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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Smets on

      Didn't receive mail either yet :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gest on

      Yeah come on Uber, you guys raised 2 million dollars! Just hire some Comp Sci student at 15$ an hour and they'll have it done in a few days!

    3. Missing avatar

      RageQuit24 on

      No email for me and my friends yet. Hopefully there will be an update today crossing my fingers :)

    4. Paul Thibodeau on

      I haven't received an email in a long while what is the news on what is going on?

    5. Missing avatar

      zeroumus on

      Still no fulfillment email? I thought this would have been sent by now

    6. Moranic on

      Darn I want that email... Uber has to know where to send their epic game to!

    7. Dadalos on

      'Without a doubt I agree with James I will wait as long as it takes, all I seek is an update :)'

      Think this about sums up most peoples feelings on this topic. im looking forward to seeing exactly where all of this goes.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Malolepszy on

      Without a doubt I agree with James I will wait as long as it takes, all I seek is an update :)

    9. Missing avatar

      James Bonehill on

      I don't mind waiting for the email, all I would like is an update.

    10. Luke on

      come on guys, we can all wait for the shipping details, do you want a crappy looking shipping details or good shipping details, there trying to get it up and running.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Malolepszy on

      Are you guys still working on the fulfilment site? Only reason I ask is because I have not seen an email yet :) Thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Yes the email with shipping details would be nice soon, haven't heard anything lately.

    13. Joel on

      Wishing that email with shipping details would get here already! And forum info :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Crayfish on

      Does Azo have his hands down his pants there?

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Sanford on

      I am really looking forward to seeing the game come together and the beta. I am trying to build a stream of Kickstarter rewards by funding a project a month, unfortunately since I just started I am not getting anything until January, but from then on its Christmas every month.

    16. WarStalkeR on

      @Luke still alpha will be only at springtime, i.e. March/April, so we still got enough time to wait anyway :)

    17. dyrak55d on

      @Luke, i just got beta :(

    18. Luke on

      @Emnesia, you cant wait, we can all wait but if you got alpha like me, you don't need to wait as long:D

    19. Missing avatar

      Emnesia on

      How about the actual game though..?

    20. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Document EVERYTHING.

    21. Adrian Vinci on

      What Moranic said.

    22. Moranic on

      Any ETA on the email?

    23. Low Aaron on

      Keep it up guys!!! Love to hear the TD's side of approaching everything.

    24. Missing avatar

      James Sheldon on

      Hi Team,

      Just wondering if you have checked out any games on Spring

      Im hoping that the game follows the original Cavedog core gameplay and doesn't get too ambitious.

      I found the econ in Supreme Commander to be abit messy.

    25. Missing avatar

      subedii on

      Glad to see you're still keeping in touch. Was a bit worried when communication all of a sudden just STOPPED when the kickstarter ended a couple of weeks ago.

      And yeah, definitely interested in the live-streaming stuff. It was fun watching the countdown live and having John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen Mclain talk all this stuff over.

    26. Missing avatar

      Erixxxx on


    27. Christopher Knox on

      Rofl, documenting the documenting... Pure win

    28. Michael Cooper on

      Sweet! Fast progress + Good communication = You guys rock!
      Wish I could "like" Wills comment too lol

    29. Missing avatar

      Vadim Peretokin on

      The giant resolution picture doesn't look great inside gmail, which doesn't scale it!

    30. Joe Ruskey on

      yay opennessness during game production!

    31. Will Weber on

      Going even further and saying I'm documenting the public saying that they are documenting you documenting your documentary.

    32. Roger Patino on

      ^I was just about to say that!

    33. wintrparkgrl on

      yo dawg, i heard you like documentaries, so i documented you documenting your documentary

    34. LarseTheArse on

      Greenscreen? You planning on streaming from the battlefield? :D

    35. Andre Whynot on

      The documentary already sounds meta. Awesome.

    36. alien_rider on

      Awesome Studio. Can't wait. :)

    37. Urulai on

      XD Awesome, Documenting the making of the documentary! LOL

    38. Mathew Kleppin on

      At first glance, I almost thought that was Donald Glover.

      After the following disappointment, Im still pretty excited about the news of further live streams.

    39. Missing avatar

      Nocrow on

      I absolutely love how kickstarter games are so engaged with its community :D

    40. quicktooth - Angel of the Obsidian Order on

      Looking forward to engaging with you all as the project is made :). Do please let us see recorded versions of the LiveStreams; sometimes, or for some people's situations, seeing the LiveStream isn't possible.

    41. Missing avatar

      NrFive on

      I vouch for a 24/7 stream on the machine which shows the models / maps / latest build :P

      And thanks for the update of course :)

    42. RandomAlien on

      @Mark, docuception?

    43. The_Pastmaster on

      Wow, looks great. :D Wish you all luck.

      Sebastian Ng: More often than not Livestreams are saved so they can be watched later as a normal video.

    44. Missing avatar

      Max Hunt on

      Documenting the documentary stage? We must go deeper!

      But seriously, I look forward to all of this going forward. You might consider a more sane method of Q&A handling though than reading words wizzing by at 10 lines per second.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Ng on

      I'm hoping that there is plenty of other non-live content for those of us in different timezones or at least access to replays of the live streams! :)

      Really excited about this project!

    46. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      I'm not an RTS fan and I never played Total Annihilation. But I love Supreme Commander, and the gameplay concepts from your first trailer grabbed me and held on to my attention like little has since the first time I met a marshal named Jim Raynor. I know what I'll be playing come July.