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The Sporozoan Cavities Suite is a culmination of 6 years of work. It will produce 800 Intaglio prints and a myriad of peripheral work.
The Sporozoan Cavities Suite is a culmination of 6 years of work. It will produce 800 Intaglio prints and a myriad of peripheral work.
63 backers pledged $4,251 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

A thank you to all.

Now that I have made my goal I am excited to finish this Suite and move on to the next step in the evolution of my art. Thank you to all who have contributed and helped to bring this project to its printed completion. As a thank you I would like to offer everyone the opportunity to move up to the next highest reward tier. All you need do is increase your pledge even if just by a dollar and I will move you up to the next level of reward.

I have already started gathering pieces of The Swarm to put together Clusters for everyone and am very excited to begin sending them out. For those of you who are choosing prints from the Suite you will have to wait a little longer as I still need to print them.

Again thank you to all of you who have so far contributed and to those of you who will contribute in the next 70 or so hours!

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Sporozoan Cavities: A Video.

A quick video discussing The Sporozoan Cavities Suite.

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Going over my goal.

I set my goal to cover the cost of paper and ink. I didn't included anything else: studio rent $140 a month, miscellaneous materials for printing, all the things that come along with making artwork. Any amount that I make over my goal goes directly to these things. It would be great to have three or four months of studio rent paid up and enough tarlatan to print all 800 prints. That alone will be another $200-300. Pass the word and lets make this project go over its goal!

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Who is Printtroll?

Printtroll came into being about 20 years ago in the print studios of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I had been printing the a la poupee prints of the Robin plate all night. At about 7:30 AM a fellow print major Shelleen came into the shop to start prepping for that days class. I had been up for almost 2 days straight and was working on caffeine and nicotine alone. Shelleen was every bit the printer I was not. She was organized clean and precise when it came to making and printing her work. I was like the Tasmanian Devil. I took over whole rooms and printed for hours on end with no real empathy for anyone else. I was dirty, surly and spoke to almost no one. Honestly not much has changed in the past 20 years. Shelleen asked me how the printing was going and I must have just grunted at her or something because she just replied: "RobRoy you are the troll of the print studios!" and she left me there.

I didn't start using the name Printtroll until about ten years later while talking about the incident with a mutual friend. It makes sense as a persona and I find it fits me to this day. I believe all my work grows out of the Intaglio print, which is a physically demanding process to make and print. I dig at my plates like an animal but have also matured as an artist to become more precise and searing with my emotion.

The Sporozoan Cavities Suite is the ultimate example of who I am as an artist to date. It is also the culmination of the creation of my persona as the Printtroll. Once the suite is finished I will move on to the work that it has allowed me formulate while processing and printing the suite.

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Robin was the model who helped me create the foundation of The Sporozoan Cavities Suite. In 1991 I was in a sophomore at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and my drawing class very regularly had Robin as a model. He had a great body to draw from, long and dancer like and he always found interesting poses. Unfortunately he was incredibly annoying. He talked a lot and pestered the instructor with silly questions. One day I became so frustrated with him that I tore him limb from limb in my drawing. I was left with a lot of body parts.

I took the drawings home and discovered his chest cavity in my drawings to be very interesting. I reworked it again and again. Eventually I made this print (this image is the second version) from the drawings after attaching some hips and a part of a leg. I still have this plate and have revised it several times. Looking back I know this is where The Sporozoan Cavities was born.

I find it exciting that the rage and frustration of 20 years ago has matured into metaphor for everything that my work currently embodies. It is the blood and guts of humanity that The Sporozoan Cavities is about all the stuff that we love and hate.

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