Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. Kyle Tamayo on

      So excited! Also, good way to make me want to increase my pledge... might just do that now.

    2. James on

      OMG. Each update makes me a little more excited. :)

      I hope the planets are bigger than in the preview tho...

    3. John Michael Guerrero on

      Miniatures?? Hell YES! :D

    4. Leng Yang on

      Man, I remember Metal Planets!

      Unlimited source of metal = line(s) of Big Berthas!

      Can't wait!

    5. Peter Newman on

      Metal Planets in TA always seemed kind of lame, it was free resources... but now that they are relic battle stations, they seem awesome!

    6. Joshua P. on

      Does this mean we will be able to inflate metal asteroids into death spheres; in addition to finding smaller war relics; and that dyno-doomed, Earth style, planets become recolonizable lava worlds? For Cybertron!

    7. Robert Maynard on

      I have to say when I read the name of the stretch goal I was like "urrgh, what even IS a metal planet", but I love the description. Especially if they're only up to the size of a large moon, to balance the extraction potency or keep their mobility realistic. Then it's an awesome planet-busting weapon. Super cool. And lava planets are essentially just young rock planets, so that's cool.

    8. Missing avatar

      mrppants on

      Dyson spheres! Make it so...

    9. Raymon "Vay" on

      .drool. i definitely cant afford alpha but the progenitor concept looks amazing! O.O

    10. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      Death Stars! They listened :D ! I imagine we'll be able to mine them for metal or reactivate them, interesting tactical choices.

      The whole idea of transforming asteroids into death machines makes me think of how they send self-replicating machines on Phobos and Deimos to mine them and eventually outfit them with reactors to move them around in the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.

    11. Missing avatar

      adrian villanueva on

      I can"t wait to make my own units, like a borg ship that assimilates everything in it's path ?

    12. Missing avatar

      wannabeapilot on

      i wish you would swap this with the other stretch goal

    13. flaillomanz on

      How many units do you think we can have, total, on the battlefield at once? Ignoring, of course, how good of a computer one has.

    14. Missing avatar

      narbeh mehdikhani on

      I haven't been this excited for a game since I played total annihilation on my pentium 2 computer.

    15. Patrick on

      Congratulations on reaching the 1M mark and many, many thanks for this awesome update!

    16. Brett James on

      @narbeh , me neither!

    17. Missing avatar

      Scott Wilson on

      two words


      excitement levels growing, expectations nearing the redline......congratulations and thankyou for making this awesome awesome tribute/grandchild for my favouritest ever game TA.

    18. Mark on

      Awesome update indeed! XD

    19. Kerrash on

      I wonder if the next hidden level, is a Dyson Sphere? :P

    20. Missing avatar

      Ewells on

      What happens if we crash an ocean planet into a lava planet? :D

    21. Copec on

      Are the commanders just cosmestic or sidegrades?

    22. Kristof on

      dyson sphere's would be awesome, seeing it evolve from a single orbital line to a complete structure engulfing an entire star would be amazing!

    23. Sam Allen on

      ok ok upped my pledge to 100

    24. Andrew Pierce on

      @Uber: You might want to add a new $99 tier (limited to 1 backer) that explains that all backers of $95+ get the miniatures, this way new backers will be able to easily see what you actually get for those tiers and hopefully encourages them to pledge at these higher levels.

    25. Lukas Samuelsson on

      Upped my pledge to a 115$ Would be really sweet if you could relocate planets and asteroids to block the sun for your enemy. If there is some sort of technology for solarpower this will become useless with the sun blocked. I think that that would be an excellent strategy to be available to explore.

    26. LOTSL on

      squeeee!!! need more time on the kickstarter to get to the metal and lava planets they are totally a must same with naval planets! would have thought the progenitor to look a bit more like the rook from demigod, although the commander looks cool just the norm's rocket pods at the top look a tad more intimidating, but progenitor would kick ass if it had a rocket pod or so emerge from the shoulders sorta like iron man in the 1st movie

    27. Night Nord on

      Alpha commander is not very good in terms of it's head (too big, doubled. It conflicts with rest of the body), IMO. Or that's just resemblance of the fact that it is alpha? =)

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Finally funded as I got some money and I wondered, have you guys thought about planet cracking stuff? It might be hard, I don't really know about making games myself so you'd know, but I think it would be awesome to have some sort of giant laser or bombs that can split planets in half, or into smaller pieces. And then like you could still have mobile space bases on these planet chunks.

      Another way of doing it on land could be having a unit that can burrow down to the contre of the planet and blow it up from the inside? So if you could get these on an enemy planet you totally destroy them, that would awesome. Burrowing units in general could be really good, making tunnels for your army to go through, or just collapsing buildings into the ground at your enemies base. Well those are just some thoughts, this game looks absolutely amazing, so glad to see it funded. Thanks guys!

    29. Proarbiter on

      looks epic! keep it up with all the good ideas and concept art!

    30. Alexander Popp on

      Metal plants... like the Core homeworld in TA... very nice!!! I hope we get this goal... I mostly played "metal"-maps in TA :)

    31. Awaras on

      @Night Nord: That's not his head, it's a rocket launcher or something. I think the their 'heads' are the little lights in the middle of the chest.

    32. Marc Davies on

      As much as I love the Progenitor commander! and the Alpha makes me want to boost my pledge lol. I think the progenitor commander should Pay homage to TA i think it would be a good way to give the fans a bit more praise plus i think alot of people would love the nostalgia of seeing an ARM or CORE looking commander roaming the battlefield Of course though keep it within the art style you guys have going

    33. Dezplezzed on

      Oh god, everytime I think we're going to achieve the most important goal and I start to relax, they unveil another awesome thing which simply MUST be in the game.


    34. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      So let me get this straight: in order to have all in-game content, I have to bump my pledge to $95?

      Sorry, but I can't afford that much, and wouldn't drop it anyway on a project that, while it has the best of intentions, there's no guarantee the final result will meet our expectations, considering there's no playable sample for us to try and judge.

      As a result, I will cancel my pledge. I wish you all the best, but I don't agree with locking out part of the in-game content (big or small) unless one is willing to spend 4 or 5 times the cost of the final game.

      Gamers complain, rightfully, when big publishers remove content to include as retailer exclusive DLC, or to sell it afterwards as DLC, but now it seems these practices are spreading to "indie" developers, especially on Kickstarter, since the logic behind it is the same, or in fact even worse, since in this case we aren't paying for a fully realized product (maybe one that even has a playable demo), we are paying for intentions, with no way of knowing if the final result will be worth it.

    35. James on

      João Carlos Bastos, you aren't locked out of anything. What the hell are you talking about?

      If you don't pledger the $100, you don't get a special ingame commander. It's not that big a deal. The other stuff is not ingame: T-Shirts, miniatures, a special edition box. It's Uber's way of saying thanks.

      It's going to be an awesome game and you're not really missing out on anything important by not pledging more. These guys at Uber are going to be working their butts off (especially Mavor), and my hat is off to all of them.

      There's no need for you to throw your toys out of the pram just because you don't get some silly bonus stuff.

    36. Marc Davies on

      Agreed as much as id love to have the Alpha Commander and the Progen commander i dont get paid till after the deadline so I cant up my pledge more which makes me sad but im not throwing a tantrum over something as trivial as a model Skin

    37. Akryum on

      João Carlos Bastos > Troll spotted. Nothing to add.

    38. Missing avatar

      Peter F. on

      Is Joao Carlos Bastos retarded? How did he come to that conclusion?

    39. Ken-Rino "KennyBall" Johnsen on

      what? they don`t take away anything, they give more back to they who give allot. I have a pledge over the 100$Tier and this news made me so happy, i get more stuff as a thanks. they show their thanks by adding more stuff, NOT take anything away from the previous tiers.
      They working their ass off to make this game for us, so I`ll give some off my time in return this weekend to them by working overtime at my work to make more money to up my pledge.
      I don`t have a clue how i will like this game. but i love TA, SC and SCFA. I still play allot of SC on LAN & WAN it will be awesome to get a successor for this games. Like anything new it will be like "what the hell is this" in the beginning, but my guess is this game will be Totally Awesome in one way or another.

      (OFFTOPIC: SC2 sucks by the way because of square enix ruined the game by small multiplayer maps. i don`t know if square enix made the maps smaller, but like in DS3 who square Enix had a finger in got Ruined, I just have to blame someone :p)

    40. DagothAgahnim(Menarra) on

      Very nice designs, and getting more stuff for my $95 tier is always nice :D

      Congrats on the $1M mark, I hope it makes every stretch goal!!

    41. cthellis on

      One wonders if João Carlos Bastos will realize that "to get all the content" he would have had to pre-bump his pledge to $50 right out of the gate (for the limited "Progenitor" commander model), and pre-canceled his pledge before he pre-pledged it. :-Þ


      Over the moon to see you guys able to make a run for it. NOW GET TO WORK!


    42. Missing avatar

      Caleb Boswell on

      Upped from $25 to $101 this is going to be awesome :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Ben Anderson on

      I bet those metal planets are going to be tough to take down!
      Astroids might just bounce off...

    44. Archmage on

      I pledged 100$ right from the start, which is quite generous considering im un-employed. I did it for 2 reasons: first and most important reason: I want this game!, Second reason: the 100$ pledge had the most interesting awards. However i don't see how getting a poster and peoples autograph warrants another 150 dollars. If there was something in between however it might be worth a look.

    45. Archmage on

      My point was: I hope there will be added a tier in between 100 and 250 with something more interesting than peoples handwriting :P

    46. Missing avatar

      Faark on

      Don't really like the 1m5 goal but gas giants are nice, hope we at least reach this goal. And i hope you have some awesome stuff ready for the remaining goals :)

    47. Paul O'Sullivan on

      I think there should be an additional reward for the $20 dollar tier to make it more enticing as most people pledge $20-$25 on every project I've seen as the $100 pledge already looks over loaded.
      How about a $30 early bird with access to this content? Or make the $30 beta access and the $40 extra game content.
      Why should 2/5 of your audience and supporters miss out on a big piece of game content simply because that is all they can give at this current time?