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My name's Doug. I make things. Films, photos, things-with-words, what have you. Unfortunately, I also break things. Let's get them unbroken.
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Doug Spice

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The process begins

Morning, all! It's probably not really morning where you are. What can I say, I'm late to bed, late to rise.

Last night, I finally completed the process of editing: going through my entire back catalog of images and selecting those that feel appropriate to this project. I was pretty harsh on myself, and in the end only 37 images made the cut. They're 37 solid images, for sure, but... is that really enough? I don't think it is. I think it's time for me to get out there and shoot some more.

The good news is, I recently discovered some very shady industrial warehouse tracts in southeast LA that should make very interesting subjects in the vaporous slow of the sodium lights. Did I mention that I own a gun now?

Stay classy, backers.