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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

New Reward Tiers and T-shirt designs

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hello Kickstarters!

Thank you again for all the continued support! We're really excited at the positive response to our current stretch goals. Before revealing our next stretch goal we want to act on a few of the suggestions the community has had. 

First off, we are introducing two new tiers. At $90 we’ve created the Digital Tier that gives you everything from the $100 tier that is available in digital form. You get an alpha game access key, an alpha commander, the digital art book, and all of the previous rewards including the progenitor commander. Many of you have been asking for this tier as you don’t want to deal with physical items, but you still want alpha keys and commanders. 

The second new tier is the $150 Planetary Tier. Anyone who backs at the $150 level and above will have their name immortalized in the planet naming system. Whenever a star system or planet is generated we automatically come up with names for the individual planets. Those names will be pulled from a list of the $150 and above tier supporters. When we send out the survey at the end of the Kickstarter we will be asking for the name you would prefer to use here. It can be a nickname or a real name as long as it’s not vulgar. 

Everyone has been asking for t-shirt designs and we’re excited to finally reveal them. At the $100 tier you get a single t-shirt. You can add on as many as you want of the additional shirts by adding $30 to your pledge for each additional shirt. At the end of the Kickstarter you will receive a survey that allows you to specify types and sizes. 

View a larger image of the Progenitor commander shirt here.

View a larger image of the Alpha Commander shirt here.

View a larger image of the Asteroid shirt here.

Look for a bigger update later this week when we unveil the next stretch goal!


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    1. Logan T M Wilcox on

      Yes oskar $100 tier + shipping + $30 tshirt = $145 :D

    2. Michel Rowinski on

      Ja Oskar helt rätt.

    3. Oskar Svanberg on

      Did i do this right? I pledge 145 and thats for 100 tier + international shipping 15 + 1 shirt 30 =145 right?

    4. Neeraj Vyas on

      You guys are wrong. You get a single shirt at 100. You get a single shirt at 150 as well.

      If you decide NOT to have a planet named after you, THEN the 160 dollars will get you 3 shirts. Otherwise you get the 150 tier and below, and the extra 10 dollars is just donation.

      Therefore, if you want to have a planet named after you, you either have to pledge 180 to get 2 shirts, or you have to sacrifice a previous reward tier in the survey in order to save 30 for a shirt.

      It's like an online shopping cart. You either are paying for the tier, or paying for extra shirt/game keys.

    5. Missing avatar

      Remi D. Finjord on

      @Niels: Click manage pledge, enter $175 as your amount (assuming you need international shipping judging by your current pledge), and still select the $100 tier.

    6. Missing avatar

      Niels Bjerregaard on

      i have pledge 116 now.. but i want two more shirt. how do i do that ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Abimilech on

      For 3 t-shirts, select the $100 tier (or higher), and pledge $160 (or $175 if you need to add international shipping). Then "When your reward is ready, Uber Entertainment Inc will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (mailing address, T-shirt size, etc)."

    8. Missing avatar

      Niels Bjerregaard on

      if i want all 3 t-shirt i just have to make two
      more 40$ payments ??

    9. Hammertoss on

      Why isn't there a shirt with "The Face" on it? (It's Scathis' face right?)

    10. Christian Grech on

      I would like to see a T-shit with "I don't Just play PA, I fund it" on the front and on the back have "because I don't play for realism I play for awesome!" (insert picture of john about to eat galaxy). That said I love the current designs :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason Prettyman on

      In the survey for the t-shirts can you have the dimensions of each size because not all small/medium/large are the same across different vendors. Thank you.

    12. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      love the black meteor/asteroid personally. blue ones nice too though (not my style in color)

      Btw thanks for the great work guys.

    13. Dominus on

      Yellow Alpha Commander tshirt is the best

    14. Jeramy Staub on

      To be a bit more precise I like the Blue shirts front but the Yellow shirts back. Could you just put both of those together and it would be awesome.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua Alexander on

      The blue shirt looks awesome. I think a black shirt with that same color blue for the print would also look incredible, perhaps even more so! Just a suggestion.

    16. Jeramy Staub on

      I actually like the first one.

    17. Missing avatar

      Christopher Schultz on

      So, if I want to fund at the $50 tier and get a second game key, do I pledge $70 and just claim the $50-tier "reward"? Or, do I pledge $50 and then pay $20 later somehow?

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hi, I pledge for the 20$ tier. If I add another 20$, do I only get the extra cd-key, or can I upgrade to the 40$ tier(or both?).

    19. Missing avatar

      carol b helms on

      Congradulations on reaching over $1,500,000 :-)

    20. Simon Høgh Albrechtsen on

      Chad: No if you get the 20 tier and pay 50$ extra, so that you pay 70$ in total you get 3 extra keys

    21. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Question about this statement (it's not here, but it is on the main page):

      "For all tiers: Extra game keys - Add $20 for each key, 3 extra keys for $50 "

      So if I get the $50 tier, I get 3 keys total?

    22. Missing avatar

      Nikoli Prazak on

      I actually prefer a shirt with no back art. Fronts of Alpha and Prog are sweet. Backs both blow.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mitch on

      Is it at all possibly we could but a shirt without going to the $100 tier? I really just want the shirt!

    24. Ben Mauer on

      The alpha shirt, can we get the t-shirt in a different color perhaps?

    25. Simon Olofsson on

      I more fond of the Alpha Commander than the progenitor, but I like the back of the Progenitor T-shirt more... It wouldn't be possible to have the same back on both Progenitor and Alpha T-shirts?

    26. Joonas Rasimus

      That Yellow shirt is frigging awsome !!!

    27. Missing avatar

      sixthugger on

      Remember, if you don't like a planet's name you can just BLOW IT UP!!!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jethro Seabridge on

      Keep it black on yellow, I really like it.

    29. Dane on

      Yellow on Black Alpha commander shirt would probably be my #1 choice, otherwise gotta go with the asteroid one as it is on a black shirt.

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter Batchelor on

      Will the t-shirts be available after?

    31. Missing avatar

      Nathanael Holmes on

      Alpha commander shirt is the best looking but who wears yellow? Please please please reverse the colours! Yellow on black would be way cooler!

    32. Xahni13 on

      A red Alpha Commander shirt would be awesome !

      Or a black shirt with Red Alpha commander.. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      kenth myhre on

      This is FU cking awsome, excuse my language... BUT IT IS!!! Doubled my pledge, and more! =D Lets make this shit happen

    34. John Michael Guerrero on

      I'd love to get these as poster prints! :D

    35. Rhys K on

      That Alpha Commander shirt is wicked! But there's no way in hell I'm buying a yellow shirt!

    36. Missing avatar

      Shawn Murphy on

      I totally want a Red Alpha Commander Shirt.
      If I jump to $150, can I name an Asteroid belt or other cosmic objects instead?
      Also, will the design be extensible, so that if you don't hit all of the stretch goal they may be added later if sales are high?

    37. Mitchell on

      Supreme commander tried and failed to get a story going, its mostly a waste of time and money for nothing more than prebuilt scenarios with little-to-no adaptive challenge. Sins of a Solar empire did it right with an obligatory setting story and nothing else, and I think Planetary Annihilation should do the same.

    38. Martin Nicolas on

      @William Davison yes, let's see how hopefully creative the game comes up with in the end. Wandering MMORPG's (what this one isn't) I can't stand those L337 hAx0R names anymore ;)

    39. Esteban on

      Will there be matchmaking in multyplayer ?

    40. Esteban on

      + THROW MORE MONEY A THESE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT A SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Esteban on

      I agree with william davison

    42. Missing avatar

      Taylor on

      rather than always random planet names I would of preferred standard names so it could be easier to get to know what planet your talking about. Really though people will probably say "The metal planet near home base" anyway so what does it matter.

    43. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      Just like units have unique names, Planets should have them too. (;

    44. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      I see not problem with Planets being named after people. I LIKE the idea. It is much easy to tell a friend to invade planet DOE then to invade planet 1354 Zulu. You have to remember that most people will be using nicknames (cool sounding names) and that Uber reserves the right of how to use the name in its naming system.

    45. Martin Nicolas on

      That naming planets thing - sorry, that's a big turn off. I don't really want to see planets with peoples names all over the place. John Doe, Max Mustermann, Sven Svensson, Jean Dupont, Zhang Sang, Mehmet Mehmetcik, Pinco Pallino, etc...
      Make the planets rename-able or an option to turn that "feature" off please!

    46. Marcin Wolny on

      Two questions:

      1) In 150$ tier - can we limit the name of our planets to specific type if we'd like to? Cause some nicknames/ideas simply wouldn't fit the certain types, or perhaps someone simply doesn't want his name to be used on an alien space station?

      2) someone asked about t-shirts without "backer" text - I'd prefer one as well if it's possible :) (ps. Alpha commander shirt got awesome back, pity I don't like anything else in it... lol - if you'll be making shirts with no backer text: more symbols, less robots! ;) )

    47. Marcin Wolny on

      Øistein Søvik - yea, you do. So did I. But I guess - it's worth it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Luke Grigsby on

      To get the Asteroid T-shirt do I need to up to 150? Stop tempting me!

    49. Missing avatar

      Øistein Søvik on

      I have just donated $150 to this awesome project. Do I still have to include 15 dollars for international shipping?

    50. Brian Holme on

      you can always pledge more and chose what ever reward you want you dont have to chose the highest reward available with what you pledge