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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Thank you for all the support!

What an incredible run so far! And there's so much more ahead. Stay tuned as we unveil new stretch goals soon.


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    1. Michael Alexander

      Sublime Text! I have complete faith in your guys.

    2. Jonathan Yarbor on

      Love that you guys use Sublime Text 2 (best editor ever)

    3. Riggo on

      Single player and some unit variation... Maybe not fully blown different factions.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brendan M on

      What began as a conflict over the transfer of money to a small dev team escalated into a game which will decimate a million worlds. The developers, for the fans, have all but exhausted the programming skills of a galaxy in their struggle for an epic game. Both sides, now excited beyond repair, the power of their enthusiasm continue to push this game forward, their excitement fuelled by over a decade of not having a RTS quite as good as Total Annihilation. This is a fight to the finished game. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is a game which will blow our minds.

    5. Missing avatar

      Banzai on

      @ Gilberto Sort-of like the Anno 2077 has resources per-island but you can have transport ships carry just enough to build primary buildings to start and some supplies to keep it alive for the next shipment? I'd like to see how they'd handle flight in an RTS with a 3-D like movement but they could easily keep it like a 'Starwars: Empire at War' feel (If they do space-combat at all.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Bridger on

      Are you guys looking at having complementary building like in sup comm 1, with energy, mass storage befitting from proximate building , and lower energy requirements for building with energy producing around it?

    7. Missing avatar

      Gilberto DeSalvo on

      @ Omnifarious, I like the idea of linking planets too but I'm afraid it will lead to spamming units, although I could see a space cannon like to speed up delivery of a few construction/support units at great cost on a separate planet.

      Part of what I feel will make the game interesting is wether resources will be pooled like a true RTS of wether each "base" will have it's own resource base and the movement of said resources could be made extremely expensive, it results in only a 5-25% resource delivery to the developing moon/asteroid.

      Maybe one can leverage "eras" where you eventually end up pooling resources that previously were not pooled, such as a planet + its moon become a shared income.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Ng on

      Freaking Awesome!

    9. Missing avatar

      Gilberto DeSalvo on

      Here’s a few ideas, some will be inherently hard to apply as they are usually involved in turn based 4x games but this seems like the right place to merge the two genres:
      1) Scalable tech trees - where the scale of research reflects the jump into the next "era" and closes off previous technology research. The cost of research based on "incomplete" techs of previous era when jumping from planet to space, from space to pan solar system. This should inherently make the game easier to handle as you will be at a "stalemate" on the ground side. It would also make a technological victory easier on the ground side.
      2) Individual unit upgrades coming from the technology and design much like Master of Orion 2, but with applied with an advanced unit. End game advanced tech trees which result in incrementally (5-10%) more powerful units when all research as been exhausted/moved in a new era.
      4) Limited transport/movement across planets, cheap teleportation of large units could quickly create a problem.

    10. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      Another idea...

      Perhaps a way to build linked gates between different planets that allowed instant transport between them. They might be extremely expensive to build and require sending some kind of seed unit from one gate site to the other in order to build them. Maybe the seed unit could radiate something that was really easy to detect so you had to try hard to be really sneaky about how you did it, or start the process before the enemy could do anything about it.

      Perhaps the resource levels on different planets would remain planet-local unless you had a gate, and then the resources levels would be linked. You could hide a whole ton of mines on some gas giant moon and then have a gate to give you a really hard to find source of metal.

      Energy could be beamed through space of course (though subject to a light speed delay so you couldn't have immediately responsive energy storage remotely). But maybe there would be a way to interrupt it unless you had a gate. And, of course, there's the battery/storage disadvantage.

      The original TA punted on a lot of logistics issues. You could get away with it because the battle was relatively local and so they weren't really important. But I think a solar-system scale conflict would have huge logistics issues. Having them dominate the gameplay wouldn't be very fun, so you would want to automate freighters and the like as much as possible. But I think there's a lot of depth to be gained from having logistics issues you have to deal with.

    11. Dexther on

      ANNIHILATION... Lets go kill all enemy armies!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Bekedam on


      It looks like Sublime Text.

    13. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      One interesting idea from Alistair Reynolds novels... ways to destroy a star. Or use the star of a given system as a torch.

    14. Nicholas Vilppu on

      Is that Michael Cera at the 40 second mark?!?

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Drzewiecki on

      Out of curiosity, what IDE is that in the background? It looks a lot like Light Table, but it seemed like that had to be a coincidence, as Light Table doesn't support the C family yet afaik (which is what it looked like was up there).

    16. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Grats guys! The wonders of a solid polished looking concept demo. Wish a lot of those other Kickstarter games out there had as much sense.

    17. Marc Pongitory on

      I would like single player. I don't expect a 'Starcraft II' type story. I would be happy with a series of connected single player maps like Total Annihilation. I also like CrazySurfaNZ's idea of a Rise of Nations style 'conquer the galaxy' type game, or something like the Lord of Rings RTS. I would up my pledge for the promise of some more single player content.

    18. Psycho Rockerson Metal Wolfman on

      I also would love single player.

    19. Florent on

      Let's have both MP & SP guys. Don't be assholes here please (talking about the above comments, not about Uber). Thinking your way of playing is the only right one just proves your mental inabilities, or at least I think so.

      Sorry for the bad words :p

    20. Devon Mullane on

      I agree with the premise that SP in RTS is usually pointless, at least from a story perspective. It's nice to show the player the basics and get them into the swing of things, but it may also hold your hand longer than you want and will be the forgettable part. I imagine some tutorial levels could satisfy this with skirmish pretty much providing the SP experience.

    21. Drakons on

      @ Awpteamoose: Not every code path has a return value :D

    22. Phillip Phoelich on

      Very Nice! :D
      Then we just need those strech goals!

    23. Gareth Morris on

      I like coop games and having players vs the ai; especially if the ai difficulty can be raised. Some games the ai is either cheating or stupid (unit spamming or creating units it cant afford.. Thus rendering the ai powerless) , it'd be good to actually be able to team up with players without those draw backs. - ps. Look forward to naval units (I wonder if we will be seeing subs like Red October)

    24. Shane Cunningham on

      Forget SP! I never play SP campaigns either.

      Hey maybe have a rule that you can't destroy a planet next to you with nukes or asteroids or whatever BECAUSE you will throw out the orbital alignment/gravity well/magnetic field/whatever scientific phenonmena you care to use of your own planet. This could present some interesting gameplay possibilities where you can destroy planets but if an opponent gets a foothold on a planet right next door to you - choosing the big destructive options will have impacts for your own world forcing you to consider invasion/less cataclysmic options to dislodge them.

    25. Missing avatar


      I understand some people don't care about SP, but I feel the same about MP. I'll never use it. The only parts that will be of any use to me are whatever campaign or AI skirmish parts that get built. YMMV.

    26. Missing avatar

      Anton Molodetskiy on

      I think skirmish ai counts as single player. I wouldn't personally mind a small campaign, though. Even if it was kinda stereotypical.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Fuhrman on

      Don't care about SP either... MP is where the scale and awesomeness will really shine

    28. Missing avatar

      Joshua D. Mann on

      Excellent. Also, Rocketeer figurine!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Berry on

      There seem to be a lot of people asking for SP, just thought I'd put it out there that for myself (and probably a lot of others that just stay quiet) adding SP would be a waste of resources. I never bother playing SP campaigns in RTS - I'd much rather the $$$ went into perfecting MP and skirmish AI.

    30. Dom on

      I am so stoked for asteroids and planets smashing into each other! I hope we hit the naval stretch goal (I have a feeling we will)!

    31. Missing avatar

      Rasmus A, Bjerg on

      great news! now the question is if naval units come into play since those would be missed if not.

    32. Michael C. on

      SP campaign would truly round this game out. Get the guy who wrote the storyline for Hostile Waters, Warren Ellis, for even more cool:

    33. CrazySurfaNZ on

      Yes... I'm really keen for a single player campaign! Rise of Nations style conque the world (universe?) would be awesome

    34. Caleb Ryan on

      @ Ken-Rino I 2nd that, I would even pay an extra $5-$10 to off set the cost of it. That mug would be sweet :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Uepsilon on

      I did not see that coming.. oh wait.. yes i did.. GRATZ! =)

    36. Tim Meier on

      I agree, SP campaign would be awesome, could even be a campaign such as the one that Rise of Nations has, where it's really a set of skirmishes with different rules with a metagame behind it.

    37. Awpteamoose on

      bool IsKickstarterSuccessful()
      if( AmountPledged >= 900000 )
      return true;

      looks like legit code to me

    38. Avram Eisner on

      Nice! The guy at 0:51 has the same desktop wallpaper as me! (showing the SpaceX Dragon capsule docking with the ISS)

    39. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      SP campaign as the next goal! The current stretch goals add pretty much everything and more will just be superfluous. Just make the game moddable for all the folks that want to create new units down the line.

    40. Drakons on

      Double trouble :(

    41. Drakons on

      Congrats to this!
      I also want four displays like at 42sec^^

      Additional: A double pack tier of the final game would be nice (or just adding $20 to your pledge level, something this way)

    42. Joshua Stubbles on

      Congrats guys! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on this bad boy and do some modding :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Gammelvarg79 on

      Good job guys! GREAT to see this beeing funded :)

    44. Ken-Rino "KennyBall" Johnsen on

      Make The Cavedog mug in the 100$ tier, and you see many old TA gamers pledge there for the mug ;)

    45. Tony Arcus on

      1998 started playing TA, still have it on my laptop.
      Taught my daughter to play, and she whipped me a few times (I let her). Next week she is getting married, so want to get her and her new hubby a key for the game, not bad at $40 bucks. But how do you do it?

    46. Missing avatar

      John Claridge on

      AWESOME! grats on meeting the goal! I'm super-jazzed.. now GET TO WORK. lol :D