Atomic Robo: Last Stop

by Joseph Krzemienski

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    1. Johan Ho on

      No love for Android? I do have an iPad too, so an iOS app would still be cool in any case. :D

    2. Kevin Kortekaas on

      bwahahahah AWESOME

    3. S.R. on

      All of my joy. _all of it_

    4. Missing avatar

      Ceric on

      No love for Phone 7...

    5. Joseph Krzemienski Creator on

      We love all of the phones. Currently we only develop for Mac and iOs. We can only promise rewards we know we can deliver. However, developing for other platforms is something we're very interested in exploring.

    6. David LaRoss on

      As long as there's a PC version! I'd like to have one that can run on my phone, but being able to run it at all is good enough. Especially since the pinball game is but a stopover before HOLY CRAP A DR. DINOSAUR MOVIE.

    7. Nathan on

      I too would like an android or PC version, but its not like there is a lack of awesome reasons to back this project. You got my $$. Good Luck.

    8. Justin Harford on

      I would prefer an Android version seeing that I only have a 7 year old ipod... maybe later on I can get something... But isn't that always the way, cool stuff is announced for mac products... Android users must wait...

    9. Jamie Robin GIbbs on

      *seriously hoping for Dr Dino short and animated series*

    10. Taint

      +1 for the Android version.

      I have both an Android phone and a tablet. Depending on how you look at it android devices currently outsell Apple's 'Magical' Devices in most countries.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      There may indeed be more Android users, but most studies of such matters that I have seen show that iOS users are more willing to part with some of their hard-earned cash to purchase an app, which is an important motivator for developers.

      I also own an iPad 2 and an iPad Touch, so bring the app!

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      By the way, the package I chose didn't include the t-shirt, so thanks for the 'à la carte' option!