Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. QuakePhil on

      For beta/alpha testers, will it be allowed to publically stream your testing experience? What about private streams?

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      spiffytech on

      Huzzah! I'm looking forward to playing with the beastly Alpha commander!! I and Death Stars! I Who can forget Death Stars?

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      David on

      WE NEED THOSE METAL PLANETS holy crap I wish they weren't a stretch goal. that means there's a possibility that they might not make it in :[

    4. Greg on

      They are making specific unit types to correspond with the planets as well.

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      MaddogZenon on

      @David - They could release as DLC.

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      Levi Smith on

      So glad we've reached the first major milestone. Keep the updates coming!

    7. Rivfader on

      hopes for moon variations

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      sykoste on

      there seems no way of stopping this now - at some point someone is going to have to scream 'FINISH THIS GAME ALREADY'

      What I really want to see is a graph that shows the amount backed per day over the timespan so we can all get a real view of whether this is accelerating or slowing down. That way you could also see what is a priority - if lava world slows a bit and then battle planet zooms ahead fast that is the fans saying - "do battle planet weapon station thingy first!

    9. Zach Roberts on

      Am I understanding that you might be able to "drive" the metal planet space stations?

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      Gilberto DeSalvo on

      Considering we are about at the half way mark for days on kickstarter and the funding is continuing at about 50k/day we should be able to hit all of the stretch goals listed so long as people continue funding at the current pace. The only goal which would probably not be unlocked is the 5th goal, unless it looks very attractive and gets everyone to donate more :).

    11. Joshua Irwin on

      The metal planets were always my favorite in total annihilation. Ah, the nostalgia another one would bring

    12. Luke Keppler

      I don't want DLC unless it's free. I buy games whole or nothing. Let's get it in there.

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      Moleculor on

      I'd love to have digital only tiers. I don't need physical rewards.

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      Florian Schwahn on

      All these updates and goals don't include the paypal donations so far.
      Are these donations just to few or is it possible that they do not contribute to reaching the stretch goals. The primary goal is obviously excluded, but what about now?

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      @sykoste, you can see all pledge stats you want from kicktraq:

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      Gilberto DeSalvo on

      I also hate this idea of DLC or pay to win games, I'd rather pay up 20$ more up front than be nickled and dimed by a company to complete what feels like an unfinished product...see diablo 3.

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul Little on

      Please, let there be 'scheduled, stackable' order system like in Supreme Commander. I hate having to give units one command... wait till they get there... another command. And so on.

      It's also rather fun to order nuke attacks on many targets in a row.

    18. Chris Norulak on

      love the idea of "ancient installations", can't wait!

    19. Gaël Beaudoin on

      Great reward for the 100$ tier! Thank you!

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      william mauritzen on

      They mean "Metal" planet Iron Maiden and the planet White Snake.

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      Troy Mathis on

      Greatest update ever! Thank you! :D

    22. titub on

      Thank you, guys ! When another video ? That's will relaunch pledges !

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      Dustin on

      We asked.. You listened!! Thanks for bringing metal worlds back for the first time since the original TA!!!!! :D

      And i like your new twist on them, +1

      Metal worlds used to bring an entirely different dynamic and style of gameplay that really added to the replay value of the original TA. And if we got bored of the same build order, we just up'd the starting resources or add 'build time agreements' and then we had a whole new build order dynamic :D

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      John on

      Wow. So excited for this.

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      nateious on

      Holy crap the stretch goals keep getting better and better. Those commanders look amazing!

    26. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      That's awesome, guys. Thanks for the update and info. :)

    27. Neil Herron on

      You might get more bites if, much like the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, you add optional additional purchases for special Kickstarter only skins. I donated $20 for the game but am not interested in any of the other tiers for various reasons. I would, however, be interested in having the option to buy extra skins and even the Miniature set. I do think all options should be cosmetic, though; nothing that alters the gameplay.

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      gastrop0d on

      Oh my god you can activate death stars and beam your enemy into oblivion!!!!!!! Best twist for metal world imaginable!

    29. Lollybomb on

      There is no question here. This campaign NEEDS to hit $1.5m at a minimum.

      Also, am I the only person who just had the thought of just trying to ram someone else's planet with a death star? Have I been mixing my Carmageddon with my Planetary Annihilation?

    30. Bob B. on

      You know how they say "when you've made the sale, stop selling"? - Don't stop. Keep selling. OMG keep selling. *throws more money at Kickstarter*

    31. David Hagerty on

      I really like the metal planet concept. It makes a great way to have T3/experimental-type units, and maintain some balance.

    32. Missing avatar

      Gregory McKenna on

      So essentially when it comes to the metal planets we get to act like Orkz.

      "Oi, Boss! Datz a big moon dere!"

      "Datz no moon ya stupid git! Dats sometin we'ze gonna loot! WAAAGH!"

    33. Michael Magliocca

      So at the $100 level do you get both the Alpha and progenitor commander?

    34. Dexther on

      Lava planets... Sugoi... XD Please a second set of units... PLEASE!!! o/
      I like new straetch goal... XD
      Naval units goal unlocked more fast... (:

    35. Missing avatar

      Brad Fortin on

      So, if we don't hit these goals, does that mean we'll NEVER see lava and metal planets? or just that we'll have to wait for them to come in the form of DLC?

    36. Simonious Rex on

      Where do I look to see how far along this game is right now?

    37. Brett James on

      Ah my god I can't handle how much awesome you have produced today alone.

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      Njh on

      I wouldn't mind being able to grab that concept art as a wallpaper. Looks great!

    39. LoneWingman on

      I would love higher resolution versions of those commanders for wallpapers.

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      giant_snark on

      Check out the Kicktraq page for Planetary Annihilation. Kicktraq has all the functionality you're looking for and more.

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      Elliott on

      I think keeping the stretch goals closer together is helping (i.e. $200K between each goal, rather than $500K). Keep the updates up, and maybe include more progress shots of that image you keep stealth-updating on the front page. Boosting the $100 level is great. If you could do even more for that pledge level, it would really help the project along.

    42. Aaron Nguyen on

      If only I wasn't a broke college student I would definitely upgrade to $100 in an instant.... I hope we hit all the milestones!

    43. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      Also, you should make a webpage (a whole page, not just an FAQ entry) on exactly what updates are available at what levels, how much they cost, and how to purchase them multiple times. And link it in every single update, because people seem to get confused about the upgrade system semi-frequently.

    44. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      100 dollar mark is getting more tempting. I'm holding off though on upping my tier till much closer to the end.

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      now I hate that I'm a early backer at 15, when I should of went for 95.

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      Recipricate on

      You can upgrade your pledge joseph.....

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      zurtri on

      This is really exciting. I'm glad the team are keeping updates coming. The new units look exciting but for me battling on a Lava planet is very exciting.

    48. Patrick Gould on

      cant wait and thanks for the bounus uber i glad i splerged on the 10 now insted of 50

    49. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      Will we be able to switch between commanders when playing? I mean between the basic, progenitor and alpha?