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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Galactic War

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hello again Kickstarters!

We are now in the final stretch of what has been an amazing run. You’ve already empowered us to start the next leg of this journey and begin development on the game. You’ve pushed us to go beyond our initial plan and deepened the game experience with more diverse unit types and planets. 

 Some pretty ambitious goals have been solidified because of your support the past few weeks. Your enthusiasm and energy has encouraged us to think even more ambitiously about the scope of Planetary Annihilation. We want you to be able to destroy units, planets, and solar systems. 

 Or better yet, annihilate whole galaxies. 

Today we are revealing Galactic War as our next stretch goal. The goal is set at $1,800,000.

The Galactic War is a replayable single and multiplayer metagame. Play locally by yourself or co-op with your friends against our world class Skirmish AI’s. Or play on the live multiplayer servers and try to conquer the galaxy! 

  Features include:
  • Procedurally generated galaxy map, play a different galaxy every time! 
  • Single player and co-op for local play 
  • Online multiplayer mega-battles. Join a faction and plunder the universe! 
  • Clan wars servers for fighting the galactic war between clans 
  • Dynamic story system that logs your fight and generates exciting counter attacks and special missions that up the challenge level 
Many of you have asked for more single player action. We think that a replayable Galactic War metagame is going to deliver much more long term fun than a pre-scripted campaign! 

Please let us prove it by helping us reach the goal.

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    1. Siege on

      We made it, and by a lot...

      But I have to disagree with the assertion that multi-player play at any level can somehow substitute the action and play in a well-done single-player campaign. It's like comparing apples and oranges, to be completely honest, and in more ways than the obvious.

      The ability to pop in and play for just a few minutes without any big commitment, the ability to play without worrying about not paying enough attention to a large MP game and looking a fool or letting down a team, for example, is critical for some of us. I took no interest in DOTA2, for example, due to the lengthy battles that couldn't be exited without screwing over the other players on your team. Even if I intend to play games--even just a single game--all day long doesn't mean I plan on devoting constant attention to it.

      Even the final stretch goal was blown away by $128k... I'd think there's enough money in the pot now to justify making a single-player game. Don't underestimate the ability of a good story and setting that players can "get in to" to not only retain players even for multi-player games, but to keep them motivated and excited for a munch longer time than they might if they have no other higher interest besides fighting what will eventually start to feel like the same battle, over and over again.

    2. Thorka on

      @Matthew Halls - No, you mod your little heart out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand Kølster on

      @Matthew Halls: no. no it is not.

    4. Matthew Halls on

      Is it bad that I'm already conceptualizing a singleplayer campaign mod in my head at this early stage in development?

    5. Missing avatar

      Vlad on

      If this feature will be implemented - it will be the RTS I dreamed of! Just please make possible to save MP games (At least LAN ones)!

    6. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      I cant wait for this to be released, just remember balance betw. armies when u make it!

    7. Paul Taylor-Meinema on

      You Guys are awesome. If (my) funds permitted I'd have pledged my apartment. I gave you as much as I could. Do your very best - an absolutely brilliant project. Do well. I look forward to an Annhilatory result!

    8. Missing avatar

      Savva Emanon on

      The Galactic War - what a fabulous concept...

      Let's hope you guys can make that stretch.....

    9. Missing avatar

      Cameron on

      So excited, I was worried about a scripted singleplayer being implemented without a "skirmish mode".
      In all RTS games I have played the scripted story modes where so pointless and arcade-like. Sure I have had my fun with the original Starcraft storyline and Warcraft 3 had some great cinematics, but when it comes down to true macro strategy and large scale. A scripted game means knowing how to beat it the way they designed you to beat it. An open game gives you the endless possibilites of trying new strategy, being surprised, getting your arse handed to you by ruthless well programmed AI, and as the Devs have put it, creating the story for you. This is the kind of thing I loved about supreme commander. It was about the mechanics of the gameplay, it could last a REALLY LONG TIME, and I always remember my most epic moments of nukes raining down over my own forces in the last ditch effort to finish the oncoming swath of robots, only to rise victorious as their commander overloads int oblivion.
      With that said, this is also everything I had been so mislead to believe EA's Spore would be. Do we really want another 2hour tutorial campaign only to finally let go of your hand in the final stage of a garbage game with so much potential? I had hoped that one day modders would use that cartoony micro planet and massive galaxy , thanks to endless license security, mods where not possible.
      "The age of publishers has passed" we have mod support, we have a massive platform to build from when these guys polish it off and hand it over to the public. Lets annihilate planets!!!

      *ps. speaking of how much i hate spore, how's about populating some of the more temperate planets with spore-esque critters that run around in dismay as our single purposed death machines consume and burn their paradise?!!!

    10. nick blondeau on

      Holy shiz yes!!!!! it sounds awesome i can't wait for this game. i have been waiting a long time for a game like this to surface!

    11. Amy Worrall on

      "If any developer of products comes along and says "Hey we hear you, but we're gonna do our own thing any way" attitude, why back them?"

      @Robin: Personally I like developers that have their own vision and stick to their guns, rather than obeying the whims of the crowd. The last thing we want is something designed by committee, that tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no-one.

    12. Missing avatar

      Samuel Aaron Whitehead on

      I was impressed with the game, but GW is what made me pledge. GOOD LUCK UBER!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rhys Leverington on

      this is what i'm pumped for we will hit 1.8m in two days

    14. Missing avatar

      Nick Rapport on

      I'm with samjaza. I just upped my pledge to $50 just because this is exactly what I want from a game. Unlimited playability. Random generation. Not to mention the previous levels. We have to maker this happen, everyone. $180,000 in the next 64 hours!

    15. Missing avatar


      this is the reason i pledged.

    16. Missing avatar

      Keagan on

      Whoops wrong update

    17. Missing avatar

      Keagan on

      Change the order of the Documentary and the Orchestra, if we get a synthesized orchestra anyways I'd much rather get a Documentary!

    18. Josh Heitzman on

      Yup, wouldn't want to see this push back launch either. Perhaps deployed as a free v1.1 update after v1.0 release?

    19. Jeramy Staub on

      We can do it guys. This will be an awesome feature and all we need is about $150K more and we will have it. My only concern is will these features push back the launch. Im really hoping this will be ready for the 2013 intel Lanfest with Lan gameplay so we can have tournaments and everything.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rhys Leverington on

      this game looks amazing how could you not be throwing money at this game

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ginsburg on

      Guys, look at the design team, these are some of the best in RTS design, and look at the update, they want galactic war as much as we do, if we don't hit the goal while on kickstarter, they will make a way for it to be funded.

    22. Missing avatar

      John Albers on

      We can do It guys! Don't let the naysayers say Nay! Lets get some Galactic warfare going! That will elevate this game to the next level! I just upped mine from $20 to $50! Why spend 20 for an awesome game when you can spend $50 for an even MORE AWESOME GAME!

    23. Niels van Kesteren on

      I upped my pledge from 15 to 40 to get into the early beta and get someone else into the new free 15 spot. :) It took 1 minute for the 15 spot to be taken already! All those guys just waiting for spots to open up, maybe go for 20 within the last minute, getting us the Galactic Wars! That would be awesome. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      @Niels van Kesteren

      That's $2324 per hour remaining. Over twice that much has been pledged in the last hour, and the average today is $2975 per hour.

      If things slow down a bit it might be close, but it's certainly possible. Of course, announcing another awesome stretch goal might help boost things (hint, hint Uber!)

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick Courtemanche on

      Looks like they'll just miss Galactic Wars, which is really disappointing, it would have elevated the game to a whole new level. Hope they add that content later. :(

    26. Harry on

      I'm certain that if this stretch goal isn't reached, it'll be in one of the first DLCs =]
      I'd love to see what the last stretch goal is! And wether that'll become DLC too.

    27. Niels van Kesteren on

      71 hours to go and I cannot see it happening. The sad point is, Galactic Wars could actually be the best unique selling point of Planetary Annihilation to make it for the big audience.

    28. Niels van Kesteren on

      Sooo, my idea with black holes can be used in different ways:
      - Invade enemy home base planet, build big thrusters on one side, defend it from the enemy, turn the thing on after some countdown, modify course of the planet to go towards a black hole!

      - Build some ray gun on a unstable planet, make it attract another big planet (takes time, so enemy can anticipate), when both impact on each other, unstable planet collapses and starts a black hole, the race to be on other planets away from the black hole starts, because the black hole gets bigger and bigger eating up nearby planets.

      - Make it a complete new gameplay type as a race against the clock with scenario of previous point, without the ray gun.

      And that's just out of the top of my head. Go for it Uber! :)

    29. Missing avatar

      James Burke on

      i really hope we get to 1.8 and not have to see the next stretch goal because it'll be too painful not achieving it

    30. Missing avatar

      XenxuS on

      I love this idea. Moving armies across the galaxy to conquer entire systems is brutal!!

      but one question, how do yo do that? have you planed some type of hyper-speed drive or warp gate?
      ond so that means you also get an space fleet?

    31. M. van Workum on

      Come to think about it, think about the strategic possibilities of this idea. Attacking someone while there away or sleeping! How more real can it get... ;)

    32. M. van Workum on

      @ Robin Watt, even though your are essentially right. I don't see this commitment as an alternative to including a single player campaign. It's a way cooler implementation of a possible single player campaign which will be new ever time your start one.
      Still a lot of different games sessions after each other just without a story line but a new experience every time. Why isn't this listening to there backers?
      Not even mentioning the co-op / multiplayer possibilities.
      I would be awesome to be able to host an galaxy on a server which will allow players to let there army protect there assets when there not online. Games running for months instead of hours!

    33. Missing avatar

      BanzaiBlitz on

      Make like Notch and throw money at it faster! XD

      Kickstarter looks to actually started the end of publishers in gaming. Developers and Distributors are all we need! Uber is living up to their name! :happydance:

    34. JT Davies on

      @Robin Watt: I understand where you are coming from, and they probably could have phrased it better, but personally a procedurally-generated enormous thing (with all the replay value that implies) that works for both single- and multiplayer is preferable to a single-player storyline I play exactly once for each difficulty Normal and above.

    35. Commissar Mums on

      Galactic war, gogogo

    36. Mark T on

      All i have to say is: The awesome head better eat those dots like pacman.

    37. Robin Watt on

      @Blane Elferdink, I don't care about single player... I care about the backers who are supporting the project getting ignored on their requests. Not a sour-puss attitude. We, the backers, are the money that support the game. If any developer of products comes along and says "Hey we hear you, but we're gonna do our own thing any way" attitude, why back them?

    38. Missing avatar

      Fardun on

      keep posting on big boards like They have a huge number of people watching the forums so there will probably a high count of users encountering PA for the first time and maybe they will pledge 20+.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      "Really? Your backers ask for something, and you say "We'll give you this instead" I'm tempted to pull my backing just because of this."

      I read their comment as "there is no way we can do a fully scripted single player campaign without cutting corners or adding huge costs/time to the final game."

      A fully functional procedurally generated campaign is going to be more fun than a short, half assed, half funded traditional single player campaign. I personally hope they release a map editor powerful enough that we can make our own campaigns. Or even better use proceeds from the final game to release a campaign expansion.

    40. Blane Elferdink on

      @Robin, your money might be missed, but your sour-puss attitude won't be. The majority of backers are thrilled with the galactic war.

    41. Missing avatar

      Anton Örn Sigurðsson on

      I love it. Galactic War is going to by so fun.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Burke on

      backers gravitate toward what they know, but eat up the ideas presented. so Robin I think many people are onboard

    43. Robin Watt on

      "Many of you have asked for more single player action. We think that a replayable Galactic War metagame is going to deliver much more long term fun than a pre-scripted campaign!"

      Really? Your backers ask for something, and you say say"We'll give you this instead" I'm tempted to pull my backing just because of this.

    44. Joost Schriek on

      This look insanely awesome!

    45. Missing avatar

      Odd Erik Midthaug on

      Upped my pledge to 100. Really want the galactic war!

    46. Daniel Rudolph on

      gogogooooooo! upped to 240!

    47. DANY FEGHALI on

      I hope you will make that goal and much more!

    48. Missing avatar

      Derek B on

      Looking forward to the Galactic War! I was thinking this project needed some kind of campaign - but with this kind of co-op randomly generated campaign, it will blow campaigns out of the water. Still might want some kind of pre-loaded galactic war scenario for in the game for getting started or something.

      Also - feature idea (I've been wanting this since TA in 1997): The ability to toggle a graphical resource utilization view/overlay. Think having units glow in different colors or brighter depending on how much metal/energy/mass is being pumped into them (would show larger resource users irrespective of map zoom). This would allow for easy identification and elimination of individual economy bottlenecks without a stop-all.