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ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP. Seeking funds to finish an animated short based on the award winning Indie comic Atomic Robo.
ATOMIC ROBO: LAST STOP. Seeking funds to finish an animated short based on the award winning Indie comic Atomic Robo.
1,143 backers pledged $72,941 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dan Wirth 2 days ago

      Sigh. And thus, I shall continue my boycott of Kickstarter campaigns.... $100 down the drain for a valuable lesson on how this site can be abused with no repercussions.

    2. Robert Enriquez on

      Ah, six years later and still nothing to show for it. I was feeling nostalgic and figured I would check in and see what was what. Looks like I didn't miss anything. :)

    3. Terry McCammon on

      Gosh, it's June already. Hi Everyone. Hope you are all well.

    4. Edward Farkhiev on

      Popping in here to just remind myself how not to run a campaign. Don't be a cowardly little shit, and talk to the people that support me. Fuck these losers.

    5. Brian Woodburn on

      I would still really like to get the books that I paid for here. I already have other editions from the actual Atomic Robo creators, but I'd like to give these away as gifts.

    6. Mathieu Doublet on

      Same here, Terry, I'm wondering if a miracle can happen when I shift through all the KS projects where I never received anything (and, sadly, there are some of them ...) .

    7. Terry McCammon on

      You know, as a kickstarter backer, I wander through here from time to time just to remind myself of the possibilities of a kickstarter. Good luck to all of you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Incognito on

      So... any updates?

    9. Daniel Crowley on

      Still looks like there is no new info. I have boycotted all Atomic Robo merchandise since.

    10. Terry McCammon on

      Hey, was just cruising through kickstarter and thought I would check on my favorite failed kickstarter. I like to think this taught me something- although what that is I have no idea. WHO would have thought that a project with this much support would have gone belly up with nothing to show but a poorly distributed youtube video. Any way... never forget!

    11. Vince Racanelli on

      Well that just goes to show how little they care. It would take a minute for them to just post a blog post or on here or something and apologize for the fiasco this turned out to be.

    12. Edward Farkhiev on

      I met them at cons. They have completely separated themselves from this KS campaign.

    13. Vince Racanelli on

      I still can't believe the creators of Atomic Robo haven't done something to make this right - even the slightest reach out to the fans would go a long way.

    14. Mark Pengryn

      Over 2 Years from the last update and I still haven't received anything for my $100 pledge!

    15. Edward Farkhiev on

      Don't forget, fuck these failures.

    16. Terry McCammon on

      Hey, I just realized we didn't post this month!

    17. Edward Farkhiev on

      I've now backed 2 animation KS campaigns and both were financially successful and both are the only ones that have given us nothing. It's become abundantly clear that animators are great artists but have total and complete lack of skills to manage this sort of venture. It's sad. I love animation so much but I'm never supporting another one again.

    18. Miles on

      So no rewards yet huh? The thing that still hurts the most about this project is that the actual film was bloody awful.

    19. Vince Racanelli on

      If anyone does support any further atomic robo kickstarter projects - bring this up there! I still can't believe the creators are so hands off on this. Jeez, how hard would it be for them to say their sorry about it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dan Wirth on

      I see there's a NEW Atomic Robo project up. Buyer beware! I am still out $100 with nothing to show for it. Not only have I stopped buying all A.R. products, but I will not be doing any Kickstarters either. I will spread the word about this rip-off organization.

    21. Vince Racanelli on

      Not to funny, but I see throughout the comments how many people say they have talked to the creators and the creators say how they will not work with a 3rd party again, or they don't know what happened either, etc. etc. If they really cared they would throw us a bone for spending money to support their creation. I am sure they must have gotten something for letting this guy use Atomic Robo. Geez a free digital comic code or something that wouldn't be the skin off of their back. A gesture as simple as an email would go a long way.

    22. Terry McCammon on

      Happy post Halloween everyone. Sad that all we have in common is this horrid experience of a kickstarter. Being ripped off (whether purposeful or not) stinks.

    23. Edward Farkhiev on

      I felt some sudden pain in my ass and thought of this campaign...

    24. Mark Bramlage on

      So I am out a hundred bucks and now everytime I try to enjoy reading Atomic Robo I have a putrid taste in my mouth. Thanks for that Joseph Suckmydickski.

    25. Daniel Crowley on

      Still looks like there is no new info. I have boycotted all Atomic Robo merchandise since.

    26. Dale Andrews on

      What a turd show. 72 GRAND was raised. Nothing.

    27. Mathieu Doublet on

      Yes it looks like some of the bakers actually got something:

    28. Mathieu Doublet on

      I've contacted Atomic Robo creators about this and they replied that it was the last time they will work with a third-party. The writer also told me that some people got their pledge, some didn't. I find it very strange but it looks like the blame is on Joseph Krzemienski.

    29. Kimberly Burgess

      I had forgotten about this until I saw a comment on another project about how happy that project didn't pull an Atomic Robo fiasco. My last communication was from March 2015 when the $55 art book level was supposed to ship "soon" and said they had updated my address in their database (I had just moved). :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Dokie on

      Eat shit, thieves.

    31. Edward Farkhiev on

      @Steven Pachinski: I'm sorry, is there any proof of this conversation? Can they provide any proof that ANYTHING is happening? If not, then I would continue on the course that they have totally bailed on the project and are still 100% deserving of a lawsuit (even though I'm certain nothing will come of it).

    32. Terry McCammon on

      Has there actually been any form of official update since last year? No comment from the creators, so much of it seems to be rumor and speculation. I come here every few weeks to sigh and wish for a finished product, to wonder if Ill see any of my rewards from my 50$ tier, but I've resigned myself to the idea that I was essentially conned with little to nothing to show. I do ask those that still come here to keep posting and fighting- maybe if we keep haunting this place it will pay off.

    33. Mark Pengryn

      Any update on when the $100 level packages will go out? We're 3 years and 8 months past the estimated delivery already...

    34. Justin Wawrzonek on

      I still haven't got any of my rewards...

    35. Steven Palchinski on

      I have talked with another employee a few times via facebook. He told me that they have been having issues getting the art book(which was part of my reward). But he told me they are working on it.

    36. Edward Farkhiev on

      @Mark: Go for it! Seriously, the only people here are us backers.

    37. Mark Bramlage on

      Still out a hundred bucks. You say not to call him a thief. I have alot of other things I would be happy to call him.

    38. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Krueger on

      As the company has shut down and the creators are not actually posting or responding to anything less than a direct call I doubt anyone else will ever see their rewards. Even if they did plan on sending them, no one can even contact them to update an address. At this point the FTC and Kickstarter have not responded to my complaints. At this point I just want a refund.

    39. Joe Szilvagyi on

      For the record, the video (minus the epilogue) was shared with backers in update #27 on April 5, 2014. It only has 443 views and is an unlisted video so it's looking like most people didn't view it.

      Because it's been so long since we've had a public update I've decided to share the link here so fellow backers checking in might get a chance to see what was produced.

    40. Joe Szilvagyi on

      I say we should chill just a little bit on calling him a thief. I would reserve that for someone who made promises for things without the intention to deliver.
      There is plenty of evidence that our money did go towards producing the cartoon short that was promised. This was a very early Kickstarter and it was easy to overpromise.
      We did get a cartoon short and some of the backers got what they were promised. It sucks that the Fictory went under before people could get what they had paid for and it also sucks to see Atomic Robo's name sullied by someone who was still learning about business plans.

      Probably the worst part is how Krzemienski just disappeared without an apology to people. I can understand how he would be ashamed to not be able to follow through on his promises. If he had been a bit more forthcoming with the troubles he was running into it would be easier to forgive him and let him try to recover his life with a career.

      This was the first Kickstarter I backed and I learned a lot from it as well. Let's hope there is some element of truth to Joe Wright's comment from the 25th and that Krzemienski is still working to realize some of the rewards for backers.

    41. Stormy on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    42. Brett Schenker

      Yup, I'd be happy with a digital copy instead of the dvd at this point. At least it'd be something.

    43. Vince Racanelli on

      That sounds fantastic. I had pledged for the animation still and the dvd. They could just post the video for free to YouTube and half my reward would be done as far as I'm concerned. If they didn't save the animation stills from production, I would be surprised. I'm not sure what they would have to buy out of their own pocket other than shipping. Amazingly, I think most people would be satisfied if they would just publish the video for FREE on YouTube.

    44. Joe Wright

      Guess what, I just got off the phone with Joe Kerzemienski. Apparently, my reward can be expected possibly, sometime this year. I can't say he was especially apologetic but he claims we'll be getting our rewards with a son story about how he's buying them himself. I can't say I believe him fully, but I was finally article to communicate with him. He's "sorry I feel that way" but I don't know if patience will be rewarded. We'll see, apparently this year might be our lucky year, but hungrily I doubt it. Either way, the creator himself started that rewards would be out this year so keep your eyes out and keep on him if you can reach him.

    45. Vince Racanelli on

      I sent a message to Bleeding Cool. I think it would help if others did too.

    46. Jake Smith on

      I know I saw some mention of this in earlier comments, but did anyone ever hear anything back from their FTC complaints? I filed one but didn't hear anything.

      I'm also wondering if anyone took this story to any of the comic news sites and, if so, whether there was any yield from it.

    47. Robert Enriquez on

      Four years later and still nothing to show for it. I don't even care at this point, I've given up any hope for this product. I just want my $100 back.

    48. Edward Farkhiev on

      I know it sucks but these shit sucking cowards couldn't even find the fucking decency to address their backers and have clearly skulked into the shadows where they belong. I've never felt the need to curse on here before but Kickstarter doesn't give a fuck and obviously neither do these fucks so why should we? Even if I got the cel that I payed for 4 years ago, I would just dump it on ebay and hope to get my money back because I for fucking sure don't give a shit about this property anymore and will actively trash it from now on (not that it's really relevant anymore). I back Kingdom Death (shortly after this one) and while we're only now nearing the end of delivery for the game, it's FAR AND BEYOND passed our expectation and the product we got (also 4 years later) is valued at roughly 4x our original investment and the company seems to be doing just fine, even with the loss in revenue for the KS. Point is, if these cunts had a spine, they would have sucked it up and finished this campaign and we all would have been behind them and helped them through or at the very least, manned up and explained that they couldn't afford the shipping or whatever and we all would know where they stand, but this pathetic lack of response just shows their character. Punk ass bitches. *end rant*

    49. Terry McCammon on

      Steven: I was the dvd level too, never received a thing. It depresses me more because apparently some did receive items. This whole thing left me sour for A.R. as well. I have been hesitant to support any of the comics or online endeavors from A.R. as long as I get nothing tangible directly upon purchase. I'm disappointed with the creators for the perceived hands off of this situation, even though I know there is little they could have done ultimately. Mostly, I'm disappointed that I'll never get to see my investment. I have contacted the FTC, but it's unlikely to go anywhere, and I hate that I can find Krzemienski online and get no response or accountability. As a first kickstarter- this was my worst experience.

    50. Stan Szwed on

      Never received a thing for $250 invested four years ago...

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