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Who will win? Tweets or the Checks and Balances of Government? Only the cards will tell.
Who will win? Tweets or the Checks and Balances of Government? Only the cards will tell.
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The games are shipping!

Posted by BLAMO Corps (Creator)

The first batch is heading out in the morning. Those of you who didn't have us hand you a game in person will receive tracking numbers soon. There are a few complicated orders that we need to sort out manually, but it shouldn't take too long. 

Thanks again for backing this endeavor! This should be the last update (barring the tracking number email).



Games arrive at BLAMO HQ this week!

Posted by BLAMO Corps (Creator)

We're expecting a Thursday delivery. We're preparing in advance to package them up for their final leg of this journey to you. The first shipments will head your way on Monday, Oct 8th. Hopefully, you'll enjoy playing Civics in Chaos just as the political season is heating up-- or rather, boiling over...

If anything about this plan changes or slides, we'll let you know. We're excited to finally get this game in your hands.


The game in-progress...
The game in-progress...

It's finally here!

Posted by BLAMO Corps (Creator)
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Happy Friday to all of our patient backers,

The first final fully-packaged game arrived to our office moments ago, and we just had to share the news with you all! As you can see the box, cards, tokens, board, and rulebook all look amazing and are built to last as you play game after game of Civics in Chaos. We're right at the finish line!

Whats left? From here we give manufacturing the go-ahead to start production. By then we'll have a better idea of the exact date you'll have Civics in Chaos in your not so tiny hands. We're currently working through the gameplay video, so you can learn by watching instead of reading through the rulebook (how boring!).

Thank you all for your continued support and patience, we are thrilled to have gotten the game to this stage and can't wait for you all to enjoy it!


Digital Proofs Approved!

Posted by BLAMO Corps (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We got the digital proofs this week from the manufacturing plant. After one small tweak, everything has been approved for the next step.

We'll let you know when we see the plate proofs. Should be pretty soon.

Thanks for backing us! We're almost there...

-Civics in Chaos

The Game is IN Production!

Posted by BLAMO Corps (Creator)
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This has been a long time coming, and we're happy to announce that the manufacture of the game is fully underway.

The final milestone was the rules booklet. The bad news is that it took until now. The good news is that it's an epic 22 page guidebook with tons of Ed's artwork.

You can view it here (large file).

We'll update you with each milestone. Next one will be print proofs. Then a single production quality game. Then the full run and shipping to you all.

Thanks again for backing this project.

-Civics in Chaos