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"Where We Danced" is the story of America's dance told through the lives of the dancers who lived it and the places they danced.
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DVD's Sent

Hello everyone

Thank you so much for your support of "Where We Danced" The DVD's have been shipped out and I have received word that some have already arrived. If you have any friends  who are interested in purchasing a copy please send them to If it weren't for you this movie couldn't have been made. Thank you so much once again.

Brian Lucky Skillen


Hello Everyone

Great news!!!! The DVD's will be here from the duplication house in just a few days. Thank you for your patience. Please make sure your address is current so I send the DVD to the right place. Also, remember that for international orders there was a $15.00 shipping charge please check to make sure you have added this to your donation. Thank you so much once again for your support. I hope you enjoy the movie.

Also, We are in the beginning phases of the second episode. If you are interested in helping with the research for it please contact me. Topics that need to be researched are below. Thank you once again for all of your support. This movie was made by dancers and funded by dancers.  It is amazing what we can accomplish when we come together. Thank you so much for being such an amazing community. I am honored to be a part of it. 

Brain Lucky Skillen

- Speak easy/After hours joints (Charlston/Slow dancing etc ) - Prohibition and dance - Savoy Ballroom (lindy hop) - Cotton Club (Snake hips/Shake dancing/ Eccentric dances) - Roseland Ballroom - Harvest moon ball - Frankie Manning - “Shorty” George Snowden - Norma Miller - Ann Johnson - Al mins - Leon James - Pepsie Bethel - Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers

In the home stretch

Hello Everyone

Thank you for your support of "Where We Danced". I have great news the insurance for "Where We Danced" just cleared so I can now duplicate the DVD's. I am meeting with my editor tonight to put on the final touches on and will send out the master Monday to be duplicated. Duplication will take between 12-15 business days plus shipping. Then I will be sending them out to you guys. Thank you so much for your patience. I wasn't expecting the insurance process to take so long. We are in the home stretch now. Thank you once again for your support. I will send out another update once I receive the DVD's.

Brian Lucky Skillen



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NYC Screening

Hello all

Due to the Hurricane last week we had to reschedule our screening of "Where We Danced" the screening is now scheduled for Friday the 16th. As a stroke of lucky there is a possibility we might be able to get Lincoln center for the performing arts for this screening Which would be amazing!!!! Lincoln center is a much larger theater so the cost is more. In order to book it I need 100 more people to come to the theater at $12 per person to make this theater work in my Budget. Below is a link to a facebook invite. If you can make this screening and would like to book a seat (Remember there are only 100 available on top of the seats reserved for the production team and producers) Please visit the Facebook page and say you are going. Once I have 100 people confirmed I will open up an online booking for the screening.

Thank you for your continued support 

Brian Lucky Skillen