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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Sinan Midillili on


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      Mansel on

      Lol nick you've been playing to much ee? XD

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      Alex Gilday on

      +1 for sublime text ide :D my favourite for languages other than java and c#

    4. Nick Wilkinson on

      what you could put in is dark matter weapons and anti matter bombs. OH and also Worm holes

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      William Davison on

      I hope there is only 2 tiers of units. I would rather have more units within each tier, then spread thin throughout 4 tiers.

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      Jamie Lund Walter on

      You should have some sort of black hole, like you could harness the energy or move a planet into into create it or something along those lines. Or destroy a solar system by pushing the sun into it?

    7. Patrick Bino on

      @Kazuya I think what albahtaa is thinking, is the system (computer) requirements for the interaction with the sun.

      If everything is love and peace in the solar system with nice rivers and oceans floating, some eruptions coming of the lava planets - and suddenly someone smashes the sun into a thousand pieces - updating the water planets to ice planets and making the gas giants volatile would require a bit of computer power, if we are speaking 40 planets connected to one sun.

      Of course you could update each and every planet when you get them into vision, that would slow the requirements down I guess? - but that would also require at least 1.7 million of funding. :P

    8. KazuyaDarklight on

      @Cosmin/albahtaar - Big resources OR just real high up on the tech tree. And no offense to Greg but I'm going to counter by saying that I'm actually not a complex economy guy, I'm all about just building an awesome base/empire.

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      albahtaar on

      @Cosmin L. Neagu
      The amount of resources needed for an interaction with the sun would have to be scaringly huge for a remotely consistent physic significance, but it sounds like a fun idea

    10. Cosmin L. Neagu on

      Destroying the sun doesn't even have to be the end of the game. Cooling or the sun could change the ballange of powers in the solar system, water planets could freeze and loose the majority of the naval army, making the sun hotter could increase vulcanic eruptions and change the land mass, oceans could evaporate. The gas giants could just chill :)

      Fiddling with the sun could be a last resort action that might change things enough to get the upper hand.

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      Greg Walker on

      Great to see this coming for the PC!! It's made me break my kick starter virginity!

      I for one would like to emphasize the importance of economy building/management to the RTS fan. The complex economy of SC1 was one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game (once you mastered it), and I feel most other RTS games fall short on the economy gameplay, so please keep economy options complex and challenging!

      +1 for no mountains on gas giant planets - it's got to be along cloud city lines or orbital I reckon. The only other way I like is the dyson sphere suggestion, or maybe just a dyson hoop that bases/platforms could be suspended from?

      +1 for inteligence gathering options, radar that doesn't see through mountains etc. Sneakiness and surprise attacks make for really enjoyable gameplay!

    12. Missing avatar

      Frostiken on

      @George Sedov - apparently yes, that's the plan - the extra $200,000k is to hire on a few extra to work on the appropriate assets.

    13. Marcin Wolny on

      This would be fun even as a way of accelerating the end of game. Without multiple solar systems.
      If one team throws device into the sun then cost of all units and resources are added up - with team having more wins. Ofq. it should be possible to take it down before it reaches the sun (eg. make it circle 3 times around sun before hitting the surface), but it should work like a final "end game" trigger.

    14. Missing avatar

      samuel van de walle on

      I also love the idea of star annihilation as has been put forward some times now... Image it as a last resort. The soon to be losing side sends a 'fusion inhibitor core' (with reversed polarity duhuh...) into the star. In under 5minutes a super nova follows, swiping the sloar system clear of everything in its path. Instant game over for BOTH sides... A dramatic voice states ' and thus there was nothing left... nothing to even indicate anything other meaningless emptiness ever existed'... yeah, you lost, but at least you didn't give the opposing side the satisfaction of annihilating you, instead you went for TOTAL ANNIHILATION.

      Of course this would be extremely high end tech, but imagine the fun in multiple solar system games where the end only comes when the last star dies or a team is victorious.

    15. George Sedov on

      I have a question for you guys: so now you are aiming for the strech goals, you want to collect an additional $200k and somehow to convert them into naval units. But how are you planning to do this exactly? By hiring more men? Or by pushing back the release date? I sure do hope it's not the latter.

    16. Texperkin on

      Congratulations guys. We should be seeing support for water planets any day now!

    17. Mark Terrano on

      Congrats! Glad you can make this a reality!

    18. Gareth Morris on

      Will planets have their own orbits? I'm thinking about the concept of slingshots, orbits and if weather or not you can control the speed of rockets raining down on a planet.

      Example. An asteroid / spaceship fires slow rockets to one spot where a planet is going to be. It waits before firing some faster rockets, then repeat the process as much as possible (given resources and build time) so as to achieve maximum impact using orbital and slingshot mechanics.

    19. Albert Bro Pold on

      please put the stretch goals in a update if you make enough on the game to put it in because i want to have both the stretch goals in the game

    20. Missing avatar

      Hovercat on

      Love you games, but your unit design has always been awful. PLease consider hirering an concept artist of some sort... :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Rahel Ahmed on

      In the Stargate Universe, the ancient ships were able to harvest energy from the sun, are we going to be able to take control of the sun for massive bonus? It can be like a central fighting area.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sniwolf on

      and now we play the waiting game...

    23. Felipe Menezes on

      HELLS YEAH!!! 900k!!! Congrats!!!! Can't wait to play the game!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Domme on

      I'm so glad that this project reached the goal. \o/

    25. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      @Tom Page: See, and I'm the opposite. I really don't like multiplayer at all. :-)

    26. Matt on


    27. Gorelov Ilya on

      Nice! Single player campaign would be great as a stretch goal!

    28. Missing avatar

      Joseph Daher on

      Just, awesome... Your wild gamble payed off ladies. Congrats!

    29. Tom Page on

      Great news!

      Literally no interest in SP here. Would much rather have resources focused elsewhere!

    30. ImpKeeper on

      i know its abit far sightet but im looking forwards to finding out what Strech goal 3 4 and 5 is XD

    31. Missing avatar

      Evgeny on


      Looking forward to Linux version!

    32. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo on

      Raised to 100 dollars(i'm brazillian its about 200 reais), I really want water and gas planets. Hope it achieve there.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Just upped my pledge to the 50 dollar tier! Cmon everyone lets hit those goals!

    34. QuiZZer on

      I see the chance of SP introducing an AI that uses asteroids as weapons exclusively, mutual destruction be damned!

    35. Missing avatar

      Alan Schmitt on

      Count another vote for SP, maybe linked to some kind of challenges or achievements. I really like when a game puts me in a situation when I have to change my tactics. (This may happen in skirmish or MP, but it's more random.)

    36. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lebsanft on

      AFAIK SP is the last stretch goal, so keep it up :)

    37. Missing avatar

      alex on

      @Mariusz I’m guessing that may be a stench goal, but some games have been successful without a structured campaign sins of a solar empire comes to mind, this game doesn’t lend its self to a campaign (seeing as you can destroy planets that could be critical for an objective).

    38. Henrik Horneber on

      Totally agree, @Mariusz. Well said.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mariusz Kowalski on

      I disagree with the 'SP can be served by skirmish' reasoning. Some of the very best experiences with TA and Sup Com were precisely the campaign missions that put you in a particular situation, with a massive entrenched force against you, and you left on your own to try to come up with a strategy to hold off the attacks before slowly gaining ground and needing to use varied means to succeed.

      People here suggest that the story telling in those games was subpar. I say so what? If I want epic story I'll play an RPG or adventure game, It's a RTS! I'm more interested in the situations and the semi puzzle way of getting through them rather than the schematic method in skirmish where after a time you'll work out the correct method of beating the AI which is always disadvantaged by having to start from scratch anyway.

      One of the very best missions in TA was the one on a set of islands where you first had to survive constant naval pounding, working out where to place limited base buildings so as to be just out of range or to time them in a way to be able to build anti naval units just before the next raid came, then eventually building up amphibious forces and launching invasions, setting up beach heads, while slowly encroaching on the enemy.

      Such varied situations, mix of strategy, tactics and puzzle solving will NEVER happen in a Skirmish against AI, that's why I'm all for a proper hand placed campaign even more so that a Risk/DOW/RON style of skirmish map which still is basically a standard skirmish(although RON did add a fair bit) with a bit added on top.

    40. Missing avatar

      Constant Florent on

      Nice to see so many entousiast fans =)
      For the features in strech goals why not make a survey form?
      I'm agreeing Elliot, i'd like more additional multiplayer features than solo campaing features!

    41. walter on

      will be nice, when u send the asteroid to destroid the planet have an option to put a picture or a face on that like in the last update

    42. Armadillo on

      @ Ian: Have a look at Update #3.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ian Hancock on

      Is there a way to make add-ons (shown in Update 3) as part of your pledge? I want to buy 3 more keys and make it part of the kickstarter, but I can't really see how to do that.

      Am I blind? :s

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Rodriguez on

      For Gas Giants . . . must have weapon to IGNITE THE PLANET INTO A SECOND SUN a la Arthur C. Clark 2010. That would be too awesome!!!!

    45. Ashlynn Oath on

      "We are shooting for awesome", the Planetary annihilation equivalent of "The Rules have Changed!"

    46. Missing avatar

      G-Man on

      15 days to go.. Let's see what more will be accomplished. Do your best guys ; )

    47. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      Just wanted to say skirmishing against the AI and having a single player campaign are not at all the same. I entirely approve of having a good AI, and once you have that it completely makes sense to add single player skirmishing versus the AI. But a single player campaign, with a story line, absolutely does not make sense for this game.

      SupCom 1 and 2 tried to tell a story, and failed completely at it. This isn't an RPG, and I already backed some previous Kickstarter games that are. Especially for a project this size, where the budget we're talking about is much smaller any of the previous games in the series, I want to see money go into multiplayer and possibly AI for skirmishing, rather than waste time with a half-baked story line.