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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Law Inman on

      I also like the unit customization idea

    2. Birchell Eversole on

      I like the unit customization idea.

    3. Jeff Kaplan on

      Come on lava and metal planets. I hope we get cutscenes of battle station planetoids. Always loved them from Star Wars to Heinlein to courtesy of The Stainless Steel Rat.
      Tell some friends and get in on this epic ground floor production!

    4. Jeff Kaplan on

      Ok, this is looking awesome. What are the odds of making the Kickstarter backer rewards besides just aesthetically pleasing, some minor bonus for being the grass roots funders we are. That would be a really sweet thanks.
      Customization and modular design should be a stretch goal. With additional funding, the programming costs could be added, imo. Then yes, customization on a moderate level for those stat junkies is cool ;)
      Keep up the great work, concepts and concept artwork!

    5. James Joseph on

      You need to make this game more modular, allow for extreme unit and commander customization. Also, spaceships, the idea of neglecting space battles is absurd. See: Warzone 2100 and Homeworld 1 & 2.

    6. Missing avatar

      Felix on

      You need a purely digital $100 tier. Also, congratulations on getting funded.

    7. Edmund on

      Well, it took 3 days to get the extra $200k for the water stretch goal. There are 12 days remaining and 4 stretch goals. So if the same rate of pledge dollars persists then we'll get the whole batch. Uber Ent. is bound to unlock stretch goal 4 when they do their next update. I wonder what could it be.

      Spaceships!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Battle between the planets? I'm a bit of a Homeworld (1 and 2, not Cata) fanboy. :)

    8. Lukas Samuelsson on

      1,5 millneed to happen. I would like full out tactical energy warfare. In a time where robots are key. You need energy therefore why not block the sun with that metal (spacestation) planet. Or freeze an entire planetary system by destroying the sun resulting in a tie or atleast that a game timer starts ticking untill everyone freezes over.

    9. Missing avatar

      Santford Banks on


    10. Missing avatar

      Alex Gilday on

      woo!!!!! stretch goal 1 hit!!!!

    11. Brendan Blakemore on

      Not listening to the naysayers, I'm happy with the new stretch goals and have the confidence that you'll do it all well!

    12. Akryum on

      "Why should 2/5 of your audience and supporters miss out on a big piece of game content simply because that is all they can give at this current time?"
      What's wrong with you? Ho, you are missing two commander SKINS, too bad! 'Big piece of game content" right? I don't understand your point of view...

    13. David Peralty on

      I like how magicka does dlc. In multiplayer, the hosts dlc content is available to the players for their session. It allows them to see what they are missing and keep playing with your friends that dont always buy expansions.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      DLC have disadvantage that online players aren't homogeneous =( Metal Planet would be awesome in the original game =$

    15. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Ohhh Lava and Metal Planets ='( We will never have this objective ='( Too hard to reach, no ? Perhaps could you imagine an other kickstarter run for a DLC ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Planets that can be "reactivated"? That's pretty exciting.

    17. James on

      Tbh I thought there was already heaps at the $100 tier - well, for me, there isn't really anything I'd want between Alpha access at $100 and lunch with the dev team for $10,000! :) If only I had a spare $10k floating around... lol...

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Thomas Slaughter on

      Why does the progenitor have a four on it? Love the looks.

    19. Boris Valnert on

      Sorry, but the progenitor commander is not quite beautiful.

    20. Missing avatar

      Guy Delongchamp on

      Maybe that blue commander should be called the "Progenital".

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Love the game but I wish the art style was more TA.

    22. Sean Scarfo on

      Personally, I think Metal worlds should be included no matter what.

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Setterstrom on

      It would be kind of fun to senda gas giant towards another planet then light it up a bit before it collides, or you could have it pass by the metal planet completley screweing it up requiring more repairs.

    24. Missing avatar

      Joel Westerlund on

      Pheagey, I think you've forgotten the first PA video! "We are not aiming for realistic, we're aiming for AWESOME!" :D :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Pheagey on

      +1 Daniel idea. Though for gas I image the wall of fire running over the planet starting at the point of impact. Though not enough mass to become a second star.

    26. MemoryKill on

      Fantastic concept, massively supporting this one!

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rodriguez on

      Each planet should have a diff planet busting weapon, and should be destroyed in a diff way . ..
      1) terran planet -- asteroid: burn and shatter
      2) Water planet -- asteroid: tsunamis, seas boil away, burn and shatter
      3) Gas Giant -- Asteroid: planet ignites into second sun
      4) lava plantet -- destabilize planet core, planet splatters
      5) metal planet -- self-destruct: explosion a la Death Star

    28. Jorge Pacheco on

      Progenitor looks sexy.

    29. Luke on

      * EXPLODES*

    30. Missing avatar

      Holmium on

      Just upgraded from the $15 to the $50 pledge. I want the stretch goals!

    31. Raymon "Vay" on

      im about to upgrade, but i want the stretch goals, what if every current backer added a dollar O.o hmm?

    32. Christopher

      SWEET! Can't wait to play this!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Pheagey on!

    34. Awaras on

      Upgraded from $50 to $115...
      Good lord, this is the most money I ever splurged on a single game, but it looks like it will be worth it. :D

    35. Missing avatar

      Alluvian_Est-Endrati on

      Metal planet. Awesome. May the funding reach that goal level!

    36. Eric McNeil on

      Will gas giants colliding with lava planets make bigger booms?

    37. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      Wait, can metal planets withstand asteroid impacts?!?!?!?!?

    38. Mark Cameron on

      There can be plenty of planet types left... Depends on what conditions you want to set...

    39. Oscar Ubeda Segmar on

      Question: Will development continue after KS project is done?

    40. SkyWolf on

      Let's just say that we MUST hit 1.5m! :D

    41. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      Metal Planets!!!!!! YES!!! Just upped my pledge to 250. The Devs know what we want

    42. Missing avatar

      David on

      I also agree with Raphael. I personally have pledged $100, but only selected the $50 tier prize (at the time) because I have no interest in the physical collector stuff. I would love it if you were to make the Alpha commander and other digital stuff available as a different tier reward from the physical. I imagine (at the least) it would save you guys a bit of money from not having to have more miniatures and the like made up....

    43. Dragonscale1988 on

      Being a total Annihilation fan i kinda predicted this stretch goal. Metal planets where awesome for metal collection, now apart from the planet types there can only be Units now, Bots, Vehicles, Planes, Boats, Hover craft, Experimental units?

    44. Martin Nicolas on

      *echoes Raphael and Eric Reeves* agreed!

    45. Missing avatar

      Marc Klages on

      Raphael is right...

    46. Missing avatar

      Eric Reeves on

      Yeah I agree completely with Raphael, I want to play the game not some figure that collects dust on my shelf.

    47. Rand Chua TL on

      Guys there can't be only 25k of people that love RTS game on this Planet? There should be at least 1 million people out there waiting for news of this game too. Need to let them know there is this great company making this RTS for all of us. Let's us all do our best in spreading this game news to the World wide gaming fans sites and main stream gaming news centre! Remember to Tell all your friends about it. We need to hit all the stretch goal people!
      Let's continue to spread news of this great game to get all our stretch goal.

    48. Marc Davies on

      I agree there needs to be atleast one more interim tier before $100

    49. Raphael on

      How about a 70$ tier, with acces to the alpha + the alpha commander, but without all those physical goodies? (since shipping costs 15$, too...)
      I think some international backers might look for something like that! Everyone's excited to get his hands on the game, but not everyone is a "collector" of physical goodies, and paying 15$ for them is kind of unattractive if you're not into it. I really look forward to a tier between 50$ and 100$ that is purely digital ;)