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In the same way I remix films using sounds, chords and vocals, I want to remix the cultures of the world with my camera and microphone!
In the same way I remix films using sounds, chords and vocals, I want to remix the cultures of the world with my camera and microphone!
1,178 backers pledged $25,299 to help bring this project to life.

Thank You Everybody!

After hitting our target in just a few days, and watching the pledges grow even further, I just want to say to everybody that I'm absolutely blown away by your amazing support for this project. It's been written about in my local newspaper and all around the web, and has sparked the interest of several enthusiastic companies from around the world.

Because everyone's pledges have met our target in such a short period of time, we now have a few weeks to go before the project is funded. During this time, we will be arranging flights, modes of transportation, contacts and accommodation as we prepare to make our way into the heart of Tibet. I'm told the landscapes, nomads and altitude sickness make for one hell of a journey, and that Tibet is writhing with culture despite its gradual modernization.

I can't wait to get out there, folks! This is going to be an amazing experience to capture in the form of music and video, and we'll be shooting behind-the-scenes footage for you all every step of the way. Thanks again for your amazing support, everybody, and stay tuned for more updates in the near future as we approach our target deadline!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick on March 12, 2011

      You've created a genre. One we need, a new way of hearing our world.

    2. Rick Petry on March 3, 2011

      Your flights of fancy make hearts soar!

    3. Billy Seguire on March 3, 2011

      You, sir, are one of the truest definitions of an artist that I've seen in a long, long time. Your take on the idea of remixing is really something I've never really thought of, and the love you show to your fans is absolutely immense.

    4. Carlos Cristhian Pompeo on February 19, 2011

      Rarely do I get the opportunity to view extraordinary people accomplish extraordinary feats, and Nick, your whole concept is truly that.
      Hope you do everything you hope to and more. You got lots of support from here.

    5. Antoine Bandele on February 8, 2011

      No, thank you Pogo.

    6. Missing avatar

      NickW on January 19, 2011

      The theme wind. Everything made from noises that come from wind. Trees blowing, squeaky metal noises, the ocean, spiral sounds of a tornado. Then make the last scene space.

    7. Mark Hurst on January 18, 2011

      Hey Nick - big congrats - I'm proud to be a supporter of the project & can't wait to see & hear the results.

      Separately I have an idea for you involving New York City, if you'd like to drop a line (

      -mark hurst
      Gel conference founder and host

    8. Joe Tower on January 16, 2011

      Godspeed, Pogo!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruno Ribeiro on January 16, 2011

      Congratulations! I love your project, your music and wish you good luck! Come to Brazil someday too!

    10. Missing avatar

      AleksanderS on January 16, 2011

      You should totally do a vlog about you getting there and setting up...

    11. Brinny on January 15, 2011

      Congratulations on exceeding your goal! Best of luck!

    12. Gabriel on January 15, 2011

      Love your new concepts for broadening music & creating something unique. <3

    13. Zhi Hong Li on January 15, 2011

      this is going to be AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!

    14. Richard Pilgrim on January 15, 2011

      So what is the $4000 extra dollars going to be put towards Pogo?
      Also you still haven't answered our shipping questions yet.

    15. pbueckle on January 15, 2011

      Go Pogo! I'm so happy this is going to happen, and at the same time a little sad, that I can't be a greater part of it. Honestly, I didn't even have a credit card before since I didn't need one here in Germany, but I ordered one, just to be able to pledge some money for this great project. I hope you'll make the best out of it! :)

    16. Aubrey Erickson on January 15, 2011

      Yeah! Congratulations for hitting your goal so quickly! I'm really stoked that I can be a part of it. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Doug Peterman on January 15, 2011

      I can't wait to hear the music.

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Winter on January 15, 2011

      Best of luck Nick, I'm sure with this many random people having so much faith in you, you'll do a bang up job of Tibet!
      Oh, and ENJOY!!!!

    19. Johny 'Jojje' Einarsson on January 15, 2011

      You are one lucky guy. To travel the world and share your experiences in such a creative fashion - I cannot fathom just how wonderful that must be. We're all behind you, Pogo!

    20. Mason Schuler on January 15, 2011

      We want to hear YOUR voice remixed sometime

    21. Brent Lissoway on January 15, 2011

      oooh, try and get some of that really eerie throat singing!

    22. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Gutierrez on January 15, 2011

      You are an inspiration. Go show the world Tibet through your eyes and ears - I'm pumped for the next edition of World Remix!!! Go Pogo!!