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The project will document children born in Rwanda post-genocide through photographs and interviews.

What residue is left for the successive generations to deal with after a genocide? How are they able to construct a friendships, relationships, a sense of right and wrong? And in Rwanda specifically, a country whose government is actively working to reunite the Hutus and Tutsis in order to recover from the past, how do young people view their own futures and their country's? These are some of the questions I'd like to answer by going back to Rwanda to complete a photography project I started there earlier this year.

Through photographs and interviews with people who were either born after the genocide or were too young to remember it, I will attempt to answer these questions. My plan is to return to Rwanda and go to rural areas to photograph and interview young people. Thel is to spend 7 - 10 days there this fall working on this.

In the past I have completed photo-based documentary projects that have challenged the way historical stories (the actual past or the future's view of our present) are told - through interactive DVD programs, giving cameras to an underrepresented population in Colombia, photographing objects made for mass consumption through the fingerprints left on them by their makers - I would like to make a dynamic and unusual project of this as well, one that challenges the form and limitations of still image documentary story telling.

To complete this project, I'd like to raise $3250, this would used for airfare, lodging, food, and transportation to and within Rwanda in an effort to complete this work. Hey, even though it's Africa, and even though I travel as inexpensively as possible, it's a costly place to visit.

I'd really appreciate your support to complete this, and in exchange for your contribution I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to give you a portfolio of images from the project. Please visit my website:, click on the project name RWANDA on the home page to see portraits I took when visiting Nyarubuye, a town south east of the country's capital, Kigali, and about 10 kms north of Tanzania. Those are some of the images that will be a part of every portfolio given to every supporter who elects to help me complete this project.

Thanks so much for your support!

- Lorena


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