Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. Law Inman on

      I also like the unit customization idea

    2. Robert Moraru on


    3. byron on

      Congrats on $1.1 Million dollars!

      I'm curious about those other stretch goals....

    4. Nick Goodenough on

      Instead of unit customization as some are suggesting, what about an option to choose a strategic army specialization before the game begins. Imagine:

      Assault Force
      • Faster Movement Speed
      • Stronger Weapons

      Fortification Force
      • Tougher Armor/Shields
      • Superior Weapon Range

      Subterfuge Force
      • Advanced Radar (Longer Range with Detailed Unit Information)
      • Concealed Units (Radar Jamming)

    5. Kiwiblazer on

      HI can't wait for this game can everyone also support this game Wings it looks really good .

    6. Yong on

      I like unit customization, but obviously someone beat me to it. How about just customize ONE Ultimate Unit? This is far easier to make and to balance, it also adds variety and Awesomeness. (Millions of turrets,Millions of stars! For the Church of the Multi-turrets!)

    7. Marc Davies on

      I think the only unit that should be customisable is the commander and even then only to an extent. The game as it is sounds amazing to me! But who knows the devs might add some customisation in but as it stands on here and the forum the majority of people are fine with the 1 faction concept (including my self)

    8. Edmund on

      @Nick Goodenough

      I like your idea but I think your attributes for each are a little unbalanced. I'd say:

      Assault Force (quick build popcorn units)
      • Fastest movement speed (no speed bonus on rough terrain)
      • Weakest armour and weapons (have to be light weight to move faster)
      • Worst target lock (least electronics)
      • Fastest build speed (less materials, smaller power core)
      • Least expensive
      Perhaps they get light air (missile drones, fighters, light helicopters, hovercraft, ...) before anyone else.

      Fortification Force (heavy hitters at any range)
      • Slowest movement speed (constant speed on all terrain)
      • Best armour and weapons (heavy so wont be quickest)
      • Normal target lock (standard electronics)
      • Normal build speed (more armour and larger core)
      • Normal expense
      Perhaps they get heavy weapon techs (towers, artillery, troop launcher/carrier, fusion ICBMs,...) before anyone else.

      Subterfuge Force (sneaky eyes and ears everywhere)
      • Normal movement speed (speed bonus on rough terrain)
      • Normal armour and weapons (need room for electronics)
      • Fastest target lock (more electronics)
      • Slowest build speed (additional electronics take more time, most expensive)
      Perhaps they could get spy techs (stealth surveillance drones, satellites, cloaking, jamming, ...) before anyone else.


    9. tedd on

      I would prefer customization
      1 faction deal will get old fast

    10. Missing avatar

      CamoGaming on

      I would love to be able to switch commanders / color them differently in game :)
      (of course normal status cannot get Alpha and so on)

    11. Missing avatar

      CamoGaming on

      of course you can always switch back...

    12. Missing avatar

      Hmm-Hmm. on

      Hmm. So what if I would like that other custom commander but don't want any physical products? At the moment I've pledged $50.00 but I'd be willing to add some for more digital goodies (and support the kickstarter).

    13. byron on

      I want a mini commander....

    14. Sinan Midillili on

      I think ill make a big model of the commanders...

    15. vladtempest on

      "I want a mini commander...."

      I want a planet commander. UNICRON. a planet that transforms into a commander, or other way around, a commander that transforms into a planet. or transforms into a moon that circles your planet like a satellite or like a moon, or maybe can be fitted with engines and used as a death from above super laser satellite to annihilate planets that the player feel indifferent about. that's no moon! classic sky commander.

    16. Missing avatar

      Razvan on

      My first kickstarter project and I'm very excited about it. These extra features sounds awesome - I really hope it's gonna get up there to the 1.5M. If not, at least to have an expansion later on with those additions.

      Also, here's wishing for a single player campaign :D

    17. Missing avatar

      Guy Delongchamp on

      Hey Brent, maybe we could call that planet "Ego".

    18. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      I'm hopping for Voxel besed planet maps with fully destructable movable mass like minecraft.

      Also what about mining a planet to death? You extract so much mass from the core that it implodes on its self.

      I assume that planet destroyers will replace the so called game enders that subcom had.

      And I liked the Artillary in subcommander 1 becouse the maps were so big you had to build it at a forward base to end the game with it. Making Artillery valnerable to attacks or defensive.

    19. Mathieu Roth on

      Changing the planet shape, according to mining or destruction sounds nice. Maybe a weapon could dig a tunnel from a point to it's opposite side, allowing fast unit movement ?
      Solo campaign, or skirmish mode appreciated !

    20. Mathieu Roth on

      (Oh, and do you have an idea of when the Alpha should be out ? Beta ? Final release ?)

    21. Matthew Ley

      There isn't a $95 anymore, so you would just have to increase to the $100 level (or the $50 level and change it to $95 to get the new commander?

    22. fowltief on

      so tempting to up mine to 100 $now..

    23. Patrick Gould on

      i'm glad i dished out that extra 50 for the 100 now cant wait for alfa to start! good luck uber!

    24. Christopher Calzonetti on

      The current $100 tier says to add $15 for shipping (for the t-shirt and book). If we also want the miniatures, do we need to donate over the extra $15 to cover shipping?

    25. Martin Nicolas on

      Still hoping for that digital only pledge level to include the two in-game commanders. Some love for us international backers ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      Oldman Winter on

      I think it's time to reveal another stretch goal!

    27. Missing avatar

      Caroline on

      Back in my pledge, we still had a Terran planet. Also, sense we won't get to stretch goal 5 once we get to number 2?

    28. Missing avatar

      William Davison on

      Everyone SPAM youtube. Only 30,000 people even heard of this project's existence. We NEED to spread the word

    29. Missing avatar

      Mike Ferrer on

      I love the concept art and music in this game.

    30. Esteban on

      more money donate more money tell everyone to waste all their money in these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT LAVA PLANETS AND SPACE STATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. Numismatist on

      I think gas giants are pretty much guaranteed, but the pledge rate is dropping. Forget stretch goals 4 and 5, we'll be lucky to get lava and metal planets.

    32. Missing avatar

      blackfang on

      Even if we don't get every type of planet yet, they may still add in expansion packs altough it will cost us more (which is fine)

    33. Missing avatar

      Kholin on

      Don't forget, they will be adding in Paypal donations towards stretch goals. No one know how much it is, but it is entirely possible that there is a stretch goal's worth in there already - only the team knows.

    34. Malachite on

      There go my hopes of seeing a single player campaign... unless that's stretch goal 4 and donations really pick up.

    35. Ben Mauer on

      Welp, game is now 50 dollars closer to it's next strech goal, C'mon men, let's get those metal and lava planets! For the empire! (As we seem to have broken our last death star)

    36. Missing avatar

      Aodhan on

      I see that the alpha is based off the uef command unit and the progenitor is a seraphim based one off SC Or thats what it looks kinda like to me!

    37. Tony Patton on

      Can there just be a kickstarter for updating supreme commander FA? that would make me and my friends very very happy people. Otherwise i cant wait for this game, and to see how close the art styles are and that its still about maco-management makes this an instant buy for me.

    38. Abner Torres on

      I miss TA! These pics just send me back! More flying engineer units!

    39. Missing avatar

      Lazaro Herrera on

      @Ben Mauer The projection is what matters most, Trend only takes into account today's "donations". Projection looks at the project overall. The trend will eventually lower to 1.7 or so. Projection will stay at a lot less.

      PS: You could push Projection to 2.5m by simply dropping 1000 on the project every hour for 20 hours straight.

    40. Ben Mauer on

      I thought trending took previous trends into account, hmm.

    41. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      Are the.different commander models purely cosmetic. Or do/will/or are likely to have different attacking styles or abilities. For instance the alpha looks as though it could launch mini rockets out its head. Progenitor might shit bombs or say proxy mines, he could hide under sand or dirt... Having a commander that also had unique abilities associated with its model could add an extra gravy layer of strategy?

    42. William O'Driscoll on

      @Bland_boy That would kinda make the game pay-to-win, and no-one wants that. From what I understand (which is very little), the different commanders are just different skins. Or it might be like in SupCom where the different nation's commanders could get different upgrades, but they all started out with the same stuff.

    43. Thorka on

      @William O'Driscoll - Easiest way to have individuality and variety is to just make them clones of the stock commanders. Say there are three stock coms, and they are slightly individual. These guys can just be re-skin options for those guys. Eh?

    44. Christer Alfredsson on

      I prefer that they were more unique than just a reskin - having options like in Supreme Commander 1 and FA would be excellent, with the Progenitor and Alpha commander having a unique mix of possible upgrades. (Balanced, of course, and the upgrades could be individually available on other commanders.)

      This way, you wouldn't get any upgrades by paying, but the combination of them would be the reward. As long as it's somewhat balanced, and there are other commander options with the same or similar upgrades, it's all good in my book. (Like the different races' commanders in SupCom(FA).)

      Please, a variety of commanders is a darn good thing, don't just make a template and re-skins for it.

    45. Matthew Halls on

      I agree with Christer on this - there are plenty of ways to make the backer commanders unique and distinct from the regular commander/s without necessarily making it pay-to-win. It's only when a commander becomes overpowered or unbalanced that things become a problem.

    46. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      I would like to see all the command units be fully customizable before and during game start. with a Mass point system for what you can take with you. The Alpha and Beta Commanders should be that same or under powered as there older models so they would make the game harder.

    47. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      I would like to see all the command units be fully customizable before and during game. With a Mass point system for what you can take with you. The Alpha and Beta Commanders should be that same or under powered as their older models so they would make the game harder.

    48. James Webb Ware on

      The 4 types of planets in these stretch goals are star wars:
      Metal Planets: Death Star
      Lava Planets: Mustafar
      Gas Planets: Bespin
      Water Planets: Kamino
      We'll be seeing the ice planet hoth announcement soon, XD

    49. James Webb Ware on

      Sorry for double posting, my friend just gave me this idea
      Use some awesome laser or giant splitting axe to split a planet in half, then the deep resources can be gathered easily

    50. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      And so, after complaining about the then exclusive content for $100+ backers (now $95+), I ended up re-pledging to a level that awards both commander units, at the very last minute of the campaign.

      That update regarding the SP mode basically destroyed every last inch of resistance I had... :D