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Our love letter to JRPG's of the past, STbCFX:AX is a highly customizable dungeon crawler that doesn't require a DM for 1-8 players.
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4th Times a Charm?!?

Posted by LM Studios (Creator)

I should be receiving a test print from our 4th card printer, since the end of the Kickstarter, by the end of next week.  If everything looks good, (fingers crossed) we will instantly go to print with the entire card order and should have bCP in the hands of backers by the end March.  Full size will start shipping by the end of May based on our current timetable.  I am truly sorry for the delay.  I just would not feel good about delivering a sub-par product to you.  I might be being too much of a perfectionist but I feel like you deserve the best we can do and so far we have not achieved that with our manufacturing partners.  

Thank you all for your patience.


LM Studios

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    1. Thom Snow on

      I bought the pocket edition when I was at GenCon. If you guys want to give people like me something while you're waiting to hear back, then please re-write the rules to make more sense. I can go into specific question if need be, but for now that's just one thought.

      Here is my advice as someone who is still fairly new to the corporate world (3 years) You can status report daily about anything and everything you did. If you are waiting for a vendor, client, printer, or whoever, tells us what you're doing while you wait. If you're literally just doing more play testing, that's fine. I'd rather have unnecessarily large amounts of quality assurance than "well, we think we've exhausted every possibility" This is also a way to reach out to the community if you take the game to different shops in the area. In addition to project-related work, you could post about community work you're doing in the name of your company. Maybe you can plant a tree or do a Habitat for Humanity thing. You could see about holding a contest for backers where they could win a perler of the item, monster, or character of their choice. I understand if you didn't know that you didn't know about things like this, and that's why I'm sharing this information rather than just complaining or whatever. If you need more ideas, please feel free to ask. If you have too many and you have to choose n out of 10 or so, you can post a strawpoll in an update and have backers vote for which contest or charitable contribution to the community we want most. I hope this helps.

    2. Kenny

      Good luck! We're looking forward to it!