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The most accurate space combat simulation ever attempted.
The most accurate space combat simulation ever attempted.
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We did it!

Well ScrumbleShippers, we've actually done it. With a full week left to go, we've hit our $8000 target!

Thanks to your generosity and support, I'll be able to work full time on the game for at least the next year, taking leaps and bounds towards our goal of the most accurate space combat sim ever made. We've easily beaten the dreaded mid-Kickstarter slup, and are well on our way to our stretch goals.

Speaking of stretch goals, I took a look at the ScrumbleShip paypal and noticed we're $1,000 over our normal cashflow, so I'm reducing our stretch goals by that amount. Our additional music goal hits at $9,000, and AI ships flying around the game has slipped to $11,000!

I'd also like to introduce a $12,000 stretch goal: SpaceCows. People have asked where the "butter" material comes from; Let's show them! I'll have Nezumi make a cow model, complete with oxygen pack and bubble helmet, then code them into the game. Cows will inhabit green areas of ships, producing milk, butter, cheese, and other luxury foods.

If you keep telling friends, posting about us on forums and reddit, and just generally getting the word out, we can easily hit our planned stretch goals! (And maybe even figure out what that final ??? is.)



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    1. Kay Johnston on

      Arcturian MegaCows. ^^

    2. Matt Dubois on

      At long last, the mystery of where space butter comes from is solved: SpaceCows of course! :D I love this. I think they would be a great touch, and really help ships feel more alive.