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The documentary that will change the way you look at sheep, men with moustaches, and guts.
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Yuri Chicovsky

81 backers pledged $12,130 to help bring this project to life.

25% and 25%

That's right: seven days of the fundraising month have passed, and we've knocked off 25% of the total goal! That's what I call keeping up with the times!

A big hug to everyone who's pledged and commented thus far.

Please notice that I've made some adjustments to the text of this project. I'm really trying to bring my way of talking about the film in line with my vision for it. I want to stress that filming has just begun. Since this is my first film -- and, since it's a documentary, and the story unfolds only as it happens -- I feel like I'm less aware of the details of the finished story than how I want it to look and feel. Coming from an art background, my focus with this film is really on aesthetic.

Thank you again for supporting me! Please pass this project on; and remember that even $5, or a comment, is very valuable to me.


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    1. Creator Lee Hinman on October 8, 2010

      Did I ever tell you about growing up working a sheep & cattle ranch? 15 years!! New life is always the maximum charge!! Good luck with your project
      Lee Hinman

    2. Creator Susan Larsen on October 3, 2010

      Best of luck, Yuri! I love how you bring all of your special talents together-- art, poetry, photography... As always, simply amazing! Sue Larsen