Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. Jerish Brown on

      Great hearing back from you guys! I'm sure we're all looking forward to more livestreams :D

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      Thomas Johansson on

      Maybe don't inline a 7 meg 4.5x3k image next time you send an update. :P

    3. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Awesome, guys. Can't wait. :)

    4. CJ Rivas on

      @Thomas I totally agree :) i can't even read the message. noobs!

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      Christoffer on

      will you also be documenting yourselves documenting the building of the documentary stage? if so then could you document that too?

    6. Typhi on

      Lookin' good! 8)

    7. Lynn Dixon on

      LOL! My phone choked on trying to download that HUGE ASS image file for the update email. How about resizing the pics in the next update :)

    8. Chris Stratford on

      I might have missed it - but what was the total amount pledged including PayPal donations?

    9. Missing avatar

      vincentlorditch on

      Resize is your friend.

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      Tarik Crnovrsain on

      @chris, i don't remember the exact number but it was another 120k from paypal.

    11. Ethan on

      So excited!! :D

    12. Agenttrap on

      Ill keep my head out, and you make a good game :P

      I just hope I can crash a full planet into another planet XD

    13. Peter Konneker on

      Haha. Awesome. :D You guys rock hard.

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lawson on

      the image size was proportionate the game, epic

    15. Dexther on

      o/ I don't see the hour to enjoy of my pledge.

    16. Ryan Alyea - Fangamer on

      I'm very interested in technical details like what cameras you use, your audio setup, etc in your "documenting on how you document". I love that stuff and just want to see what people use!

    17. Missing avatar

      Yogzototh on

      Yo dawg so i heard you like documentaries....

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      Steven Kiehl on

      That is a huge image. On the plus side, we can all see what kind of lighting equipment the pros use to get the job done. Maybe next time use a smaller image and a link to the raw? Who did you get to do the documentary?

    19. S.D. on

      "Christoffer: will you also be documenting yourselves documenting the building of the documentary stage? if so then could you document that too?"

      That's what this update was... O_O

    20. Anup Doshi on

      I came here to say exactly what ^he said. :)

    21. Derek Thorson on

      I do believe that's the largest image I've ever had pop up in an email.

      Looking good..can't wait for more!

    22. Damien Swallow on

      Three words express my feelings about this - This Is Awesome - all I wanted to say.

    23. Brett James on

      I had my eyes pop out from the size of that image haha!

      Looks fantastic though, especially the lighting!

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicolas on

      @Christoffer... Documentception!

    25. Matthew Hanna on

      cant wait to hear more!

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      Bruce Bergman on

      I know, that was like, what, a 4GB image there??! :-)

    27. Paul D. Zeke on

      Let's keep that double mirror going, and document the documenting of the documentary ad infinitum until you have a string of people weaving a tangle through the city

    28. Josh Franks on

      Yeah I can't wait to watch the documentary of documenting the documentary.

    29. TheTopMostDog on


    30. Warrior1986 - #BYDHTTMWFI on

      Seriously? It was not even a 8MB image people. I didn't realize so many were still on dial-up...

    31. John Wagenman on

      People have to be patient for Awesome.
      Awesome takes time and has to be done right.
      Let there be Awesome, Uber, let it be done right.

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      Dewey Mitchem on

      Documentception. Had to be said. Kudos guys!

    33. Missing avatar

      Sam Spencer on

      A document documenting the documenting of the documentary.... hm.

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      Simon on


    35. Oelson Tcs on

      Yo dawg, I heard you like documents!

    36. flankattack on

      There has to be an orange couch!

    37. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Ack, sorry! I updated the image :)

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      Matthew Theriot on

      I couldn't afford the beta, so I just want to forget this game exists until it's release. I can't bear to watch a game be developed and not be able to play it. Btw guys there's this game called Overgrowth, you can pre-order and get the alpha and it is already extremely fun.

    39. tkellenberger on

      Without guys like you and many others on kickstarter, the gamingmarket would be quite boring. Thank you!