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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Planetary Annihilation: The Website

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hey all, we have a brand new, big update #21 for you, which also happens to be official blog post entry #1!

We just relaunched our website, and we're starting to host all major updates there, so we can reach everyone, Kickstarters, PayPal backers, and the internet at large. Please follow this link to get the latest info, and catch up on all the others, we've done for the past months!

Our old website at will automatically redirect you to the new website from now on.


Uber Entertainment


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      I'm getting more than a little frustrated with the constant changes to where I have to go to get information on this project.

    2. Lena LeRay on

      I know other people have said something along these lines, but I, too, do not want to have to start following a different source to get my information. I would really like you guys to continue posting all updates here, as well. I have no problem with you double posting the information elsewhere to reach a wider audience, but this is how I'm getting my information.

    3. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      This game is going to be insanely popular I think...

    4. Luke on

      This game is looking great! but the commander is not what i was expecting... not like it was a bad thing but i thought they would be more like the commander in the concept video :/

    5. Brendan Long on

      I already found the RSS feed previously. The problem is that it's broken. Notice that if you to it, every post is a couple sentences long and ends with [...]. I don't see any reason why you would want to force people to visit your site for the updates, so please just put the full content in the feed!

    6. Travis Smith on

      Whoops, wrong window... :-)

    7. Travis Smith on

      Thanks for the heads-up Sandeep!

    8. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Update: We have the load balanced a little better, but will be pushing a few more fixes that will hopefully stop what happened when we sent the update, from happening again!

    9. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Jaga - the site is actually just , but the link above was to the specific update, as we figured that's what people first and foremost would want to see.

      We are not going to stop posting here, but Kickstarter is limiting on how we present information and creating easily searchable archives of info. Hence the website. :)

      We do have an RSS feed, but we need to update our site to reference it as well. RSS is at:

      We've been approaching this slowly though, as we have been in soft launch mode on this site all week because of problems like we just had. We thought they had all been fixed but.. welllllllll.. not quite. But we're getting closer. It looks like things have settled down for now, and we just made some changes to self load balance the website until our host can fix some things.

    10. Sean Riedinger

      Please actually continue posting to Kickstarter as well-- It's such a massive hassle, and very ridiculous, when groups and companies just stop using their main information pipeline in order to switch to an off-site. Even if I used RSS readers (which I don't), this is still a problem because you site does not have a feed.

    11. Downie on

      "Our old website at will automatically redirect you to the new website from now on."

      So you can still just remember anyway if you like. The original site was just for showing off their kickstarter idea.

      Now the idea has become a reality I'm guessing they're consolidating it with their other games at

    12. B Adams on

      I'm not detecting an RSS feed - is there one and I'm just missing it? A news/updates site without an RSS feed makes even hardened Krogoths cry.

    13. Jaga on

      So this new site is JUST a Blog site/news site? Finding it hard to absorb why you'd go from an easy-to-remember .com domain to a convoluted and unrelated address for the entire site.

    14. Pedasn on

      @ Uber: i wanna ask you the same thing that has been asked on numerous Kickstarters before!

      Is it possible to post a collection of your updates here every two months or so. A lot of us are backing 30+, some of us 100+ projects, so our main hub is here, Kickstarter. We can't and don't want to check on every single project forum to get the news. It would be very nice of you to consider that. Thank you and keep up the good work, i really can't wait for a new strategy game :D

    15. Brendan Long on

      If you're going to post everything on that site, can you fix the RSS feed to have full content? It makes them much easier to read in the RSS reader instead of having to open a browser to read each update (makes a huge difference on mobile platforms).

    16. Nathan Friedly on

      Please continue posting new stuff here, I like getting the emails for new posts. (A copy of the each post would be awesome, but a link to each new post would be OK).

    17. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Server is still bouncing up and down. There is no reason that an enterprise level server should be having problems handling the load. We are actively pursuing this! Sorry for the problems, everyone!

    18. dyrak55d on

      For me is working now

    19. GoldFire Studios

      The link isn't working for me.

    20. Missing avatar

      Spencer Egart on

      Link doesn't work, chief.

    21. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      The second we sent out that update, our host felt it was advisable to reboot our server. We're working on it now, will post an update as soon as we get it working again! (Not a full update, just an update here to update #21)

    22. Patrick Marchand on

      Am I the only one who cant make the link work?