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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Add-ons and Stretch Goals!

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter!

Updated 4:50 PM PST: Clarified minimum requirements for add-ons.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us so far! The progress has been great and the whole experience has been really encouraging; all the feedback we've received has been helpful. Your enthusiasm has made us even more excited than when we first set out on this adventure!

In celebration of reaching two-thirds of our goal we are announcing the following:


  • Extra game keys - Add $20 for each key 
  • 3 Extra game keys - $50


  • Extra beta game keys - Add $40 for each key 
  • 3 Extra beta game keys - $100


  • Extra T-shirts - Add $30 for each T-shirt - Three designs to choose from (designs coming soon)
A survey will be sent out at the end of kickstarter that will allow you to select the exact rewards you are getting based on your pledge level. 



Our stretch goals are there so that the entire community can benefit from bringing in more pledges. By bringing in your friends, participating in an add-on, or simply upping your pledge together, we can make a better game for everyone. These first set of goals are based on the questions and comments we have received from the community. 

$1,100,000 - Naval units and Water Planets 

We are happy to announce that our first stretch goal is a set of naval units and extended support for water planets. One of the most popular questions we receive is whether or not naval warfare is going to be supported. We like naval warfare and want to have it in the game, but it’s going to be quite a bit of additional work. We want to not only support naval units but to do a great job at it. Likewise we want great support for water in the engine and the ability to create amazing planets that are largely water. First class support for naval means you will be able to have a combination of water and land planets as well as ice asteroids. Huge water only planets to play out all kinds of naval only scenarios will also be supported. Asteroid tsunamis FTW! Some of the water units we can expect include subs, amphibious units, floating buildings and of course battleships!

$1,300,000 - Gas Giants and Enhanced Orbital units 

Many of you are excited about the idea of more planet types and more gameplay to take specific advantage of those planets. This stretch goal is to add gas giant planets (similar to saturn or jupiter) to the game and an expanded set of orbital units with unique gameplay. Gas giants have no land in the real world but we may allow some buildable areas on “high mountains” on these planets. Imagine massive fusion reactors sucking helium-3 right out of the atmosphere and giant orbital defense lasers. A more expanded set of orbital recon units, space platforms and other types of orbital units based on your ideas will be added as well.

See our goal visualization below. Let's destroy those planets.

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    1. James Webb Ware on

      I know this comment list is old, but this is where my comment would be most relevant.
      A suggestion for gas planet resource gathering:
      In a book I recently read, the people gather He3 from a gas giant.
      They set up an orbital structure in a low but stable orbit, and have a long spire going down into the atmosphere of the planet where they suck up and refine the He3 for energy production.

    2. Missing avatar

      Nathan Davis on

      How do I add more game keys I don't see it in the kickstarter? Does it mean as a supporter I can buy more keys later for my friends at $20 each or 3 for $50?

    3. Tom Page on

      For the water planets, I’d really like to see planets with liquids other than water. For example Titan, a moon of Saturn, has seas of liquid methane. The different colours might make for a nice variation of aesthetics, though the same structures etc could be used.

    4. Missing avatar


      What about iOS, Android, Surface/Windows Phone and BeOS?

      I kid, I kid!

    5. Missing avatar

      airsize on

      Thanks for your reply!
      Now I understand what it mean.
      Hope we will get death star~

    6. Missing avatar

      Johann Gieswein on

      @airsize: Here is a answer from Uber :

      You are currentl at $20 which give you a game key.

      If you want more game keys you can add one. For example at $40 you can have 2 game keys OR one beta key. Add-on's have to be qualified by already being at a tier.

    7. Missing avatar

      Colin Clausen on

      there is an official clarification in the faq at the bottom of "home"

    8. Missing avatar

      airsize on

      This article also make me confuse too.
      If I pledge $50. Do I get 3 game key only without other things (beta keys...etc)?
      Please make official clarification.

    9. Orcus on

      Anyone knows how add-ons work? For ex. if I pledge $40 and want another beta key for my friend, is it included because I already pledge $40 or do I need to add another $40 to my pledge, making total of $80 pledge with selected $40 reward? I am confused, because in the first scenario, I don't add any additional $40. And second scenario gets me second beta key for additional $40, but I get single digital soundtrack and other stuff from $40 reward, which my friend would get if he pledged $40 himself.

    10. Missing avatar

      maverickseraph on

      For the 50$ for 3 extra keys, do increase the pledge amount another 50$ or something separate all together?

    11. Missing avatar

      John Paul v2.0 on

      As much as I love Jeremy Soule's work on Total Annihilation I very much doubt he could recreate the same magic that he did with TA considering his less fantastic compositions on recent games. Also, I think it's only fair that someone else gets a go at making a name for them self anyway. I really do hope that the soundtrack carries some of the same majesty and mystique as TA's though, else I'm just going to listen to TA's soundtrack whilst I play (like I do with the Supreme Commander games).

    12. Caroline Brandén on

      I know alot of the fans already asked for it but, this game would be the most epic game of the year if Jeremy Soul could make the soundtrack. Think, when one played Total Annihilation and the battle started between the Arms and Core. The March Unto Death, or Warpath started playing, and a rush of adrennaline floded the brain. Explosions, death of units, gunsound, Use D-Gun on opposite Commander. Poff. Death to all.
      We need Jeremy Soul... Pls.

    13. Robert Maynard on

      I love todd's idea of strategically shrouding a planet from solar energy using debris.

      Just wanted to add that I think gas giants should not have buildable land spaces. If you want to do that you may as well just have smaller rocky planets with 'atmospheric storms' instead of oceans (as though it's some kind of Venus like planet).

      But gas giants.. should be giant planets made of gas and no solid ground, basically. I can see how that would complicates the operation and design of the Commander, who (in the concept material you've provided) is fundamentally a robot with legs that walks on surfaces and builds stuff, but I think if you're willing to add gas giants you should commit to the concept, which is having a fundamentally different kind of planet. Perhaps a Commander should be able to build things in orbit, while itself orbiting. Orbital reactors could reach down via tethers to collect gas. Something about gas giants with mountains just rubs me the wrong way, I guess. Just my two cents.

    14. Missing avatar

      todd james on

      Having different consequences for times of detonation of large tactical or strategic missiles. Ie. if on impact- usual boom, can trigger early for atmospheric disturbance. It would be great to send strat missiles at a planet and ruin its solar capability and destroy organic scenery/units with atmospheric detonation, causing either radiation or particulate disturbance.

      Also it would be very fun to be able to "Glass" a planet, maybe by having a ground or near ground strat detonation permanently changing a small area centered on detonation to a shining crater "glassed". If nuclear material is considered a resource, have a balanced amount reclaimable there.

      Proxy mines are a good idea (Peter Hardwick), depth charges for both naval and gaseous planets would also be good. Extra effect for detonations in volatile and flammable atmospheres. Different bombs depending on unit type would be interesting too. Ie. tech 1 bombers would prob use fuel air bombs (useless in volatile atmos) tech 2 using emp/fuel air/photon, tech 3 going mini nuke.

      Would also love to see a debris field circling planets after space battles to farm and cause damage to launching units from fast moving debris. (shielded units would be the counter to it obviously)

      anyway my two cents, thanks for doing this guys

    15. Missing avatar

      todd james on

      For orbital space stations can think about using designs from the winners of the International Space Settlement Design Competition.

    16. Peter Hardwick on

      water planets --> Depth Charges & proximity mines
      also could be applicable to gas planets with dense atmospheres

    17. Peter Hardwick on

      would be cool to have all 3 Dimensions of attack possibilities on water and gas planets. Being able to attack from above, below, and all sides would be sweet.

    18. Peter Hardwick on

      advanced Energy tech: Dyson Sphere.
      Potential tech progressions could include the various options such as the swarm, shell, bubble.

    19. Peter Hardwick on

      How about having the planets rotate and orbit the sun. Then, have some advanced tech ability to launch a nuke into the sun and cause it to eject plasma or turn into a pulsar and irradiate a swath of a planet that is facing the sun at the time of the eruption.

    20. James Dodds on

      This game is amazing looking. Thank you for making this!!! =D

    21. Jess on


      That is all.

    22. Marko Vukovic on

      Why limit your game to planetary annihilation when you could annihilate stars, solar systems and entire galaxies!!! Imagine having the ability to throw Andromeda at the Milky way and watching the resulting chaos! Stretch goal 3 should be star annihilation, destroy the sun!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthew Poss on

      You guys should make floating buildings on gas giants, like Bespin in star wars
      Seems to make more sense than only being able to build on giant mountains

    24. Derek Yeo on

      I know it sounds ridiculous and it has no scientific grounding but will we be able to use gas giants as extremely large bombs that destroy multiple planets' worth of units?

      Because I would like to see that.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      I hope we reach the 1.300.000 goal, gas planets sounds very awesome.

    26. Missing avatar

      GreyArmistaad on

      How does the add-on for the extra game key work? Do you get an extra key just by pledging $20 for the finished game/wallpaper tier thing or do you have to pledge another $20? If it's the latter then would it be better to pledge $20 twice or get the $40 tier, because it would be nice if my friend also got the same rewards as me.

    27. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      I'd prefer not to have mountains on gas giants. How about 'floating' structures though? In Charles Stross' Accelerando the humans settle on Saturn with hi-tech "inflatable" structures that grow in the upper atmosphere. That would be pretty cool - most combat would involve air units or specialist gas-planet units, except for regular ground fought entirely on those artificial platforms between only the lightest ground units.

    28. Missing avatar

      Peter Grant on

      Hi Guys,
      I Just wanted to say Thank You. This is one of the most epic games I can imagine. I've always wanted to see a game like this developed, ever since I picked up TA back in the late 90's and became a lifelong fan of the genre. I miss the classic RTS's and this has just made my day. So much so that I didn’t even hesitate to pledge my support.

      Whilst I do love a good single player story line, I’m not in the least upset by having to play skirmish against an AI ,as that’s what I needed up doing with both TA and SupCom after playing through the single player. It’s the endless replay-ability that makes these games golden. So big thumbs up in my book with the way you've focused on that.

      Love to have water units, nothing like bombarding your enemies with cruise-missiles and Cannon-Shells... or sending in surgical strike forces to take out enemy infrastructure. Totally Awesome!

      Plus I love the idea of planetary defence systems, missile batteries, lasers, orbital fighter platforms and patrol craft, to ruin an invading forces day or at least blunt there advance... That is something I have always wanted to see in a game.... Maybe even having automated defensive fleets to defend your planets and offensive fleets that can be sent into orbit around enemy worlds to bust through the orbital defenders, before you send in your ground troops? I just love the epic scale of a full blown orbital invasion, can’t wait to see what you guys come up with (provided the stretch goals are met ofcourse!!)

      The Idea of having to transport your resources from planet to planet (that has been mentioned here a few times) intrigues me, but In my opinion having that as a modification (al la SupCom's options for x2 resources, etc.) that can be toggled on and off to suit the players preferred style would be amazing.

      Finally, Just wanted to say that the ability to save in a game like this is super important, be it an online deathmatch with a mate or a a good old fashioned Comp stomp. The ability to stop to go to eat pizza or even...heaven forbid… go to work!... and know that your plans to smash your enemies from the face of the galaxy are still going to be on track when you get back is the sort of thing that not only gets you through the work-day day dreaming of your next cunning strategic move, but makes plugging hours upon endless hours of time into games like this totally worthwhile as you see all those hours of preparation realised in brutal victory or savagely undone by the winds of galactic war.

      Anyway enough blather from me, Once again thank you for not only trying to create something likes this, but also for giving us the chance to direct where this game goes. Release day can’t come quick enough, Im sure my pledge will grow as we get closer to D-Day.

    29. Missing avatar

      Terrance Druggan on

      OK, I pledge 20.00. I was torn between the 20.00 and 40.00 pledge saw your note about add-on. So I pledge 20.00 and wanted to get a Add-on (Extra game keys - Add $20 for each key) that way I could give the key to a friend.
      I did not see where to select a Add-on when pledging nor do I see it under Manage Your Pledge.
      So, how do I get a Add-on?


    30. Missing avatar

      JonatanMD on

      I really hope we get to at least 1.300.000 so as to have water and gas planets.

      Great ideas in the comments, for instance I'm very thrilled about Marcin Wolny's ideas about gas giants (windstreams! rock paper scissor bases-zeppelins-air units...)
      Also +1 on no "mountains" on gas giants.
      On another topic, being able to save and load long multiplayer games would be very important (as long as in the match everyone agrees to do so) as some of us don't have the time availability to play hours on end in one session.

    31. Simon Rust on

      hmm my wunder is what are the last 3 streach goals i mean there could be space combat but it might be like the 5-6 streach goal

    32. Christopher on

      @Hovercat From what they've said it looks like a no to spaceships, but orbital units are definitley in, so we might have sattelites shooting at each other

    33. Sadako on

      Marcin Wolny, "not a definitive no" is not the same as a promise that it'll be in.

    34. Missing avatar

      Hovercat on

      Btw. Will there be space ships?

    35. Missing avatar

      Hovercat on

      2 things: Saves in multiplayer (A MUST have for a massive game like this) and Modding support Elder scrolls style! These two things could take this game from awesome and propel it into epic and legendary!

    36. Marcin Wolny on

      Zach Sprague - they told that there won't be any save option? You've got to be kidding me. Read carefully, please. First of all - they were referring only to multiplayer games, secondly they weren't saying any definitive "no" as you read it. Re-read material carefully, and with understanding it's content, then come back, please.

    37. shawn stokes on

      if we all just give $7 more we would be over

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      I would like to also see saves in multiplayer's not just for singleplayers! A lot of us hold day jobs, families, kids and would play a game over the course of several nights.

      Also, agree with comments that orbital stations on gas giants are much better than building on mountains. Bring the dreams of TA players to life again! Sup Com 2 was an insult to us.

    39. Joshua Stubbles on

      So how do the addons work? I've pledged $100 so far, does that mean I already get an extra game key for a friend? Not sure how that functions.

    40. Sadako on

      @Alan Murphy In an interview they said that.
      They plan on supporting hours long games, yet no saving or replaying.

      I'm not sure why another person that replied to my comment thinks that saves are only useful for single player.

    41. Missing avatar

      Rob Schuddeboom on

      Great game concept with many interesting possibilities.

      Concerning the gas giants: just like many other people, I don't think mountains are the way to go. I think it would be nice to see some form of orbital platforms on which other buildings can be placed. Perhaps even large enough for bots to walk on.

    42. Missing avatar

      Diggory Hardy on

      Something I want to see — semi-realistic intel. If you've got a spy satellite in orbit, spotting a moving army should be easy but a camouflaged stationary object the size of a small house or tank should be harder to spot and something the size of a person hiding under a tree would be impossible. Similarly radar and sonar shouldn't see through mountains, but on the other hand deploying a bunch of spy drones with good, short-range sensors should be fairly cheap: just build a load and tell them to scout (no setting individual paths for them all).

      Basically, it should be possible to hide a small base on a planet an enemy controls if he doesn't bother with proper intel or if you shoot down all his drones, but it shouldn't be too hard for him to find it either if he dominates the airspace.

      +1 for independent economies on each planet/asteroid too.

    43. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      forgive the dumb question but if i put my bid on $50 would i get 3 game keys + the normal $50 tear stuff

    44. Oscar Ubeda Segmar on

      I actually liked the TA Campaign. Maybe I'm alone... Most of the scenarios were like a skirmish where the AI started with a preset situation though. But hey, give us a Mapmaker with built in parameter settings for AI and enemy units, and hey presto! Someone will step up and make _moir_ maps... It would be cool with a Galaxy mode too, where you get a procedural galaxy with built-in bonuses or xp or something like that. But I'm digressing (or pipe-dreaming) 8) I'm getting all dreamy just thinking about it...

    45. Missing avatar

      Jan Horjus on

      Oh, man now I'm busily reading about metallic hydrogen to try and decide if it would be possible for a gas giant to have mountains....
      Honestly, even if it is, I think it kinda defeats the purpose of a gas giant in a thematic sense. Much prefer the Cloud-City, or modular orbital platform ideas. I can imagine a gas giant eventually being completely surrounded by an artificial web of interlinking platforms...and then getting shattered by asteroids aimed at the focal points of the web. :)

      Also: I'm sure save/load in single player and saving replays are already part of the base design. The client-server multi-player model already makes that easier. And any competitive multi-player game has got replays these else can you see how the best players do it?

    46. Missing avatar

      Jan Horjus on

      So long as there is decent AI and the ability to play against it by myself I don't care about any other kind of single player. Story, cut-scenes, scripted scenarios, and other such things are a waste of dev resources IMO.
      This from someone who will likely spend the majority of his time with this game playing single-player skirmish games against 1 or more AI opponents.

    47. Xenophon on

      @Zach Who said there is no single player save?
      @Mads There is single player vs. AI... Just pretend your campaigning across all the different planet types.

    48. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Being able to save games and single player (as a last resort, I guess I could just play against the computers) would be great!

    49. Ben Hollands on

      My view is also that more variety such as units, planets and game mechanics are more important to the final game than spending a large amount of resources on a single player campaign, which unless done right will only be enjoyed by a small minority and certainly not add as much replayability and endless joy as the multiplayer can potentially offer.