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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Ghartsang T. on

      the server is down for maintenance

    2. Thomas Lai on

      no mail yet ... i'll wait for a century if needed ^^, just want more info about this game.

    3. Missing avatar

      RageQuit24 on

      It's Monday yaaa maybe there is a chance :) Hope I get it today that would make this week awesome.

    4. Joe Ruskey on

      I think with 44k backers not everyone will get their emails at first.

    5. Zipi on

      I have not received an email as of this date either.

    6. Zubair on

      No mail as yet

    7. Rhettorical on

      I haven't gotten mine either... :-/

    8. Donik on

      Have not received an e-mail here, either.

    9. Missing avatar

      RageQuit24 on

      Next week hopefully to bad we don't have a date or some form of when just that they are working on it. We can only hope lol and keep checking are emails.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andjohn on

      Hello PA, I still haven't gotten the mail. It's not in my spam folder.

    11. Missing avatar

      zeroumus on

      still have not gotten email, and i have check kickstarter info and spam folder

    12. Zachary Durham on

      I'm already excited for the soundtrack.

    13. Ken Roger Lindekleiv on

      @Vidas That sounds weird. You should be able to get good download speeds on steam. You sure your regional settings in steam are correct ?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gord Cluthe on

      Steam is the preferred method of distribution for me and my gaming crew.

    15. DagothAgahnim(Menarra) on

      @Travis, they said a while back it will be through Steam, UberNet, and possibly other venues.

    16. Vidas Zilys on

      steam sucks. it takes longer time to update game on steam then from direct servers :(

    17. Michel Rowinski on

      I really loved the graphics in the video :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      travis on

      So Is the game going to be on steam?

    19. Marc Davies on

      Kinda wish i never cancelled my paypal account now D: (really wants the miniatures)

    20. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Sinan, if you used the same email address for both, we should catch it automatically. Even if you used a different email address, there is a chance we'll be able to identify it.

    21. Sinan Midillili on

      If we add from paypal(20$ for usb) and already have a pledge from KS (i.e 150$ +15$shipping fee) do you merge those??

    22. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Andrew - USB key's are unique keys. So if you add one, your wife will indeed be able to use that one.

    23. Andrew Nichols on

      Hey Uber, thanks for the update, a question though. I pledged $115 (95 tier + 20) and was wondering if my commander USB key that was an option was a 2nd game key, or merely an option for a physical form factor for my game. I originally set out to add $20 to my pledge to get the game for my wife as well, but if I can get her copy on a USB key I'd be more than happy to oblige ;)

    24. Rand Chua TL on

      Waiting to hear a next great update.

    25. John Riggs on

      Woohoo! Nice to see things coming along. I was worried for a while, it was quiet. Go PA!

    26. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Schro, you will be able to do that when the fulfillment site is sent out to everyone. You can add to your pledge at that time, excluding the $95 and $15 limited availability pledges.

    27. Missing avatar

      Schro on

      What if I spended 40$ here... can I somehow spend 10$ more to get the Progenitor?

    28. Chris Brown on

      Oh man, I'm pretty jealous that you guys are having Reaper do the minis. They make a mean mini; I just shelled out a ton of money on their kickstarter recently.

    29. Missing avatar

      MichaelB on

      Thanks, I'll check on my settings.
      I look forward to seeing your new site!

    30. Hammertoss on

      I anxiously await my flair so I can complete my Cheston!

      The other stuff is awesome too, but Cheston needs more sexy.

    31. TheChosenOne on

      To bad it is not Weta making those statues. :'(
      *telepathically changes Uber's mind*

    32. gadam07 on

      Jeramy, yeah, I have the same problem with that. You can't even use capitals, which is very poor. Uber, would you please allow special characters or even just spaces in names?

    33. Jeramy Staub on

      If there was one thing I wish I could do on your forums it would be to use _'s because in recent years my game name has gone from Cpt. KIll-Jack to Cpt_Kill_Jack. But your website only let me use cptkilljack.

    34. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Michael - these updates are automatically sent out to your email of record for Kickstarter. If you're not getting them, check your Kickstarter account settings, and possibly your spam filter, on the off chance it's getting flagged incorrectly as spam.

    35. gadam07 on

      You guys should consider selling or licensing your KS fulfillment site to other KS projects to use. I'm sure there are many who could benefit from your work.

    36. Zpelfresne on

      Good thing I live in Kalamazoo.

    37. Missing avatar

      MichaelB on

      Is there a way to get updates (like this one) by mailing list or RSS feed?
      Perhaps that could be made opt-in on the fulfilment site.
      I like getting my updates the old fashioned way - sent to me, instead of having to poll various places.
      Honestly, I was getting frustrated about no email announcements from Uber re: PA until I checked back here at kickstarter. It doesn't need to be like that.

    38. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      J.R. - Correct! That does indeed include the lucky few who got in on the $95 promotional level.

    39. J.R. Raith on

      re: Minis, surely you mean the $95+ tier, since it's supposed to be equivalent to the $100 tier, yes?

    40. Joshua R on

      Hey, if you have to go to Kalamazoo to get your stuff, at least you can swing by Bell's for a beer, right? Look on the bright side!