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A sci-fi sourcebook and megadventure for White Star: Science Fiction Roleplaying
A sci-fi sourcebook and megadventure for White Star: Science Fiction Roleplaying
63 backers pledged $3,000 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi all! Again, still moving right along. I should have an update by the end of the week.

      Just a note to those who backed at the Deep Space Explorer level ($50) or higher, I need your NPC write ups by the end of the month (April) so I can commission artwork. If it comes later than that, I will include the write up in the text, but it might not be illustrated.

    2. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi all! Things are still moving along. Should have an update with some content and some art by the end of the week!

    3. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Vitasoy! Heart of Varrul is still a work in progress. I expect to give updates every month. The December update will be coming soon. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

    4. Vitasoy

      Hi Pete, How often could we have an update? (And I don't want to bother you with emails.) Thank you.

    5. Jesse Burciaga on

      @SNG Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

    6. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Jesse, I'm working on getting a current copy and emailing it to you directly. If you were getting it for a friend, you have our permission to just send a copy to him. Thanks for that!

    7. Jesse Burciaga on

      Still no link for the "White Star: Galaxy Edition PDF". Well, no suppose its not a big issue. I purchased it before this KS launched so I already have it. I had planned on giving the extra digital copy to friend, but not a big deal.
      Still very excited about the Heart of Varrul!

    8. Jesse Burciaga on

      pariah 77 @ hotmail (dot) com

      I double checked the email that I receive all my KS notifications with & it's correct.

    9. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      hey Jesse, just to be sure we are talking about your pariah at hotmail email correct?

    10. Jesse Burciaga on

      @SNG Still no email. I checked my spam folders & no emails there either.

    11. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Jesse, email was resent. Please check and let me know.

    12. Jesse Burciaga on

      Have links for the "White Star: Galaxy Edition PDF" been sent out too backers? If they have, I haven't received one. I've checked my spam folders and not there either.
      Thank you.

    13. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @Scott - should be available now. Let me know if not. Thanks!

    14. Scott Dexter on

      Got the adventure PDFs, will the rules PDF come later?

    15. Jeff Hessell


    16. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      I'll have an update out by the end of the month along with the available PDFs. Please make sure your Kickstarter emails are correct. I'll be sending links from RPGNow. Thanks all!

    17. Jeff Hessell

      I’m pretty excited about this, and I’m hoping to hear some good news soon...

    18. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      A big Thank You! to our white knight. Very excited about this collaborative project by the Spahn "brothers." :)

    19. David Jenks on

      A big THANK YOU to the backer that saved this project. You have my heartfelt gratitude, as I really want to run a WS adventure.

    20. Walt Robillard

      That guy should get a whole chapter of the book to himself!

    21. John Taft

      Wow. The patron saint of White Star saves the day.
      Much respect, thank-you for saving this project.

    22. Scott Dexter on

      To the hero who got us to $3k mark, thank you!

    23. Todd Stephens

      Wow. According to Kiktraq data, that was all 1 person.

    24. Walt Robillard

      Some one lifted their hood at the last minute and waved their hand, "You WILL fund this project..." Congrats on funding! Can't wait to see this realized.

    25. Jesse Burciaga on

      Just did some number crunching & I'm still scratching my head. LOL
      Either way I'm glad this project was a success!!!

    26. Jesse Burciaga on

      Yes! Funded! But wow, right at the last moment. LOL

    27. Michael Potter

      Someone, or a few someones, stepped in big right at the end ...

    28. David Jenks on

      It breaks my heart a bit, because I really could use a WS adventure ready-to-run, to get a gaming group together.

    29. John Taft

      Add me to the mystified list. I have pushed this on G+, heck the WS:SFR group has over 900 members. Its like everyone is on vacation. Blarg.

    30. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @Max - thanks!

      @David - pretty puzzling to me too. I thought the addition of White Star: Galaxy Edition would have been enough to push it over the top.

    31. David Jenks on

      I honestly can't believe this isn't gaining more traction.

    32. Max Vanderheyden

      I backed after seeing @james shields share on facebook.

    33. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @Michael great!

      @Jesse yes and thank you for asking. Many would not.

    34. Jesse Burciaga on

      Since I already have the Galactic Edition, will I be able to give the pdf I'm getting through this KS to a friend?

    35. Michael Potter

      Upgraded to the next level as I would have purchased the galaxy rules anyways so I might as well support this one.

    36. Michael Potter

      I like the White Star lighter rules and a good backdrop would make it easier to play, so backing this seems like a good way to get that done.

    37. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Yes, a HUGE win for the OSR!

    38. John Taft

      @Pete, The SWN KS was nutty: August 30, 2017 Successfully raised $192,036 with 3,143 backers.

    39. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @John Taft, curse you Kevin Crawford!! :) I honestly don't frequent spaces online where SWN is being played so I don't know how much of a following it gets (I'm assuming by his overall success that it's pretty large). I know that White Star normally gets a lot of buzz in my circles, but Heart of Varrul is flying under the radar for some reason.

    40. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @Wesley, that's a fair point. I do hate to deluge people with Updates unless I have something really substantial to add (this is admittedly from my own experience as a backer---once I've backed I don't need to see any more until the finished product).

      We tried to give a pretty good break down of the product's content (setting material and new content), plus an example of the high quality art and maps specific to the product, on the Campaign page. That's the only art and maps we've commissioned "out of pocket" for this project, since art costs are the primary goal of the Kickstarter.

      Promotion has been through G+, Facebook, and Twitter as well as a few blogs. Those are my normal channels for promotion and have worked for us in the past, but I'm open to suggestions on others that would be receptive.

      I will try to put together an update this weekend to showcase some of the new content for the final week's push. Hopefully that might draw enough in to keep this from being backburnered.

      Thanks for the suggestions!


    41. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall

      @John: A lack of updates, sneak peaks and or promotional efforts may be hindering this KS. Sometimes having an update every few days helps keep the buzz going, motivating backers to spread the word more. It's possible that there are backers to this KS that have forgotten they've even backed this KS.

    42. John Taft

      I don't understand why things have been so flat. Has Crawford sucked up all the OSR in Space funds?

    43. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      @Christopher - thank you for the kind words and yes it will be quality! Guaranteed if it funds!

      @Timothy - thank you for sharing and your support!

    44. Timothy Harper on

      Looking forward to this. I shared it around a bit Pete. Good luck.

    45. christopher bishop on

      I look forward to deep space exploring with you fine gentleman. I love both your work in the white start system. I am sure this will be of the same quality.

    46. Small Niche Games 5-time creator on

      Hi Wesley, the Star Knight level includes 2 class sourcebooks and 7 adventures total. Four of the 7 adventures will actually be included in the Heart of Varrul Special Edition hardcover. The other three will be available in PDF and print formats. At this level, "at-cost" links to all SNG White Star print products will also be made available on publication.

    47. Missing avatar

      Wesley E. Marshall

      I think the pledge levels as presented are somewhat confusing. Also, having to constantly read through several different pledge levels can be confusing. It might be easier to understand if you included bullet points in each pledge level explicitly stating the specific rewards. For example, after several passes through the different pledge levels it is my understanding that the Star Knight will actually include 7 adventures - the three listed for the $10 miner level plus the 4 (one of which is included in the hardback version of the book) for the Star Knight level. Or did I mess that up?