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ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP. Seeking funds to finish an animated short based on the award winning Indie comic Atomic Robo.
1,143 backers pledged $72,941 to help bring this project to life.

NEW $55 reward ART BOOK, DVD and T-SHIRT

Posted by Joseph Krzemienski (Creator)

Hey guys and gals!

You spoke and we listened!

We've just added a new $55 reward where you get the DVD, Art book and T-shirt in addition to the Last stop print , buttons and Wallpaper.

We'll be brainstorming this weekend for some new dynamic rewards to help us get to Dr. Dinosaur's semi-intelligent plans for world domination, but in the mean time if you have any suggestions on rewards you'd like to see be sure to comment here or message us.

Thanks again for your thought and support!


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    1. Jamie Robin GIbbs on

      Gasp! Personalised paper dolls too? Can I get one at the $300 mark?

    2. Johan Ho on

      Oh no, now I don't know if I want the art book or an autographed volume! I already have all the volumes/comics electronically, but I'm honestly not really that interested in art books... So having a volume of the comics in print (and with autograph) would still be better wouldn't it? Or is it??

      Choices are hard. :(

    3. Jamie Robin GIbbs on

      More Dr Dinosaur items! And while action figures would be awesome, I guess tricky to mould. Perhaps miniland-scale lego figures would be easier to produce, since you wouldn't need to do as much work, maybe. Or a larger, studier papercraft, with some articulation! I've seen good stuff by a person called Ninjatoes, including pretty big articulated Lego Minifigures. Maybe they would be willing to let you use the design and then it's just a photoshop job and some card to turn it into Atomic Robo! I'm with Josh, also at $300, I like all the things, and would love me some paper dolls and animation cels if they're up for grabs.

    4. Josh Bell on

      I'd really like the paper dolls, but I'm at the $300 level. Any chance of paying a bit more and getting the dolls as well?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Is there any chance that the art book in the new $55 reward might be autographed? :)

    6. Taint

      Any chance of a $65/$75 reward with the single signed volume, art book, DVD and T-shirt? Otherwise you have to jump to the $250 reward to get both a signed volume and the art book...

    7. Joseph Krzemienski Creator on

      Now we're talking :)
      Red Igloo cooler full of Hand grenades for maybe... $300. Which is a steal for the secret of time travel.

    8. palenoue on

      How about some Dr. Dino Crystals?