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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Glen K on

      My "reward bundle" is incorrectly listed when I go to that page to finalize my order. I can still verify it is correct here on kickstarter. I replied to the email address it was sent from, but wasn't sure if that was the correct email for problems. Please advise.

    2. Missing avatar

      MichaelB on

      Hi Uber, thanks for that reply.
      Like most folks here, I don't really mind any delays, as long as I am informed and don't have to think "what's going on - did I miss something?"
      I still think an official update saying "Hold on folks, mails still going out, wait for our announcement that it's done" would help to reduce confusion.
      These kickstarter comments quickly disappear out of view.

    3. Missing avatar

      James Rawet on

      What email domain will these be coming from? Just so I can safe list it so I won't miss it

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      no email yet, but I'm not thrilled at having to "create" yet another online account to manage that can also lose said information when someone breaks in. Wish they had stayed in house with kickstarter.

    5. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      MichaelB - only about half the emails have gone out so far. We had to bring the server down for a while to perform some maintenance and get some fixes made. Mails will continue to go out as we are able, and we will make an announcement when all the mails are out.

    6. Missing avatar

      MichaelB on

      Uber, please either put out another update or place info on the site regarding what those of us who have not received emails yet should do.

    7. Jeramy Staub on

      Is there any way we can double check what we ordered? I think mine might have messed up but im not sure.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Simpson on

      there IS 44000 people to email.. don't be so impatient

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bassett on

      Still waiting on my email

    10. Thomas on

      Are you still sending you emails? I have not got mine yet. :(

    11. Vbitz on

      Still no email yet.

    12. Moranic on

      I finally got my email, but now the server is down for maintenance. Unlucky me...

    13. Yong on

      Will there be type-specific planet names? Like "Gadox's Remains" for a metal planet, "Unlucky Mermaid" for lava planet, etc.

    14. Missing avatar

      Emnesia on

      Still no email :/

    15. Hellboy on

      No email yet :-(
      Hope i did not delete it by mistake :-/

    16. Missing avatar

      cullum on

      luckily i got my email rather soon! :)

    17. gadam07 on

      A lot of us still haven't gotten our emails, so I suspect they're having issues with the fulfillment site. When they get it sorted out we'll get them. There's still a long time to go before this game is ready, so I think we can be patient.

    18. Garrood Dynasty on

      I've had no email.... I'm a $20 backer... do I get one yet?

      Please reply.

    19. Mark T on

      Still nothing here. I'm an early bird backer, so i shouldn't be too far down the list. updates?

    20. drakrochma on

      Still got no mail -
      time to get frightend?

      could please anyone that allready got his mail tell me the prize for 3 games without beta?

    21. Aaron Winemiller on

      What happens if we change our minds over something AFTER we finalize. Are we locked in or will we have an option of changing later (Like say next month after we get christmas money from family that think we'll use that money on bills or food?)

    22. Daren Crevan on

      I hope to get the email soon. ^.|.^

    23. Matthew on

      Haven't gotten my email yet. :( Hopefully it will be soon, really excited about this :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      Got the email. Happy you're making progress, though I'll wait for the finalized game. Really don't like creating (yet another) account that I won't be using (as I'm hoping the final game won't be online-only DRM locked, e.g. D3). No offense to you guys, and good on ya for keeping up with the updates - I just don't like managing more accounts than I actually need.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam Faryno on

      Same problem here, "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." - and it's not working.

    26. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      If you were attempting to go to the server in the past few minutes, we were in the process of resetting it. Go ahead and refresh, and it should be working again.

    27. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on

      When I click on the :"Redeem my Awards" link - I receive a "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." Message. - Is this because I got one of the early debug site emails? - Thanks

    28. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Kiborg, no don't be worried! Mails are still going out. We're still going slowly, working out a few issues as we go.

      Wesley, you'll be able to add a game key when you get your mail with a link to the website. Adding a key is part of the fulfillment process.

    29. Wesley Swain on

      Looking to add another game key to my initial $15 early bird pledge. Where is the link to purchase this? Unable to locate it on the website. Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      kiborg on

      Still no E-mail. Should I be worried?

    31. Christopher Pianta on

      Still no email? What's up?

    32. Matt on

      No email yet QQ

    33. Missing avatar

      Emnesia on

      Still no email Q_Q

    34. Kineticmedic on

      No email here yet either :(

    35. drakrochma on

      Still waitin for a mail.
      Cant wait anymore, I wanna play this amaizing game.
      How much are 3 game-keys without beta?

    36. Dan Vaecon on

      I have yet to receive an email on where I can confirm my items.

    37. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      7H3 - Unfortunately, that was a mistake in the update. We are not allowing purchase of extra alpha keys, only early beta keys. We are unable to edit the post at this point, I apologize for the confusion. You can buy extra retail keys at the discounted $20, and full beta keys at $40, but not alpha keys.

    38. Missing avatar

      7H3LaughingMan on

      I am having problems and I am unable to add an extra alpha key like described in the finalization process, I have a $100 bundle selected and I don't see the option to add another alpha key.

    39. Christopher Knox on

      I Haven't gotten the email yet O.o

    40. gadam07 on

      You guys are awesome.

      I can't tell you how tempted I was by that $1000 backer level. I had so vastly exceeded my Kickstarter budget for the month I really couldn't let myself do it, though.

    41. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Samuel, yes that would be two keys. At the $100 level, you will have a key that becomes active as soon as we go into Alpha, and a second that will become active at launch.

    42. Samuel Holberg on


      >Thumb drive includes a custom key as well.

      So pledging at $120 ($100 tier + $20 for the thumb drive) gets me one key (from the $100 tier) or two keys (for the $100 and $20 thumb drive)?

    43. Daniel Mulligan on

      I haven't gotten an e-mail yet.

    44. Missing avatar

      Fro on

      I want screenshots!

    45. m9365428 on

      After a month of hourly checking my e-mail. I have to keep going. Well at least they are now being sent out.

    46. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Doktor, yes it does include one t-shirt and the option to add t-shirts and the thumb drive.

      Dagoth - Thumb drive includes a custom key as well.

    47. Jonathan Bass on

      still wait for my e-mail !

    48. DagothAgahnim(Menarra) on

      quick question about the USB keys, do those include a Game Key with them? I have a couple friends that want to add some of those onto my order but they want to make sure they come with Game Keys, otherwise they'll just get the digital Keys.

    49. Doktor Jones

      So does the $95 tier (early bird $100 tier) get to upgrade T-shirts and thumb drives, or do we get left out?