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Environmentally aware two player tower defense with an offensive twist and online cross play between all ports. Protect the Trees!
Environmentally aware two player tower defense with an offensive twist and online cross play between all ports. Protect the Trees!
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A Balance Update

Posted by Theory Georgiou (Creator)

Currently I'm working on the frame work for our stat booster page involving fruit which is yet unnamed but more on that later. I did manage to find time to fix some balance issues. So no more spamming one creep! Here's the detailed changes.

Creeps:Creep level can not exceed the current round number to discourage spamming a single creep type. We have a experience system for creeps worked out but not yet implimented into the game. So this is our temporary solution.  

Phoenix:Removed the phoenix's armor. Having any armor on a flying creep is way over powered.  

Charfire:Limited the Charfire's Max armor bonus and minimum move speed so they won't stall out as much.  

Quake:Fixed a bug where quake tower could damage flying creeps.

I've rolled the other planned updates over to next Monday so we have time to flesh them out. This includes: Friends list, Invite a friend to matches, and player match history.

Join us for games and fun. The server goes live at 3:00pm East Today. Make an account on our website, download the game and play! Our backers should have received a beta key via a message here on Kickstarter giving access to the game.

I'll be streaming from 6:00 - 7:00pm East Today so come play with me!

Fruit Based Stat Boost System

As mentioned above, we have started work on the stat boost page. Between matches, players will be able to spend seeds to grow fruit and splice them onto the tree(s) they may use in a match. Each fruit has their own special stat boost or ability. Here's a rough draft of the page.

We have the system fleshed out, but are still working on a name. Right now it's between Arboretum, Orchard, and Grove. Leave your vote on what our tree splicing page should be named in the comments.

The Power Planeteers Stream!

Most appropriately we will be on the Power Planeteer's stream Wednesday about 10:00pm East. This group is always there to help raise money for various causes through their stream but they also love and support the indie game community. Because of our work on an environmentally aware indie game, I'm proud to team up with a stream like theirs for a night!

Watch here:

One last thing, we're on the top of the list for's Kickstart This! The Common Creative Wealth Edition. Check it out. 

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    1. Zachary Lee on

      I vote Arboretum as well

    2. Jesse Sowder on

      I vote orchard. Arboretum sounds too scientific and doesn't seem like it matches the overall game theme.

    3. Aaron Gibbs on

      Arboretum, especially if there will only be one tree at a time.