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A Unique, American Made, 100% Titanium, Bolt Action Pen with optional Capacitive Stylus Nib! Accepts Parker or Fisher style refills.
538 backers pledged $68,241 to help bring this project to life.

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TiBolt ReLeaded is live.


The new project is live folks.

If you like your TiBolt, and always wanted a pencil, check it out!



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More Titanium...

I just wanted to give my backers a heads up on an project that a couple of my friends are running.

Titanium Chopsticks!

Since you have all proven that you like nice things, made in the USA, from Titanium, I figured you should know about this project.

These sticks are NICE, and they are made by personal friends of mine.

If you've ever though that you'd like to have your own set of sticks, Here they are.

If you know someone who needs a good set of sticks, Here they are.

If you just want to show how cool you are, and thumb your nose at everyone using disposable sticks, Here they are!

Get on board, and get a pair.




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That's a Wrap Folks!

Well everyone, the final TiBolts shipped out today!

Over 530 packages mailed, and over 600 pens.

Other than the 5 people that have not responded to the survey, we are complete.

This has been a long, exhausting campaign filled with lots of ups and downs.
It's been a remarkably challenging journey, from the mid-project Kickstarter SNAFU, to the costly supplier issues and other concerns that drove me to miss deadlines.
I definitely learned a bunch and appreciate everyone's patience as we wrapped this project up.

The ups were great, from watching the project hit 100% in the first day to seeing all the press the pen received.
Looking at 400+ pens sitting assembled on my bench at one time was a real nice highlight, as was loading up the final pens on the postal truck today and watching them roll on down the road!

So far, response from backers has been overwhelmingly positive, so that is nice.
Every little bit of positive feedback really helps make me feel good, and makes it worth the effort.

I feel like we made a GREAT pen.
Especially for the price.

And I love the fact that we made it right here.
Right in the USA.

All in all, it was an interesting experience, and I sure did learn a lot.

My family and my business are in a better position now than we were in November when I launched this campaign.

For that, I thank you.

Remember, keep an eye out at for more pens, knives, and other projects!

Brian Fellhoelter
18 April, 2013

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