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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Alpha Rollout Has Started

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

As is clear from the buzz around twitter, reddit, our forums, and elsewhere, people already know the alpha is starting to get out to people. We started sending out the first batch of keys on Wednesday morning in Seattle, and we have sent out a total of 1600 keys. We will be sending out another batch tonight hopefully, and if all goes well, the final keys should hit mailboxes tomorrow!

With that in mind, we have decided to delay our official Steam launch til June 13th! This gives the early backers and pre-orders a little more time to get to know the current state of the game, allow us more time to iterate on the build, and just overall get this awesome experiment called Planetary Annihilation really moving! Even if you want to play on Steam and are part of the alpha, you can hop in as soon as you get your key, and once we have the Steam key exchange ready, you can convert your key then! If you’re eager to get in the alpha but backed at a lower level than $90, you can go to and upgrade your pledge. If you pledged at $50, $40, $20 or $15 and don't see an upgrade option, please go to the FAQ at for details on how to finalize your pledge. If you bought extra keys, we will have a way to update those very soon!

We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we’ve been rolling this Alpha out. From all of us here at Uber Entertainment, thanks for your support so far, and we'll see you in game!


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    1. Dan McDaniel on

      Alright they got back to me. It appears we were having a bit of a mix-up with mail that has been resolved. Thanks.

    2. Dan McDaniel on

      I have no way to finalize because I need to switch the e-mail and Uber support is unresponsive.

    3. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      It appears a number of people haven't finalized yet. If you never finalized your pledge (that doesn't mean pay more money - it just means confirm you choices), then your key can't be activated.

      Please try these step:
      Step 1:

      Check here:

      If your key is there, activate it, then download

      Don’t worry if you bought extra beta keys or retail keys that don’t show up here yet, especially if you bought three packs during the Kickstarter. They’ll be visible, and upgradeable, soon.

      Step 2:

      Ok, nothing there. I was an early backer or pre-order. Check here:

      Are there any purchases? Even if they show “$0″? Yes? Check and make sure you actually have alpha access. Which means $90 or up for reward tier or Galactic or Cosmic edition.

      Step 3:

      If pre-order, now is when you email Uber with proof that you bought the alpha, and the account you bought it on.

      If early access, proceed to step 4.

      Step 4:

      Go to and enter in the email address you originally used in Kickstarter and check your inbox.

      If you no longer have access to that email address, email Uber. And be prepared to provide proof that you are who you say you are.

      If you have the same address, but aren’t seeing it, try verifying your mail at and make sure you can get mail from us.

      If you have done all that still nothing, you should email us.

      If you did all that, and you honestly stepped through 1 – 3 and nothing, email us.

    4. James on

      Seems I will chime in as well. Figured I would wait until the weekend is over but as a level 90 backer I also have not seen an email with a key in it as of yet. (I checked my spam folder as well back to Wed just to be safe).

    5. Missing avatar

      Graham Burns on

      No sure if all keys have been sent out yet?, as I've not had mine if so ($100 pledge)

    6. Nathan Camp on

      @Uber - "Suffice it to say Steam is ONLY a delivery mechanism. Even if you move your key there, that will not be the only way to play." Awesome. I look forward to seeing more details about that :D

      Also looking forward to being able to upgrade the gift key I got (presently have my own Alpha key), any idea on a time frame for that Uber?

    7. Anthodev on

      All $90+ backers should have received their key now? Because if it's yes, i haven't receive mine ^_^

    8. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Adam - Of course! ANy key we give out is a "permanent" key. Alpha key -> Beta -> Retail. Beta key -> Retail . And retail.. well.. retail. :)

    9. Adam Moose Redleaf on

      Alpha supporters will get access to the beta when that releases right?

    10. Ben Hyde on

      Got my key followed all uber's instructions. But with the large amount of alpha users I'm thinking they're overloading the servers (Alpha is alpha) It's only been available to me since Friday. I managed to play for 2 whole minutes before the game crashed (Looked epic and was fun) I've not been able to play a game yet but I'm not alone on that. Upped the vote on reporting that bug as I have 64 bit windows and I've spent all day today trying to get past that start map. But I'll probably wait till monday before I try again (If I'm going to be unlucky enough at this moment to have no job, I've got something awesome to try after I've looked for work that day and this is worth it)

    11. WuffyOne on

      Mac and Linux users: beward the Ubernet private alpha forums if you want to comment about the lack of an alpha release for your platform right now. They may delete your posts and you'll get flamed and trolled. :(

    12. WuffyOne on

      All I know is I got mine sometime fairly shortly after I verified mine.

    13. Dazza on

      Does any one know if unverified emails (they never said to verify them) prevented Uber from sending alpha keys to people lately?

    14. WuffyOne on

      Update: Since no one else is talking about ETAs here for all the backers who are from the Linux and Mac worlds, and Uber has yet to announce it here, I wanted to share that apparently the ETA for everyone else left waiting who has their key is: "not too long, but it won't be in the next few days." Hopefully sometime next week then it sounds like.

    15. WuffyOne on

      Also is there any ETA on the Linux and Mac alphas? I really thought this was going to have equal support and am pretty disappointed that they were mentioned equally but not treated equally. As such, I'd love to know when this is coming so we can join in on testing too and playing with friends who we got to help back this project too...

      I hope this won't happen again for the beta launch...and definitely not for the final release...

    16. Marcus James Adama Bowling on

      Thanks a lot for the quick response, Uber!

    17. WuffyOne on

      @Uber: You're saying that the "converter" isn't going to prevent us from getting it from Uber as WELL as from Steam? So both versions will be available? If that is the case, I urge you to change the name of it from "converter" to "generator", because convertor sounds like one is being destroyed and the new one created to replace it. I have seen other games have a Steam key generator, but it is definitely never called a converter...

    18. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Steam converter won't be live until after the Steam launch, but PLEASE don't let that hold you up. Even if you play on UberNet for now, you can still exchange it to a Steam key later.

      There's a lot of confusion about Steam vs. UberNet, but we'll try and clarify that soon. Suffice it to say Steam is ONLY a delivery mechanism. Even if you move your key there, that will not be the only way to play.

    19. Marcus James Adama Bowling on

      Any word on where this steam converter will take place? I'd rather tie my key to steam. I didn't see anything in the email regarding activating on steam.

    20. Maxeren on

      still haven't received my alpha key.. getting worried here :(

    21. WuffyOne on

      In the original project I mean, all three platforms are supported, yet they seem to be giving preferential treatment at least during this alpha testing phase even though funding was provided for all three platforms. That leaves a large number of backers out in the cold. Not cool...

    22. Josh Chilton on

      So many complaints and tears have been flowing in these comments :c

    23. WuffyOne on

      What the heck, there was no mention of a tiered rollout. All three platforms are supported, so it isn't cool of them to give preferential treatment during the release AS WELL as during the alpha and beta testing stages.

    24. Zpajro on

      "Current Build: 49122"
      "Platforms: Windows 64-bit ONLY currently. We're working hard to get other platforms up and running, and 32-bit versions out as well, but as of today, we don't have clients we can provide for those platforms"

    25. Zpajro on

      @Swiftpaw Not only that, the game currently only supports 64 bit systems and not 32 bit

    26. René M Jensen on

      Sure hope alpha key arrives soon.

    27. WuffyOne on

      I just got my email for the alpha, but it only contains a link to download a Windows launcher. Where is the Linux launcher? shows nothing.

    28. Jaga on

      @Terry John Myers - We're ticked because without our pledges, the game wouldn't exist at all. Now they go and sell risk-free, last-minute Alpha access on Steam to people that didn't want to donate to make the project a reality.

      It belittles our faith in the game as backers, and is a cheap move by Uber. There's no point in Kickstarting stuff anymore - let the suckers put their money up and wait for Steam Early Access where you can buy'n'play the same day.

    29. WuffyOne on

      *AND* PA is DRM-free, as it should be for a community-developed project, so what is the fear of allowing us to download PA via both as well as Steam? If they don't give us both, I'll just use my key for the Steam version and then get a copy of the DRMless version from someone else.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. adman120 on

      I pledeged a while ago for alpha a while ago but still havent got an email.

    32. WuffyOne on

      @Zpajro: Cool! That helps for the non-Steam version, but I'd still like to have the Steam achievement option as well as having that additional method for installing the game. Steam can be nice to use, but I also don't want to be tied down to it. All games which offer a non-Steam option I choose to take both options, and I've gotten dozens of games with both options, this is only the second time I've heard of a company being anal about allowing both options and I certainly didn't expect it from something that was funded via Socialism.

    33. Zpajro on

      @swiffaw ther is a built-in updater

    34. WuffyOne on

      How I understand it is they are going to have a key converter, and you can only get either a direct download of the game from Uber using an Uber key, or you can get the Steam version through Steam using a Steam key after you convert your Uber key to a Steam key, but not both apparently, otherwise there would be no need for a "key converter". This is for all versions of PA, alpha, beta, and final. I find that really silly for those like me who want the flexability of both.

      Direct download from Uber will provide me with a Linux copy that will work across any distro, but unless they have an update system built-in you'll have to redownload it each time and you won't have access to the Steam achievements or community etc.

      The Steam version will provide achivements and Steam community options as well as automatic updates, yet Steam isn't Linux distro agnostic which is annoying. While I'm sure most users will provide some way of getting all the Steam depemdencies no matter what distro you are on, having the PA universal Linux binaries will free you from that requirement.

      Also, I helped fund this game's development, with $100 no less, so it should really be free to the rest of the world after it is released, let alone them being nitpicky going "OMG you can't have TWO copies of the game you paid $100 for us to develop!" That is just being really anal IMO. Every other Linux game company was very happy to provide me with both options to download and play a game after I donated to their cause.

    35. Missing avatar

      vred on

      Right, did that. Whats happening with the Keys? I know a half dozen people who've kicked for Alpha and heard nothing, most of which had verified their emails etc?

    36. Missing avatar

      vred on

      Where's all this jazz about verifying emails? Was it when they wanted us to verify our pledge so they could send rewards further down the line or is this something else?

    37. gadam07 on

      Thanks Uber! I toyed around with it a bit last night. Stuttery, but surprisingly good! I'm amazed you guys have come this far this quickly. Keep it up!

    38. Missing avatar

      Rokiyo on

      I think I'm missing something... Why did I pay $90 again?

    39. Terry M on

      - Jeffrey - Your point of view is pretty short sighted. Kickstarter is a means to support and bolster a project like this. Selling more keys is on the onus of the project creators, the objective of the kickstarter campaign isn't to make it only for the people who back it through the platform. It is one aspect of a large effort to create a game and that requires all avenues be explored.

      Backing a kickstarter project in no way means a creator cannot go and sell their product in other ways. But I am sure it has helped the team, who are working their asses off, understand their market and the interest level out there.

      They have a lot on their plate, why not just be happy that they are making the amazing game happen? Who cares if they sell more keys so long as they all function properly and their systems can support it?

    40. Jeffrey on

      Jaga said: "FYI - selling Alpha access after the Kickstarter has closed does nothing but belittle those people who had faith in you and pledged while the Kickstarter was going. This will be my last pledge to any Kickstarter project, period. Why bother when I can simply wait and get a zero risk option when the game is ready to play.
      People who pledge when you ask for faith, trust and money are the ones you should be rewarding with exclusive early access."

      Though this will not stop me from backing projects on KS I couldn't agree more with his statement. It's below the belt Uber and a dick move. I understand you're a commercial business but you have 44,162 of your most hardcore fans here who put faith and money in your ideas. It's not just "pre-ordering" a game. It's about us coming together to make something great and real which might never have seen the light if it wasn't for this community.

      No, I don't want your alpha key... just want you to be a little more considerate and respectful.

    41. Adrian Brown on

      Oh found it - verified it, do we need to do anythig else or just wait :)

    42. Adrian Brown on

      Im waiting as well, how do you check your email is verified or not

    43. Zubair on

      Just found that my email is unverified. Waiting once more

    44. Jonas Van der Aa on

      So by what date and time should all invites have been sent? I don't mind coming last in the batch but I just want to know when I should start worrying.

    45. MemoryKill on

      Im $90 backer and still no key yet :(. Hopefully tomorrow :). My email was unverfied yesturday but i fixed it yesturday, hopefully i didn't "miss" the email/

    46. Rasmus Krogsager on

      I hope I get my key soon..... Even though I don't have time to play, due to exams and stuff..... D:


    47. Missing avatar

      Aeryn on

      Swiftpaw, the game isn't limited to steam, most likely. It's just the alpha and beta are. Other games (from kickstarter) do this as well for the ease it provides developers to update the game.

    48. Sirrobin on

      read you guys:-) 'the final keys should hit mailboxes tomorrow!'

    49. Zpajro on

      I pledged $100 and have the key, but I can not play because you only support 64 bit operating Systems and not 32 bit :(
      When can I expect that you will have support for 32 bit?

    50. Missing avatar

      Landon B on

      Wow, you guys are really moving so fast on this. Super excited and so glad to see Planetary Annihilation becoming a reality. Couldn't be more happy. :)