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$613 pledged of $7,000 goal

Gameplay And Plot

Today I thought I'd share a little bit about the power facility, plot and gameplay elements of AAIMIE. There are *possible spoilers* in this so if you don't want to know more about the story please skip this update.

My goal of this game has always been to make sure you are completely engulfed in the world. I want you to be able to explore this facility and start out as a lowly robot who finds itself part of this larger picture, not just of the facility but of this facility's place in the world, and the universe.

The game starts with you waking up after new AI routines are implanted. This AI makes you want to destroy this power facility. Now, this isn't any ordinary facility. It's one of hundreds on this planet and the produce a new, highly potent and sought after energy.

The facility itself can be thought of as an upside down Tower of Hanoi in its shape. These rings lie on top of each other and in the middle is the overlord of the facility. This overlord is in charge of every aspect of its operation. You can see this overlord in every level of the game. Through windows and open areas, from the very start, you can see this overlord and you know that your ultimate goal is to destroy it.

I feel this gives the player a connection to the facility and the goal. You aren't thrown in and after hours and hours of gameplay all of a sudden you see the "boss" for the first time. In AAIMIE, from the start, you know what it looks like. And throughout your journey to the bottom of the facility you will see this enemy many, many times.

At first, this overlord will pay no attention to you. You are insignificant. But as you progress, and gain abilities, and start damaging the facility it protects, you will become a threat. This overlord that you have been seeing as you descend will begin to start attacking you, and the structures you are in. This will heighten your connection to the world, and make destroying this overlord even more desirable.

So that is an update of the general gameplay of AAIMIE. I hope you enjoyed this update and the next update will be posted in a couple of days with even more details.

Thank you!


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