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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Planetary Annihilation: Early Access Edition Hits Retail

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

We've got a special announcement to share today: Planetary Annihilation is now available in stores across the world.

As part of our partnership with Nordic Games, we've released a boxed version of the game called Planetary Annihilation: Early Access Edition. In stores now, Early Access Edition offers all the content the current digital version has, but delivered in a way that fans who prefer the brick-and-mortar experience can enjoy.

Owners of Early Access Edition will receive free updates and eventually will receive the game's "full" update when Planetary Annihilation releases later this year. The new pack-in Armalisk Commander is pretty cool, too.

Fans around the globe have expressed interest in a boxed version of our work-in-progress title. Whether it's because they prefer having something physical to go along with their purchases or they enjoy the perks of retail, we're happy to get this out to them.

And now for a bit of Q&A:

Where's my game box or USB key?

We'll be getting these out to you after Planetary Annihilation ships this year. Thanks a ton for your patience, and we think you're going to love the packaging.

Wait, what's the release date?

We're close. Planetary Annihilation launches in 2014.

Can people also order this box online?

Yep! Check out Amazon!

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    1. Ryan Linkson on

      Thanks for the help Axel !

    2. Axel

      @Ryan Linkson:
      You should have received instructions a long time ago, but to get your copy of the game go to and enter your email address.

    3. Ryan Linkson on

      Can anyone from Uber Entertainment help me ? I am a backer ($100 pledge lvl) and i am yet to recieve any type of early access cd key , email or anything game related ? No responses from emails i've sent to Uber ? Do i have to wait longer ? Why is the public getting access to the game when i am not ? Very unsure about where i stand here guys ? I dont really want to have to buy the game twice !

    4. ThomasN on

      Archmage: That is the reason why I don't like ANY ingame exclusives, if they were only timed exclusive and declared as such, everybody would be slightly more happy. And there was a time when I didn't back KS projects with ingame exclusives, not anymore, because I'm done with Kickscammer, where a Studio has no responsibility whatsoever and can, 5 minutes before release, break promises like DRM freeness, see here and many others. Seriously, it's too much hassle for me so I just camp out on GOG and know what I'm getting. If it doesen't come out there: Not my problem and lost time.

    5. Archmage on

      @Elijah. No it was not in my list of backer rewards, but then again i doubt it was even thought of let alone designed when i kickstarted the game. And when i kickstart a game at a high tier, i expect to not get screwed over later by "exclusive commanders" that I have to buy yet another copy of the game to get. If this commander was a dlc within the game then sure I would not mind, but to force people who want all the commanders to buy yet another copy of the game, when at a high backer tier they already have multiple copies + addons (usb stick) is just bad. I backed PA because Uber seemed like cool guys who wanted to make a spiritual successor to one of the greatest games ever. But what I have seen so far after backing the game, they come of more as opportunists that try to squeeze money out of their game at every turn instead. When you put a game up for kickstarter you should make backers get extra rewards and that`s it. And if you plan on doing a collector`s edition, then that edition should be equal to or less than the kickstarter special edition. As a collector of special editions, I detest games that put out 50 different editions to try and milk the market for as much cash as possible. And no that is not "just business". There is a line between screwing over your customers and earning money on your product. At first naming a planet was exclusive to backers, then they screwed that up and added it to another edition, so now it`s nothing special anymore and just a cluttered mess of stupid names, instead of fewer among backers (which was the only reason i backed that tier), Then there are new editions coming out all the time with either the same as the backer or exclusive rewards that backers don¨t get. I¨m just disappointed and will never back an uber game again.

    6. ThomasN on

      Today we live in a world where the CD out of a game box not only is not working without online activation, no, it also needs software from the future.
      Just stating.

    7. Qthulhu on

      I am curious to know how, as a backer, I obtain the Armalisk without buying another copy of the game? Thanks.

    8. Mark Fielding on

      HI I no longer have access to the email address associated with my PA purchase...who can I contact to sort it out?

    9. Nathan Camp on

      I don't really have an issue with this the way that other people seem to.

      The game is currently up for Early Access and this is just a physical version of that in response to fans who wanted it. So long as the box art is as depicted (perhaps a video upon log in to make it very clear that it is early access and what that means) then customers will know what they are getting into.

      Reviews of PA early access have been popping up already, and whilst there is controversy over whether early access is a good idea or not this is a crowd funded game which lends itself to this kind of release. The predominant issue with early access is that companies are releasing rubbish, not updating, and not presenting customers with what is being promised, giving the release model a bad name. I don't think that PA suffers from these issues because it has been consistently updated, there is a lot of communication with the community and it is shaping up to be a high quality product. It shows that the model can work and I don't think that Uber as a company needs to shy away from a model that works well for them because other companies are failing using it, this isn't a publisher funded game and I think that crowd funding and early access are viable alternative models to publisher funding, after-all we also see plenty of publisher released rubbish, in those instances people predominantly attack the company rather than their chosen business model.

      Planetary Annihilation isn't aiming to break records in sales, it only needs to meet its operating costs and be a success to its niche fan-base, and it doesn't seem to have any issues there, at my place of work (in Auckland New Zealand) I saw it pop up on the listings and both customers and staff have been interested and excited (especially those who have been able to see it in action from me).

      The only concern I would have is if the Armalisk commander was made exclusive to the retail version (ie not made available to the backers). It is a small quibble but it would strike me as a little unfair to those who helped make the game possible in the first place.

      I think this is a good move from Uber and I think it a bit disingenuous to suggest that them releasing their product to more customers shows that they 'care only for money and not their backers'. We have been able to play the game for a very long time now and presented with a lot of content unavailable to anyone else. In addition we have helped provide feedback which has shaped this into what it is today.

    10. Dean Herbert on

      i still feel like they need to push the release date forward another year. the game just has too many issues to be fun yet :(

    11. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      You are disregarding one important aspect of Kickstarter. It is not a store. Never has been, never will be. We pledge money for a project we believe in and receive rewards in exchange. It is not a preorder, since it may never come out, but an exchange of goodwill. They'll work and give us stuff if they manage to, we give them money so that they can work. Simple as that.
      They haven't confirmed or denied anything yet, but going the route of: "Lol, you'll get everything you were promised. Give us more cash if you want this." Will, most certainly, not sit well with a lot of us backers, and I sincerely hope they do not do so.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mike Gardiner on

      Pretty typical of companies that care only for the people giving them money tomorrow vs the ones who gave money yesterday.

    13. Mark O'Toole on

      Further, people don't even read the ratings or the spec on the box why do you think putting 'early access' across the middle is going to save you any ire? Brick and mortor stores will be fielding returns in droves and end up refusing to stock the completed game when it's released. Such a bonehead move, this.

    14. Mark O'Toole on

      If the release date is 2014, why not just wait and release it properly retail then? Early Access is already leaving a bitter taste in gamer's mouths, and this will only draw PA negative attention and set a dangerous precedent. I'm surprised this was even considered, tbh.

    15. Amenephis

      To everyone asking about the Armalisk Commander...was it in the list of rewards that you pledged for? If not, why would you get something you were never promised and that you didn't pay for?

      Expecting and demanding goodwill doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Before someone says something about how we backers were first and we took a risk and whatever, remember that you are being rewarded for that. You are being given everything you were promised.

    16. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      So, umm... We backers get that Armalisk Commander too?

    17. Missing avatar


      My only issue with this would be if people who didn't have internet access bought this without realizing that they'd be unable to get the updates in the future. As long as your packaging is pretty clear on that point, godspeed!

    18. AJ Carruthers

      So in order to get that commander we have to buy the brick and mortar copy of the game or do we gain it as being part of the kickstarter?

    19. Scerttle on

      I suppose I understand WHY you guys did this, and I hope it works out for you and the people who decide to buy this version. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of paid early access. On the other other hand though, what is Kickstarter if not super-duper ultra early access? I mean, heck, there's less of a guaranteed product than buying an early access version.

      We're in a strange new world of digital distribution, and I guess things are still being worked out. I trust you guys at Uber, but I dunno how I'd feel about a publisher doing this.


    20. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Patrick You'll be able to add it to your Armory, yes.

    21. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Ryan - You have digital access to the game right now. We'll ship the retail boxes (which are different than this) when the game finishes later this year.

    22. Ryan Brown on

      I think the biggest problem I have with this is that as a backer I backed the retail version, not wanting to invest in the alpha or beta levels. At this point the fact that I still haven't received the game seems like a slap in the face for supporting the game, when there are boxed versions of the game on shelves.

    23. rancor1223 on

      Seriously? Like, what the f*ck?

      The game is not finished. How..? I can't even... I'm trying to think of a explanation for this. Are you in such financial problems or what?

      I fully support crowd-funding. I'm sort of ok with selling unfinished games as Early Access where they tell you that it's not finished and not really ready to be "played". Like DayZ did it. But selling it flat out in retail stores? Even a bonus commander (even worse if you are not giving it to backers)?

    24. Missing avatar

      Cheeseman on

      To be honest, I am not a fan of this. The game isnt completed, it is still a work in progress so why is it being sold in a retail store when it is not done? It is like Toyota started to sell their new Camry when they have not finished designing the whole vehicle so if you buy now, you only get the car chassis. I am not a fan of bringing unfinished games to retail.

      Also, having the Armalisk commander as retail exclusive is very much a slap in the backer's face. We backed the game where the game exists today is partly because of us. I appreciate that I got 2 unique commanders but this is still pretty unfair for us as backers where retail buyers get a unique commander. While if any of us wants an Armalisk, we have to find a retail copy to purchase one.

    25. Patrick on

      Will we be able to add the Armalisk from this set to our existing accounts? Is it a DLC-like code?

    26. Archmage on

      This "Armalisk" commander will be given to kickstarter backers i presume? So that the backers who actually help fund the game don`t get the short end of the stick and have to buy a second copy of the game to get all the commanders?.

    27. Chad Long (Tecrogue) on

      I have to admit, I'm not a fan of this move. Is Uber really in such a dire financial situation that the game needs to be released in an unfinished state to the world like this?

      Yes, it has been available on Steam as early access at a high markup so people who were not able to get in via kickstarter were able to help out, but in Brick and Mortar stores, the expectation is that a game you pick up is in a full release state. Yes there will likely be bugfixes, and possibly content patches, but the game as boxed is expected to be 'finished.'

      Also, as the game has a physical release, it becomes reviewable, and we we want the reviews coming from a standpoint of the game being unfinished? Yes, there is a lot going for it currently, but this seems like a bad idea unless Uber is so strapped for cash that they are needing -Something- more right now or they will have to shut down.