Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. Greg on

      Awesome!! Please give some consideration to an add on for a printed version of the digital book, it doesnt have to be free or signed. Im in at $20 for a hardcover if its added as an option to buy for $100 backers

    2. Neeraj Vyas on


      Btw first :D

    3. Robin Morrison on

      Congratulations on hitting $1 Million. This game is going to rock.

    4. Jason Hsu on

      Are Early Bird $100 backers (aka $95 backers) getting the newly added rewards too?

    5. Anders Mellon Skov Hermansen on

      I love the miniature news - thank you for being awesome!

    6. Darren Myers on

      I assume any pledge above 100 will still include all previous tiers even the recently added ones. Such as pledging 250 will still get you the miniatures?

    7. Missing avatar

      Talak on

      So are the progenitor and alpha just special limited skins/models of units that are available to everyone?

    8. Andreas Ringlstetter on

      The new stretch goal sounds awesome, lets hope we make it.

      As for the miniatures, high quality metal, handpainted figures (made to last for decades) or just plain plastic figures which loose their painting or change color when exposed to sunlight?

    9. Missing avatar

      M0D3Rn on

      Oh man oh man, Metal planets!


    10. Greg on

      If you pledged over 100 then both are available to you.. Otherwise 50 gets you the progenitor, if you dont back at either levels you will never have those commanders its the incentive

    11. J.R. Raith on

      Same question as Jason -- if they're not available at the $95 tier, I'll switch to $100.

      I also hope that, if the stretch goals aren't met during the Kickstarter, the team considers all of these things for a future Expansion Pack. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      MaddogZenon on

      O M F GOD, Lava And Metal Planets I KNEW IT.

      I pledged 150 (extra 50 for 3 beta keys i think).

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark E on

      I'd pretty much guarantee you get them at $95 early bird.

      Just upgraded to $100 from $20, was tempted before and this just made it too good to pass up!

    14. Patrick Bino on

      Lava and Metal planets should be higher than Gas Giants.
      Because HOLY shit lava sounds amazing - and a metal pla.. errr I mean Death Star, sounds so much more amazing!

      "Sir our metal/Death Star is tearing apart"
      "Alright soldiers, mount the the engines and prepare it for the collide.."

    15. Missing avatar

      DHAmoKK on

      Whoa, you really need 200k bucks for every 2 planet types? They better be REALLY good o.O

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel O'Hea on

      They listened to my/our suggestion regarding artificial planets! I love you guys.

    17. Andrew on

      Man, I really really hope you achieve every stretch goal because so far all your stretch goals sound absolutely awesome.