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Update #6

The long slow start-up


So! Time to get cracking on this book, no? The money has FINALLY cleared Amazon Payments, which means now I only have to wait ANOTHER 5-7 days before it's actually in my bank account. I hope you're enjoying accruing my interest, Amazon!

In other news, did you know that the download for Indesign CS5 is 1.1 GB... in English. The Finnish version, on the other hand, is 1.36 GB! I mean, I knew that Finnish was a brutal, horrible language, but apparently it's also 250gb worth of crazy!

I have decided that this book will be in English.

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    Hey! Thanks! Like they say, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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    Ah, nice. I'm gonna put your name in the book, a nice little thank you acknowledgement!

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    Cool. How's about, as a reflection of your beneficence, a signed 8x10 print of any single image from the book, plus the book itself in PDF form? You'll find your name in that PDF, by the way, because you're a nice person!

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    Wow, good to hear from you! A sad reality of all this is that printing small-run custom books ain't cheap – not if you want them to look any good, anyway. But at this level of contribution, I'm ecstatic to send you a copy. Your name'll be in it. Go ahead, show your friends!

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    I owe you a nice juicy thanks. Where I come from, that invariably takes the form of a signed-by-me-special-thanks-edition of a photo book. What can I say? I come from strange peoples.

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    Outstanding! Please, accept this gift of a signed-ultra-special-thanks-edition of the book, with your name displayed prominently among the acknowledgements. Additionally, if you'd like, and if you're a person of inimitable taste and dignity, I'd love for you to write your own copy to accompany one of the images, which I will dutifully credit. And I'll give you a bonus copy of the book. Give it to a friend! Break into a stranger's car and leave it there as a nice surprise! (probably you shouldn't actually do that)

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    If I was the statue-making sort, I'd inscribe your name in marble. But since I'm not, instead I'll have to offer you exclusive sponsorship of an image of your choice from the book. Plus a signed copy of that book, of course... and hey, about an extra copy to give to a friend?

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    You, sir/madam, are a champion among people. I'd love to repay you suitably, but unfortunately all I have to offer is: four signed copies of the book (with super-prominent acknowledgement within), a glorious, large, exclusive, never-to-be-repeated print of one of the images of your choosing. If I happen to control any city parks by the time this project wraps up, I'll see about dedicating it in your honor.

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    Where have you been all my life? This is the top-shelf. I'll give you your choice of two rewards. Option A: I'll send you my old broken stuff. Why would you want this? I don't know. Maybe you'd like to pot a plant in an expensive but tragically deceased wide-angle lens! Maybe you'd like to attempt to recover my sensitive personal information from my old laptop (although I suspect you'll be disappointed). Option B: I'll come to wherever YOU are (within reason) and we'll explore whatever silent imposing tombs of industrial decay are around. I'll take photos/video/whatever dedicated personally to you! It'll be fun! You'll promise not to murder me!

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