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My name's Doug. I make things. Films, photos, things-with-words, what have you. Unfortunately, I also break things. Let's get them unbroken.
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Doug Spice

38 backers pledged $1,835 to help bring this project to life.

The final week.

Hey all,

Good news and bad news! First off, some of you have done some great work in sharing this with your friends, families, on your Facebook walls, whatever... and as a result I picked up a few new backers. So big thanks to you and those backers!

The bad news: there's only 6 days left to meet my goal, and right now the project is at 37% funded. Not the best place to be in. But I know it's still possible! A small army of helpers could get it done! I know you're out there! Or if just one Not-Miss-Havisham-But-That-Convict-From-Great-Expectations (whoa! TOTAL spoiler on Great Expectations! Sorry everyone!) stepped up and pledged $1000 to me, your humble Pip, then that would work too. :)

So please take a few moments and spread the word, or even just comment here and tell me what I'm doing wrong!