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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stefan F on

      I just hope they don't rush anything. It's promising and looks great thus far.
      I just hope they get everything they wanted to implement, perfected and polished before release - regardless of earlier set release dates.

    2. Greg Smith on

      Remember, Jul 2013 was a date before all the crazy stretch goals were met. I personally await the awesomeness of this game, however long it takes.

    3. Joah on

      Why do I have the sense Jul 2013 is not going to be met....

    4. Steven Reed on

      @Edd Pintscher That would be cool. That would also open new paths for other units which could be computationally expensive. But this is the future. If we can't have destructible terrain in RTSs by now, we might as well go back to the 90s.

    5. Missing avatar

      Edd Pintscher on

      Looks great. I have a suggestion though. When I was looking at the way the trees are modelled, I thought...Wouldn't it be soo cool if the pathfinding for the largest units (i.e. walkers etc) ignored the usual prescribed routes and just ploughed through the trees. Like the way tanks do in real life. It would add atmosphere and look soo cool. The trees bending out of the way and super units appearing through the tree line. Just an idea.

      The tech planet looks cool.

    6. Missing avatar

      Avi Marcus on

      Looks amazing!

    7. nutcrackr on

      Liking those swirls!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ernst Sjöstrand on

      This looks really awesome!

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I'm not quite sure how naval units are going to interact with these swirling coast lines. That'll be interesting...

    10. ynthrepic on

      Edit: Just read the rest of the email, haha. Polar icecaps!

    11. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      David, as stated in the post, a biome is not an entire planet. A single planet can be made up of multiple biomes. :)

    12. ynthrepic on

      I have one criticism... Perhaps it should be possible for individual planets to have variations within themselves. Most games all seem to assume that planets only have one theme, but if you look at our earth, there are the icecaps, deserts, canyons, forests all in one. I understand these planets are smaller, and themes are pretty cool, but make a few tile-sets to combine environments would be nice, and season variations/other variations depending on the planets temperature/orientation to its sun would be epic.

      This is all cosmetic though ;)

    13. Angel Andrés Cataño Flores on

      Sheng, that reminds me of the Shadow Raiders cartoon from late 90's (not the greatest cartoon, but I liked it when it first aired :P)

      In the views of that, why only metal planet with thrusters? :D Why not all planets with Thrusters :D:D:D

      Great job guys, Metal planet reminds me somehow of one of the Homeworlds in Total Anihilation, or Megatron!

    14. Missing avatar

      sheng on

      OMG, this looks amazing. The metal one however.... its... wow. Also, just a question, is there going to be any chance that we can strap a couple of thrusters to that planet and make it a mobile base? XD

    15. John Back on

      That metal world is so TA!!! Huge excitement!

    16. Nik Phillips on

      Oh my! Something about ice-planets just gives me goosebumps! Cannot wait for this game!

    17. Dysan on

      @Max Aller did you click on the image in their news section they linked? it goes to the full high res image ~4MB at 2,048px × 5,600px, very readable text.

    18. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      We just posted the real high res images. Can check the post here:

      It also includes two different cover images for use on sites like Google +, Facebook, etc. One based off of the forest biome, and one for the arctic one. :) Have a great weekend all!

    19. Missing avatar

      Max Aller on

      @eman.russ Thanks! I did actually manage to find that one, I just...assumed the high-res image would actually have legible text.

    20. Lasse S. Lynggaard on

      Wow, look really gorgeous!

    21. Rand Chua TL on

      Wondering how big the map of a planet is going to be?

    22. Missing avatar

      Brendon Kozlowski on

      Wow, (In a really, really good way!)

    23. Timothy Dorr on

      I doubt anyone will see this, but in the My Account section of the store, there's a typo that says "usermame" instead of "username" on the righthand sidebar. Whoops!

    24. Tillerz on

      I already liked Total Annihilation a lot (minus the bit when there where too many units where the game AI just went nuts), but that same or similar now in awesome graphics, woohoo! :D

    25. darkstorm on

      So I can mix the core style world and the lava world and create my own Apokolips?


    26. Adam Coggins on

      My level of anticipation for this game is off the charts. These images only serve to ratchet up that anticipation. As Chris Norman said, the topless wives are fantastic. Wait ... I meant the spirals. The spirals!

    27. Missing avatar

      Nathan Taylor on

      This is awesome!! I can't wait to get this thing and rub it everyone else's faces!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Tohron on

      So biomes are just brushes that can be applied to a planet? I look forward to applying some Metal Biome to my worlds then :p

    29. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      These terrains for war look amazing. Will there be particular properties to them?

    30. Christopher Wolfe on

      I'm glad you aren't following the Star Trek/ every other scifi setting standard of one environment per planet. It's not that big a deal for some planets are dominated by one environment, especially frozen or volcanic, but it gets annoying when every planet does.

    31. Chris Norman on

      My (non gamer) wife walked in right as I was half way through scrutinizing this image, she asked why I made the same sound looking at it as I do when she takes off her top for me...

      I analyzed the impact of that question for a minute before spinning some line about admiring all forms of art and needing to make some comparisons.

      The point of this story is this is fantastic art and concepts (still loving those spirals) and it is fueling my imagination. It reaffirms I supported awesome all the more.

    32. eman.russ on

      Looks gorgeous!

      @Max Aller

      You´ll find it here although it isn't that much more hi-res.

    33. Phil Stocks

      After seeing the metal planet I'm suddenly wishing the stretch goals had included ringworlds and Dyson's Spheres...

    34. Missing avatar

      Max Aller on

      Neat...I wasn't able to find the hi-res image, though...

    35. Missing avatar

      Charles Tupper on

      Is that a Dyson ring in the background of the metal planet? Man, if we can fight on Dyson structures... awesome.

    36. Kris A on

      I was hoping the metal biome would have been more Black Sabbath and less Cybertron, but I'm a pretty unreasonable person.