) but now has many more uses for general system use. It could definitely happen but might be more of a ver. 2.0 if they haven't already spent time and $ on R&D. Should they go Bluetooth or radio frequency?

      Right now I am happy for a discounted/backer price, helping to bring this to life, now holding hope wireless hybrid becomes real, and +1 to infinite scroll. (Why is infinite scroll not an automatic for all mouse producers.)

    15. Missing avatar

      Ardit Bala 3 days ago


      No, I'm not here to troll. I was trying to find out where all of this money is going toward. With update #5, you can see it's going everywhere else except changing the mouse itself. So it's still the same mouse from December 2011, regardless of any new rubbers/dpi changes. No wireless/infinite scroll/etc. Nothing new to the mouse that justifies these stretch goals. But at least everyone gets a mouse.

      The software upgrades are certainly welcome, but it doesn't take $300,000 to pre-configure various programs with keybinds & add MacOS support.

      I'm still supporting this campaign in hopes of getting the mouse for 4 reasons:

      1. It was released years before and multiple people were given the final "gaming" version to test fairly recently. So the product has and does exist.
      2. The joystick/bottom joystick actually work while still allowing use of the sensor, unlike the Swiftpoint Z that requires an attachment + has a bugged tilt left that gets stuck.
      3. I want an AIO option for joystick + mouse control on a mouse vs using something like the 3D Rudder + mouse combo.
      4. It has a detachable cable.

    16. Hugo Loi Creator 3 days ago

      Hi everyone, thanks again for your support and comments! The last days have definitively been game-changing for us and our way to see our own campaign. I'm looking forward to knowing how everyone feels.

      @Alex Haha thanks for your excitment! ^^ Well sharing is cool, but not letting any other way to get a perk is not - This is something most people agreed on during the past few days.

      @KainMorgen Thanks for asking. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram qualify so you can pick one of the three. Using a hashtag makes your post searchable by anyone, that's how we will find it. And the backer survey will ask for the social media handle you used for the share, which will allow us to match your Kickstarter and social accounts.

      @claire Thanks again for your feedback. Indeed we are seeking consensus on this alternate way to get the mousepad perk. If everyone is ok, we will do as such. About the tournament, we found that voting for one's favorite game and playing with enjoyable stakes would be a good experience for everybody. What do you think?

      @Gutterdrums Nope, we are currently hiring for MacOS but won't be able to afford Linux on top of that.

      @Menvy Toute l'équipe était penchée sur votre commentaire cet après-midi, merci à vous.

      @Sebastian That's a very good question. I won't have a complete answer for now because we will use two-times shipping using third party logistics companies in all countries with more than 100 backers. In your case, your Lexip will be shipped to you from Germany - customs will be paid already. For people from smaller countries, we will ship from Shenzhen.

      @ToThePoint Thanks for your feedback. Let us know what you think!

      @Ro Naval Bautista Bon appétit. Yes Lexip still features its pro use features - you can use it in 2D / 3D workflow software such as Maya, Z-Brush, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Adobe suite, etc.

      @XMatt-ManX That counts. :)

      @kevin Thanks for your feedback. Let us know what you think of our last update!

    17. Missing avatar

      KainMorgen 3 days ago

      @Viacheslav I did. Quote:
      "A lot of you told us that offering perks for social networks shares is not okay and not the way Kickstarter’s community work. You’re right. Some of you asked that we make the mouse pad available as a pledge upgrade as well. What do you think?"

      This does not say "Hey, we asked for something we shouldn't have. We are sorry, so every backer gets their mousepad." Instead, now it is named an "ambassador" mousepad, to justify that you have to step out to the public and promote the campaign.

      "Of course you’re still free to share our campaign using #LexipKickstarter to get it, what’s said is said. If you have any individual questions on this, please message us and we will respond asap!"

      So, 'said is said' sharing the campaign on social media will still grant me a mousepad. But will sharing the link on Facebook with #LexipKickstarter in the description do? Because I don't even have a Twitter. Or if I ever signed up years ago, that account has no followers anyways.

      So, Questions:
      Which social media platforms qualify for the mousepad?
      How do I prove that I shared the link and the hashtag?
      How do I prove that I did so before the 300k goal was reached?

      Please don't refer me to the latest update, because that DOES NOT acutally answer these questions.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Lupu 3 days ago

      Oh, boy, am I excited! I hope you guys get to at least 400k! xD

      Also, it may be just me, but I don't understand the whole outrage on the social media sharing, if you like a project and want to support them, wouldn't you share it anyway? Wouldn't you want them to get more money and make other cool stuff?

    19. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @KainMorgen read the last update.

    20. Missing avatar

      KainMorgen 3 days ago

      So, if I want to share the Lexip campaign to get the mousepad as a bonus, how do I even prove that I did and that I did before the 300k goal was reached? *confused*

    21. Missing avatar

      claire bradley 3 days ago

      Much better update this time round. I really thinks having the stretch goals known will really help as people will know what they are pushing for especially @ the 600k mark. I would however rethink the 500k one as again it's a goal that won't benefit everyone, just the winner.
      The section about the mousepad feels like it's missing a sentence? Asks us what we think after telling us what we have asked for. Was there a suggestion that was meant to be stated there for review?
      Thanks guys

    22. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      So there’s no reason planned Linux support?

    23. Menvy 3 days ago

      Je suis heureux de voir que vous avez pris en considération les nombreuses demandes des backers.
      Bon courage pour la suite, ce projet est vraiment intéressant.
      Bonne soirée à vous

    24. Missing avatar

      Sebastian 4 days ago

      Hi, I am wondering where you manufacture and ship your product from. Do you ship from the factory or from a warehouse in Europe? This would be important to know as customes have to be payed by european customers depending where you ship from.

    25. ToThePoint
      4 days ago


      I find even more annoying the fact that through the day they put that update out they continuously responded with the notion they release a new update tomorrow.

      Whelp, that tomorrow is gone and and all the tomorrows since have passed, still no further update and clarification (except comment responses).

      Their notion that comments is good enough to communicate and not creating official Updates with REAL information is disappointing. Debating dropping my pledge all-together because of this.

      Poor communications during a campaign is a curious/sure sign of worse when the campaign ends until product delivery. Wondering if they chose the wrong path for community building and funding.

    26. Ro Naval Bautista
      4 days ago

      Hugo... Can this be used for multi-tasking and various editing? Like MX Master Mouse?

    27. Ro Naval Bautista
      4 days ago

      *eating popcorn*

    28. XMatt-ManX 4 days ago

      I am not sure how to pm through Kickstarter, but I have told friends in person, and they've all seemed impressed thus far.

    29. Missing avatar

      kevin rumzek 4 days ago

      I've shared on fb and used the hashtag although I disagree with you making us do this for a stretch goal. Stretch goals should either be for every backer or at the least every backer to pledge before the stretch goal amount.

    30. Hugo Loi Creator 5 days ago

      @Oskari Looks like more and more laptops have the same connectivity as yours yes. We'll dig into the figures before stating on a new cable, stay tuned!

    31. Hugo Loi Creator 5 days ago

      Hi everyone, thanks again for your support and comments!

      @XMatt-ManX Thanks a lot for your personal support, actual word-of-mouth is great help! Alternate support like this can be discussed via message. Several people are in similar cases, messaged us and we arranged it together.

      @Kyle We will not make a wireless version this year because Lexip is already crowded with electronic boards - not much room for batteries. This is a great idea though, we are thinking of it for our next R&D steps!

      @Jul Hi Jul, yes I remember well when you jumped in early and started commenting with enthusiasm. Thanks again for that :) In the backer survey we will ask for your social handle on the social media you chose to share on, this plus the hashtag will be enough to track your post so you will get the mousepad. You are right about the stretch goals timing, we did not get it right so far. Stay tuned and we will come with more in the next few days!

      @Ardit Bala Thanks for exposing your opinion here. Please refer to the campaign page and previous comments to get the complete list of additional features we are bringing in on top of our previous developments.

      @ToThePoint Thanks for your clever support.

      @Jt Crawford Thanks as well for updating Ardit.

      @Kaith Good question! I don’t have a full answer right now since the left-handed version still has a long way to go before coming out. This will require more development because Lexip’s software is designed to pilot only one mouse. But Lexip itself is designed to behave as several devices plugged in, so there’s nothing avoiding such developments. Long story short: It will not work right of the box, but a developer can tweak our software so that it does.

      @YK Ang All surfaces that work with a laser sensor, which is pretty wide :)

      @Z, ToThePoint Thanks for asking and thanks for this additional support. We will ask for your social media handle in the backer survey, which will be enough to match your Kickstarter and social accounts together. As things are going right now, there should be a few hundreds backers eligible to this perk at the end of the campaign which is ok to manage this way. We also will be available through messaging to deal with any missed share.

      Could you please make usb c connectivity happen? I'm getting a new laptop and it will only have usb c ports so carrying an adapter around just for this would be a bit bothersome... Would be great if that could be avoided. :)

      @Menvy Merci de nous avoir exposé votre opinion et vos conseils.

    32. Menvy 5 days ago

      Bien que votre produit en vaille la peine, vous ne donnez qu’une piètre image de votre projet.
      Pourquoi? Peu de retours, peu de news, aucun stretch goals dignes de ce nom..
      On débute ce projet sur une bonne idée, il finira mal.
      Le principe de kickstarter (que vous semblez oublier) est d’attirer des backers, leur inciter à investir dans votre rêve afin de le réaliser. C’est un contrat. Et comment les attirer? En leur proposant un contenu qui leur doit alléchant (multiples stretch goals atteignables, réponse du staff rapide, ...).
      Vous n’atteindrez jamais les 300000€ et ce parce que les gens n’investissent plus dans votre projet. Vous voulez des backers? Apportez leur un contenu propre, et pas des pubs foireuse à la « on vous file de l’argent » ou « faites nous de la pub et vous aurez du contenu en plus ». C’est malhonnête, et peu intelligent de votre part. Je retire mon apport si vous ne changez à pas cela vite fait. Sinon adieu la bonne réputation des startups française !
      Au revoir
      Un backer qui aimerait sincèrement voir votre produit de réaliser.

    33. XMatt-ManX 5 days ago

      To be honest I'm really rather annoyed how only people that market for you get the mouse pad, especially since that fact is tucked away in the update directly after it says all people that back before $300,000 get the mouse pad, only to say you have to market for them to get the pad. Disgusting, I can't stand social media and this has really made me think about revoking my pledge as I was a little iffy about backing anything in the first place for such a large chunk of cash, this has only pushed me in that direction.

    34. XMatt-ManX 5 days ago

      We're all early backers here, I don't really touch social media at all due to it being full of so many toxic people. I've told friends about the mouse in person, I don't understand why I should need to have a Twitter account just to take part in a stretch goal for something I'm already putting over $100 into, it's pretty off-putting to say the least.

    35. Kyle Haughey 5 days ago

      One question, Is there a wireless version, or at least one that can be opted for wired connection via usb that is detachable?

    36. Missing avatar

      Jul 5 days ago

      Hello Hugo,

      As a early backer, I'm still a bit confused about the gamepad, I'm pretty sure that you can see all of us that are early backers so I don't see the point about sharing it in order to get the mousepad, I already shared it to my friends. And second even with the hashtag, how are you going to keep track of people who shared, my name here and on Twitter aren't the same.

      This is the first project I back but I'm almost sure that stretch goals are usually disclosed earlier + other later if there is.
      Can you please make a statement easier to understand? As an early backer will I get the mousepad or not? If not, what do I have to do?

      Thank you in advance.

    37. ToThePoint
      6 days ago

      @Ardit Bala
      One project backed and all "6" comment to the one project backed.
      Are you trying to troll or are you actually looking for answers? Folk like you are touch to read.

    38. ToThePoint
      6 days ago

      Anyone want a Lexip Mouse review? May not be the one we will get since this is a KS thus not actually reached full production (since that is exactly what we are backing for, to create the new production)? Something this company has created and is improving upon with this KS?

      Here you...

    39. ToThePoint
      6 days ago

      @Ardit Bala

      If you think 300K won't be reached you've nvr KS'd a campaign before and/or don't get it. NP.

      There are questions to be answered but what the main product is is not a wonder. They created several years ago a production device that was well received and focused on... well, production.

      Now, they've redeveloped the initial product to be a gaming product with equal production ability. Te reviews then were solid and the the reviews now are as well. They didn't have funding/backing/investment to drive the previous release. Now they have it and are seeking for more.

      They have improved upon the past and are ready to re-launch. they are offering a low cost offering for something that could be great.

      What? Are you looking to snipe their invention or are you trolling? Your questions and info add no value since you leave the entire other side out.

      Go away or back or five.

      I'll leave my decisions to myself but you obviously have nothing to say here that matters.

    40. Jt Crawford
      6 days ago

      Yeah, they updated it to be gaming focused. It's already been mentioned...

    41. Missing avatar

      Ardit Bala 6 days ago

      Oh my goodness, first listed on Amazon: December 26, 2011

    42. Missing avatar

      Ardit Bala 6 days ago

      Not so sure we'll hit 300k with all of the people backing out. Unfortunately, the creators don't want to update the mouse itself, just some software feature additions / OS support. It's still the same mouse from over a year ago: http://a.co/gKTsBLW

      This campaign had potential, the money just isn't enticing.

    43. Kaith
      6 days ago

      I think this got asked before but I'm not sure it got answered. Is the ability to use both a right and left handed mouse together a thing? Flying games would be pretty neat.

    44. Missing avatar

      YK Ang 7 days ago

      what kind of surfaces can it track on?

    45. Missing avatar

      7 days ago


      I also would like to know how will you be able to follow who shared and who didn't your project on social media. I saw about the hashtag method but then some people use a different name on social media. How will you be able to link them together ?
      Maybe it is best to find an alternative method or like some other projects did, the backers posted the link of your hashtag and you have to manually take note of all that. But then this method requires a lot of dedication and follow up to progressively and you may even miss some backers comment in the posts.

    46. ToThePoint
      7 days ago

      Whelp, shared on Twitter but still don't understand how you plan to track this. I don't use my real name on either. I have different email addresses chained to the different accounts.

      Don't know what to say but good luck... and, I'll now be Expecting the mouse pad to arrive so long as we bust past 300k (which should be a cinch overall).

    47. Missing avatar

      Oskari Pullinen on February 17

      Could you please make usb c connectivity happen? I'm getting a new laptop and it will only have usb c ports so carrying an adapter around just for this would be a bit bothersome... Would be great if that could be avoided. :)

    48. Hugo Loi Creator on February 17

      Hi everyone! Thanks again for your growing support and engagement :)

      @Hauke,Michael,Kevin We're using the hashtag #LexipKickstarter to track shares. If you did not use it, just send us your url via private message :) And thanks for sharing!

      @Eva Thanks for your feedback and for spreading the word! Yes we messed our update up and we had to edit it and answer everyone via comments. Some people missed the information and we arranged it directly with them via private message. About the duo upgrade, yes we'll now you upgraded and you will get two mousepads instead of one. :)

      @Jt Crawford I see your point yes, I guess this is why our sharing system is not perfect. Let me discuss this with the team and update you, we should be able to provide this mousepad to backers wanting it as an add-on.

      @Fadi Yes that was not clear, thanks for asking. As @Jt Crawford says, there is no way for backers without social media to help us and get this perk with our system. Let me update you, I am going to discuss with our team wether we can add it as an add-on as well.

    49. Hauke Neitzke on February 17

      I shared via twitter. Also interested in knowing how you want to track that?

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