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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Reward Delivery Q&A

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters!

A huge thank you again to everyone that helped us reach our goal. On Friday we took a big, collective exhale once the project completed and our goals were set. Today, we’re taking a giant inhale as we start to focus sharply and dive deep into design and production.

Simultaneously, we are working out all the logistics to deliver your rewards. First, it’s going to take approximately 10 more days for all of the Kickstarter transactions to clear. Once this happens, everyone is going to get an email with a link to our fulfillment web site. This site will allow you to pick all of your final rewards, give us your shipping information, and make any final adjustments.

IMPORTANT: We are leaving the PayPal links up until this process is complete! That means you have 10 more days to get in on the current deals.

Q: When do I get my stuff?
A: The first order of business is to get all of the details from you about what stuff you are getting. That will happen in about 10 days or so when we launch our fulfillment website. The shipping schedule has not be finalized yet and things may come over time depending on the item.

Q: When is Alpha / Beta / Launch?
A: We don’t currently have locked down dates for Alpha/Beta. These will happen months before the product launch so you can work backwards for an approximate timeline. Once we know, you’ll know.

Q: Can you send my stuff to a different address?
A: Yes. You will be able to select your shipping address on our fulfillment site.

Q: I pledged multiple times, can they be combined?
A: PayPal pledges will automatically be combined. A pledge within Kickstarter is automatically combined. Everyone will be getting an email with all of their pledge details when our fulfillment site goes live in about 10 days or so.

Q: I forgot to add international shipping. Now what?
A: We will handle this through our website when calculating a final total. At that point you will be able to pay for shipping or any other changes.

Q: Can I donate more?
A: At any point you can use the PayPal to donate more or buy other things. All of this will be handled through the same fulfillment site.

Q: How do I specify the details of my pledge? Extra keys, t-shirt size, etc?
A: This will happen through our fulfillment site in about 10 days.

We can’t reiterate enough the thank yous to everyone that has supported us. We are working hard to make the rewards process and your experience as smooth as possible, and will need a bit more of your patience. We’ll also do our best to keep you informed in general as we continue the drive forward to the development and release of an awesome game!

- The Uber Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rory Harvey on

      I'm not sure if I got this link :/ I mean I know I've got access to the PA site, but I don't really see anything there on altering details, the transaction had to be fixed so I'm wondering if that is what caused the issue or if the email just didn't make it through. There anyone I can ask about this please?

      PA looks to be an awesome game though I worry just a little if I messed up somewhere down the line with the pledge or something, if so I'd gladly donate the $115 for what good it'll do. Just have to make sure I've not lost the money I thought I pledged first time through a black hole or something :P

    2. Craig Bradberry on

      Maybe the next day?? Monday? Anyone?

    3. Luke on

      its the 27th....
      maybe tomorrow everyone.

    4. John Riggs on

      Can't wait to stomp my shiny new Alpha Commander over the burned wreckage of my enemies!
      This game is 20 levels of awesome above anything else I've seen before! Make it great Uber, make it great!

    5. Luke McDaniel on


      Update #12 · Sep. 17, 2012 · 64 comments
      ...pproximately 10 more days...
      Sep 17 + approximately 10 days is roughly Sep 27th, aka tomorrow.

    6. ThermalSloth on

      Are we there yet? :)

    7. Chatturga on

      whats in 3 days ?

    8. Bill-Boe Berlev on

      Presumably a map would have starting points that you can choose beforehand just like every other RTS.

    9. Phil Stocks

      Gah, a whole series of forums i've been too blind to see -… time to check what's what and if i've been pre-empted on the above.

    10. Phil Stocks

      @Adrian I suppose starting PVP would depend on the size or length of the game you're playing, for balance, you might want to have opposing factions starting on the same planet initially. If one player were to start on the moon for example, they might have an advantage proportional to the difference in mass - it takes significantly more energy to get out of a large gravity well compared to a small one (the teaser video shows a Saturn V style rocket required for the commander getting off the earth like planet, compared to the engineers getting off the moon under their own power)
      the planet based player might enjoy more resources to start with, but it's going to be easier for the moon based player to graduate to dropping asteroids on the opponent.

      Yeah, ideally make it configurable in all ways (this is probably something they've been considering from the ground up anyway) I know I'd prefer starting on the same planet as it facilitates engagements that could escalate through the entire tech tree, rather than sitting back, researching and making first contact using your superweapons.

    11. Adrian Vinci on

      I've also thought about how we start PvP games. Do we get to choose our starting planet in a solar system or (more likely) you start on a random planet?
      And would this game be able to support a type of game where 4 players start on each planet in a solar system with around 5 planets to have tournament type game, where you have to destroy your enemies on your planet, then you go and try and dominate the other planets?
      Also, will there be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc, and will you be able to ally with people, even if you start in a free for all? And will you be able to choose the color of your units/team, or will you just get assigned a random color?

    12. Adrian Vinci on

      @Phil My mouth is watering at those ideas... just imagine the amount of strategic thinking you'd need to have... if you can get certain people to see those ideas, they can be implemented in the game.

    13. Phil Stocks

      Every time I think about how awesome this is going to be, I start to wonder about the possibilities of the procedural level generator, and the orbital mechanics that go with it.
      I'm assuming that there's going to be realistic orbital profiles based on the masses of the planets involved (if a bit sped up so we don't have to wait years for various conjunctions). This could provide lots of strategic options - build masses of short-range interplanetary missiles whilst still out of range, ready to pummel your opponent when your planets come into alignment for example. Or if the level generator takes into account the relative "life zones" of different stars, could you shift a planet's orbit and have the surface freeze or burn (or even do the same with it's rotation)?

      I also wonder about stealth and sensor ranges - would an enemy pick up a bright shiny comet aimed at them earlier than a low-albedo asteroid? could you hide your primary base around a small, dim star knowing that enemies would have to get close to even pick it up on their scopes?

      the possibilities are endless, and I'm almost dreading the point where it gets locked down into something concrete.

    14. Carlos - "Koey" on

      @Volo but doesn't the line "Important" means that the pledges on paypal must be made before 10 days from September 17? Unless I am misreading at all.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Burkhard on

      No thank you for being creative and giving us what will be the best RTS of the year if not a generation.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      Yes so far the live stream everyday at lunch hasn't happened. :(

    17. William O'Driscoll on

      @jack I totally agree.

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      I agree with Jack on the dev diaries as well. I've got some experiance with game development so I'm more interested in seeing how they are going. Successes, failures, the whys and why nots. Basically seeing what's happening with the game I kick started :P

    19. Jacob Barnett on

      I agree completely with Jack on the dev diaries if possible!

    20. Jack TM on

      Hey guys!
      Are you going to do dev diaries? I really think you should do dev diaries. As in, make an update once a week or so about what you worked on and fixed during the week. At least I love hearing about the development of the game as in progresses! It also gives us gamers a little more insight to how a game actually is made. You could post your update on your webpage or here, whatever you find most convenient.
      Either way, just a suggestion from me.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      On 12/21 worlds end! Even just a public play test of the first planet being annihilated would be Awesome with sound of course. ;)

    22. Missing avatar

      batosai33 on

      now they have to release something on 12/21. even if it's just to the alpha people for like an hour.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark Benner on

      Ohhh, THIS is what the Mayans meant.

    24. Carlos Martinez Perito on

      Can't wait for the forums and new images!

    25. Missing avatar

      Magnus Hallgard on

      2013 will get here soon enough :-) and there is something planetery to look froward to. Late summer nights of Awesome fuuuuuuuuuuun.


    26. Luke McDaniel on

      Launching an asteroid at your enemies... What more can I say?

    27. Missing avatar

      Luke McCarthy on

      This is the first time in many years that I have been exited about a new game. I will patiently await AWESOME!

    28. Missing avatar

      Lars-andreas Forthun on

      No, THANK YOU! Uber Entertainment, I can't wait for the game to be launched! I know for sure that this will be the ultimate RTS experience, EVER!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jaapjan Tinbergen on

      Quote: "That will happen in about 10 days or so when we launch our fulfillment website. "

    30. Missing avatar

      Till on

      *sarcasm* So... after reading this... only one question... when will the fulfillment site be up? */sarcasm*

      But hey, sounds great!

    31. Vince Vazquez

      Congratulations Uber Entertainment! The only reward I really care about is getting this amazing-looking game :)

    32. Monty on

      Even though I love the physical stuff, they come second to the game being funded.. Cannot wait to play... thank you for this opportunity !!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      TravisAction on

      I would recommend going to their actual website. I believe that they have an e-mail on there for questions.

    34. Missing avatar

      El Nacho on

      Anyone know if there's a way to give $20 through paypal in my friend's name so his $100 package can upgrade to the USB game drive?

    35. Missing avatar

      samuel on

      So.... If im reading this right, kickstarter and paypal stuff get combined? Because i hope so.....

    36. Bruticus82 on

      So my understanding seems to be that if you want to add more to your pledge, you can either do that now through paypal, or in 10 days through their fulfillment site...

      Does anyone know what they would find preferable? Would seem easier just to wait and do it through their subscription site...right?

    37. d3b1rdy on

      @Peter Jacob, Yeah, and waste your time on some more concept footage too!

    38. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Don't forget to feed us every couple weeks with a quick update. Those Ouya guys worry me.

    39. Volo on

      Thanks @fredgiblet, it seems like most people here. I want to add more money to my original pledge and have the combine total set to a new goal pledge. I think it's best for everyone to wait 10 days until their new fulfillment site is up and running. Before we add anymore funds.

    40. Lloyd Calvin on

      I second Garret's question from above. Will I be able to change my address? I'm moving in 2 months?

    41. Missing avatar

      Garrett W. Ingram on

      Hey Uber/ John (who i assume answers/post on here :) ) I'll be moving in address yet for the new place. Though I assume there will a way to update shipping addresses? Thanks! Can't wait to get in Alpha!!

    42. Kyle on

      Same question as Siege- donated enough to qualify for the USB, would like to add extra via Paypal to get it. Will it properly add to my overall total, or only as a separate donation?

    43. Alan Anderson on

      thanks for letting us know about this stuff, I am thinking I might put in a bit more