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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

The final mile of the Kickstarter marathon!

Hello Kickstarters!

It has been an amazing ride over the last month! We’ve heard you loud and clear and added many interesting elements to the game design with your help. Today it is time for us to announce the final stretch goals - goals that we think will make this game an unforgettable classic.

Full Orchestral Score - $2.0M 

The absolute best way to make a game soundtrack come alive and stand the test of time is to record it using live musicians. We will record the soundtrack for the game using the Northwest Sinfonia, the same orchestra that performed the soundtracks for Total Annihilation, Halo, and many Hollywood film scores. 

Orchestral recording is expensive and difficult to produce, but the layers of texture and overall quality of a live performance cannot be beat. We want to deliver the absolute highest quality game experience that we can and a world class orchestral score is truly something Uber.

Also, Howard says he will add +Sing to the game if we can reach this goal!

A Planetary Documentary - $2.1M 

And finally we would love to create a documentary about the creation of the game. See inside the studio and get your deepest game development questions answered. This comprehensive documentary will reveal our production process from concept to completion, including design and technical meetings, art conceptualization, music production, as well as community interaction.

The story of Planetary Annihilation needs to be told. Very few games have had their story told from beginning to end and we have a unique opportunity to do that here.

Again, thanks to everyone for your support! We are looking forward to delivering an awesome experience.

PS. If you'd like to show off your PA support on Kickstarter, check out the PA profile pictures below. Click here to download the pics

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    1. Breno on

      I was wondering if they could add some life forms to some earth-like planets. Like animals but they would (some of them) attack you or protect their nests.
      Then, there would be classes of creatures, like, normal sized animals, bigger ones and some gigantic creatures that could wreck your base if you were not paying attention!

      It would be awesome if we could tame some of those, and use them as war machines or troop transports!

      I hope to get some attention! because i really think that it would be awesome if they add creatures! Thanks for reading!

    2. Esteban on

      who get's the documentary? and how?

    3. Victor dos Santos on

      just to know. at what level do we get the documentary?

    4. Missing avatar

      NeoBear on

      Super stoked and proud to have backed this!

    5. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Looks forward to this soundtrack. @Nick youtube search the TA soundtrack. And buy TA on Good Old Games :P

    6. Jeremy Lowrey on

      The Galactic War is what I really excited about. But the authentic soundtrack is creamy icing on the cake. This is going to be amazing.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      This goal is what finally got me on board, I'll never forget the soundtrack of the original total annihilation... I'm getting nerd chills just thinking about it.

    8. Robin Watt on

      Really hope you can get enough to do the orchestra soundtrack, I miss the hours of listening to Total Annihilation. Would love if its in HD.

    9. Anders T.N

      Will you produce the soundtrack with HD (not really sure if this is what they call it. As far as i can tell there seems to be no named industry standard) quality? AKA with a true 92/192KHz 24bit recording.

      Sorry for the bad English.

    10. Thorka on

      Opps, commented in the wrong section with that last one.

    11. Thorka on

      @farken - I agree, you mod your little heart out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Yemto on

      farken - Yes, I was worried that it would add up, or add up to my previous pledge.

    13. Missing avatar

      farken on

      Moon Werewolf - yes you only pay $115. I've done the same thing, the extra $15 for the overseas shipping right?

    14. Missing avatar

      Yemto on

      Can someone awnser this. do this

      Pledge: $90.00
      Reward: $90.00

      Pledge: $115.00
      Reward: $100.00

      Then i pay $115 and not $215... for I'm not sure

    15. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Also taken from the website, further down:

      Will Paypal donations count towards stretch goals?
      Yes! At the end of the campaign we will add funds from Paypal to the final amount to determine which goals we have met.

    16. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      This was taken from the website:

      Are PayPal donations applied to the Kickstarter funding goal?
      No, PayPal donations do not count toward the Kickstarter funding goal. However, PayPal donations will receive the appropriate rewards based on the amount. Kickstarter should be seen as the primary way to fund this project and PayPal is a backup method for those unable to fund via Kickstarter for whatever reason.

    17. Jeramy Staub on

      Woops forgot this. After all most is being handled by Amazon if you think about it.

    18. Jeramy Staub on

      @Dylan Kuchar This doesnt even cover the donations from Paypal I dont think. But also for the addresses i believe that it will be mostly automated.

    19. Missing avatar

      Dylan Kuchar on

      HA! I was the one who sent it over the 1,800,000! Can't wait for Galactic War!

    20. Chris Stratford on

      I feel sorry for the team, they will get writers cramp.
      They are each going to have to do close to 1500 signatures...
      One for the box, art and book...

      If it takes approx 10 seconds to sign an item and move to the next one, it will take them each a solid 4 hours of non-stop signing!


    21. Jeramy Staub on

      If i had the money to get a custom commander mine would be a lot like a gundam.

    22. Missing avatar

      Evan on

      @Nathan Davis and about 70 custom commanders :P hope they arent too over powered

    23. Missing avatar

      Evan DeThample on

      notch is gonna have a unit named after him lol

    24. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      oh just looked should be 10 backers who will have units named after them so far.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      I would think if we don't get the full orchestra we will get synthesized music. MIDI songs. I for one would like the +sing to use the voices of the actual backers the units are named after. lol

    26. Logan Sikora-beder on

      What will happen if the Orchestra is not funded? Will we not get any strings or something?

    27. Christopher Wolfe on

      When the Galactic war stretch goal was announced, I was worried that we wouldn't make it. Now, there are forty five hours to make a little more than thirty eight thousand dollars, and I'm thinking we will be getting the orchestra too. I hope for the documentary, but that's just gravy.

    28. StanleySteamer on

      Additionally, could we open a discussion about trading the Galactic Map for a full Orchestra?

    29. Wesley Noble on

      I hope that the paypal will make it add up to 2 Million, maybe even the 2.1, but I want that Full Orchestral Score dammit

    30. Jeramy Staub on

      My friend just pledged $100 via Paypal because he didnt want to use Amazon. So there are people using paypal and there is quite a bit that will come from that.

    31. Stapha94 on

      They still haven't added the paypal to the total for the stretch goals, so there is hope, they said that they would.

    32. Marc on

      I don't think it will get to $2.1M for the documentary, which makes me sad. :(

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Bisanar on

      I hope we hit 1.8m soon, because the giant face approaching the galaxy is starting to freak me out.

    34. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      Orchestral sound track FTW. The game soundtrack is what MADE Total Annihilation such timeless game. Lets make give PA the same breathtaking soundtrack quality as TA!!!!!
      I will empty my bank account until the goal is reached!!!!

    35. Chris Heath on

      Galactic war takes priority over the sound track, in most people's opinion, but an orchestral sound track for the game would really put this over the top, you guys got my $150 let's see this thing happen!

    36. Rasmus Krogsager on

      I Agree with Marcin Wolny, but I think we'll see both when the paypal funds are added.. I'm sure there's plenty of monies hiding there! :)

    37. ThermalSloth on

      I switched from $15 to $150 + $15 shipping ($165 total, for the maths wizards out there!) just to see this go to extragalactic! :O

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin Gillespie on

      I would much rather have seen extragalactic war instead of an orchestral

    39. Marcin Wolny on

      I wish the Full Orchestral Score would be a goal before Galactic War....

    40. Missing avatar

      Beefok on

      I went from $45 to $90 to see this thing through for Galactic Warfare. Let's do this

    41. Peter Schlieckmann on

      To be honest, am not so fussed about orchestral music, I listen to the music maybe an hour, but then I turn it off.... especially in a multiplayer game...
      When I am talking to my teammates via TS3 or Skype....I don't want to listen to some background music.
      This is the first stretch goal am really not interested and I would like to see the money spent somewhere else, like more units or better game support after release, or just a buffer....

    42. Missing avatar

      Da-Fort on

      I love the idea of a live orchestra. I am a big fan of TSFH, Immediate music and Epic score, etc. But with 2 days to get 250 000 dollars. I hope you guys will be able to receive the money! It seems that we are track for the fourth stretch goal.

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Loving both Galactic War and the live orchestra part - so more than doubling my pledge from $20 to $50. Very much hoping that there is enough via PayPal to reach the music stretch goal even if it doesn't get there from the Kickstarter alone. I was never a fan of TA - more a C&C person - but this looks like the closest thing there'll be to good ol' fashioned base-building and explosions. Can't what to annihilate some planets!

    44. Cody Orr on

      I'd like the orchestra but I'll just loop some TA soundtracks if I have to do so. Single player is the most important thing. Not all of us have broadband.

    45. Jeramy Staub on

      @Daniel your going to have to explain further.

    46. Daniel on

      waste of money

    47. StanleySteamer on

      So, about those Dyson Spheres...

      Can we build 'em?