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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Opening Day!

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter!

What a great first day everyone! Nearly 250k in just 24 hours. We're very proud and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response. We have a long way to go, but this trajectory sure looks promising. I hope you all will help spread the word as much as possible to keep the train rolling.

We're very pleased to make the following announcements:

Offline / LAN play support
By popular demand we are happy to announce that we will support LAN play and running your own servers! There will be elements of the game that are online only and will only be available when connected. For example things like player stats, auto-updating, metagame etc. However, we feel it’s important to be able to have an offline experience as well.

For offline play, the game will be DRM free. For online play that gives you access to the global community and social features, you will need to be logged in.

Multiple Language Support
At launch we are committing to support at least English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Other languages may follow based on demand.

Sharable Custom Commander 
By popular demand we've decided to allow the $1000 level custom commander be sharable. We will send you 5 codes that you can choose to share with your friends. They can use the code to get access to the commander unit.

64-bit Support
We're confirming support for 64-bit operating systems. 

The supporters of this Kickstarter are the ones we are listening to, so keep the suggestions coming!

- Bob Berry & Jon Mavor


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    1. Robert Farrugia on

      You guys are keeping the dream alive. TA was amazing.. SC1 was awesome, PA will rock the RTS world. Kudos for keeping RTS alive and for not selling out to cater to "a broader audience". WE, the true fans of RTS salute you! - We are not afriad of micro and embrace macro! Love the economy.. metal, energy... and the managing of it all is as important as blowing it all up!

    2. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on

      What about post-game stats? Will these be available to lanners?

    3. Missing avatar

      Riggsy on

      Will code PA for pizza ;) What an awesome game to make!

    4. Missing avatar

      Khurshid Khan on

      Saving mid game please

    5. Missing avatar

      Jerx99 on

      Please, PLEASE keep that graphical style in the actual game!

    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Bogie on

      im going lose my girlfriend.
      im going to lose my job.
      and my dog may just end up dead =[

      Ive played most all RTS games and the games that i always came back to was TA for its massive armies and insanely large maps. I also loved SC for the experimental units and some very friendly navigating tools. It looks like youre covering new territory with this next installment.

      i have to ask about some key features that made the game the most enjoyable for me, as well as a few 'out of the box' suggestions:
      +++will the user progress through technology like TA, SC or a hybrid of both?
      +++will there be ferry systems? (where the route isnt cancelled if the main transport is destroyed)
      +++will [pause] be available? (sometimes when playing against 7computers its nice to pause and run build-queues so you can focus on other things)
      +++will [save] be available? i love a good standoff or simply a long game. it would be nice to play a 24hr game...over 4-6days. Even if its just the computers, but it would be awesome if friends could join in on a savegame.
      +++will there be subterrainian vehicles?
      +++will there be spy units or probes?
      +++will there be options for the Fog of War?
      +++How about Large Dropships... essentially transports that carry transports for large scale planetary invasions. Maybe make them so massive that they have to be made on planets/moons with low gravity and they cannot enter the atmosphere, they just travel in the solar system.
      +++in the spirit of 'The Endless War', will everything be considered a resource that can be reclaimed? minerals, wreckage, trees, rocks, mountains, thermal activity, water?
      +++when does a planet become completely useless?
      +++will there be random catastrophies? meteor / tsunami / earthquake / volcanos
      +++will the user be able to alter the environment? freeze the planet to cross frozen oceans / heat the planet to dry them up.
      +++will the user be able to alter the terrain? unbuildable territory becomes buildable. Maybe a dozer unit?
      +++will the commander be upgradable?
      +++will you be able to create decoys? either units, the commander or structures?
      +++EMP blasts are always a favorite! will we have those on a grande scale too?
      +++Planetary Shield Generator?!!
      +++Can the user have different selecting options? (toggle select land|air|sea|planet unit)
      +++Can the user save custom building queues? AA defence clusters; mini outposts; entire bases
      +++Can we have a stat-sheet on each unit?
      [ Minibot +100hp ]
      | +4-5dmg |
      | +2-3dmg v armor |
      | +0dmg v air |
      [ +1dmg v structure ]

      +++Giant Freakin' Lasers?! the Deathstar?! =D

    7. Stephen Lornie on

      "For offline play, the game will be DRM free."

      Does this mean there will be a single-player mode? And if so, will there also be a story/campaign mode?

      And on an unrelated note, will this be released on Steam and can we get the $20 reward tier as a Steam activation code?

    8. Brett on

      Does "we will support LAN play and running your own servers!" mean that we will be able to setup private online servers? All my LAN buddies moved away, will we still be able to play with just us?

    9. Mark Storer on

      I suggest that some unit names be spoofs on popular units from TA and SC, or even popular players/clans...

    10. noodlebeef on

      Quebec, Canada is't a international shipping o.0???????????

    11. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      This sounds like a great balance between supporting online and offline play

    12. Missing avatar

      Espen Hundvin on

      Can't wait for this game to become a reality! I loved the original TA, especially the campaigns; so I hope that in time we will get an epic singleplayer campaign. What would be ultra-fanstastic is if this campaign (or campaigns) could be available for both online and lan coop multiplay!

    13. Missing avatar


      I agree with Ray Robbins. For small groups it would be a very very pleasant feature to be able to save and resume a game. Especially when playing in LAN games the groups are often rather small and have the same time constraints and are likely to want to resume games at later points. So, I guess it makes sense to allow for saving and resuming at least when playing on a self hosted LAN server. I also the idea to replace someone by AI if he is unavailable to resume the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesper on

      No DRM ? Actual LAN support ? Battles on a grand scale ? Cute graphics ?

      I'm throwing the cash I can spare with more enthusiasm than a recently returned soldier at a strip bar.

    15. Jonas Van der Aa on

      If you decide to add Dutch language support, I want to personally volunteer to help. Why? I'm a native Dutch speaker and the English to Dutch translations in most games are crap.

    16. Ray Robbins on

      I saw in one of the interviews I’ve read that you all aren’t sure about allowing to save during muilti-player matches... while i agree that if you have 10-20 people t may be hard to get them back together at the same time to continue a game, what about the 2-3 or so groups? I play with my brothers all the time on games, and usually love the long ones, such as AI War, Sins, SupCom, etc... and often don’t have the time to finish a match in one sitting and rely on a save feature heavily.

      I think even with saving, there should be an option for a large amount of people who start a match, if they can’t get back together, that there was the option to turn the absent players to AI, and continue on with the game, Star Ruler for an example? Perhaps others can think of better examples. Also how will you deal with sudden DCs? Lose one player and the game ends? Auto save at the point of de-synch/DC and wait for the player to reconnect or with the option at that point to switch his forces to AI, or wipe all the units from that match?

      What I’m getting at is that i believe saving for the LAN/Net games is a good idea..... My 2 quarters worth =D

    17. Missing avatar

      Gammelvarg79 on

      Thank you for this! It looks brilliant and I hope that it will get funded and beyond.
      I missed the TA days but did play Supreme Commander and no RTS has even gotten close imo.
      Been hoping for a long time that something similar would be announced but this looks better than I could have hoped for!

    18. Yuri on

      Great Idea guys, i can't wait to have this game, my only suggestion is made a long vast game!

    19. Thomas on

      Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogooooooooooooooth

    20. DagothAgahnim(Menarra) on

      -begins a chant, hoping others will join in-

      Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth, Krooogoth.

    21. Missing avatar

      John Novak on

      @Mark, I don't see how they couldn't...
      The Commanders could be different, not every Unit...

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      There's no way they could possibly make the custom commanders balanced. They'll probably just be different models.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Edwards on

      Please include some smart automation. Give me slaved factories and autopatroling swarms of machines. Make maps that encourage patrol macromanagement. Or at least only have a couple of choke point maps. I loved playing TA on max speed, which forced you to macromanage (especially vs a computer), and I loved in SC that you could move around patrol nodes, but I want more functionality.... maybe even forming robot party blueprints at your factories that produce patterns of "1 repair, 2 aa, 5 grunts, 2 cannon" units then sends them off in a group and produces the second batch.... customizable parties of course.

    24. Vasili Sviridov on

      Supcom Forged Alliance was great. SupCom 2 sucked, even though they had some really nice ideas.
      I've been a TA fan for many years... Please don't screw this up... Please :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Are the custom commanders just going to be different models or completely different stats and possibly abilities?

    26. David on

      (to follow up on rickomanio's comment)

      The multiplayer match options are very important!
      (In SupCom2 you could select different techs to allow, and it was awesome {turn off nukes, artillery etc...})

    27. Missing avatar

      rickomanio on

      LAN! at last someone listen to us players! thank you!
      please also make a multiplayer match rich of starting options. very important is a handicap feature, so that all the matches we play are balanced.

      greets from germany :)

    28. David on

      Looks great!

      (thanks for the LAN love) to many companies think we all want to be online all the time "plugged into the cloud") and its just not so.

    29. Missing avatar

      Joris Dubois on

      Looks great so far.

    30. GrantZ9001 on

      Would love to see single player. Doesn't need to be a campaign; skirmish would suffice (at first at least).

    31. Missing avatar

      Shane Higgins on

      LAN support is huge for me. This game is now one of my most anticipated.

    32. Ken-Rino "KennyBall" Johnsen on

      What ever you guys do, please don`t make the same mistake making small maps that was made in Supreme Commander 2... make it BIG and Epic like in solar-system scale, as in Sins of a solar Empire. I still play Supreme Commander Forged Alliance because of the big 80x80 maps and use about 3 hour+ on a game with friends, and yes, i also play the small maps sometimes to shorter game rounds. IF you guys make some maps in a Solar-system scale like in SINS, please make a possibility to save the online and LAN games (after 14hour+ you just need to sleep) . I really hope this game will be an crossing of Supreme Commander Forged Alliance and Sins Of A Solar Empire. And to make collision to planets with asteroids look awesome. Will there bee a tech three? like in Supreme Commander and total annihilation? it is cool to have a tech race, Exploring other system with lower tech then yourself and go in and totally take over their planets and force the AI or other player to adapt or perish...i Can`t wait for this game. gimme gimme gimme ;)

    33. Ray Robbins on

      Like Snorre mentioned, line graphs! lol, similar to Civilization?, Rise of nations, Age of empires, i love the over time line graphs, more then the charts of numbers for after battle reports.... and, replays as well. I was sad that SupCom2 was.... well was how it was, but loved the first and FA. I have lots of memories about T.A. as well, using graph paper to plan out bases with my brother and just had a blast with it. Kingdoms was alright, nice twist but just didnt hit the spot like TA, well nuff said.... Good luck for the rest of the funding! =D

    34. Michael Alexander

      Thank you so much, you guys rock! I said I would up my pledge for Linux support, so now I'll put my money where my mouth is.

    35. Missing avatar

      Snorre Magnus Davøen on

      If possible, Linux support would be very much appriciated. I realize that the Linux platform can be hard to develop for, depending on what tools you use etc. So I'm not really expecting Linux support, but it would make a great addition. Now that Steam is coming to Ubuntu and Valve is working with Nvidia and AMD on their Linux drivers, things might look up for Linux gaming.

      As far as 64bit support goes, this is really nice! It is time to push software over to the 64 bit era.

      One game functionality that I would really like to see is a replay-function with game statistics. I am thinking that graphs which summarize number of units over time, number of units lost per time, resources per time and other such statistics could be cool.

      You've already stated that the game will support modding and the creation of new game types etc. How high-level or low-level will this modding be? It would be great if you could script game modes in a fashion similar to that used in Warcraft 3. Thbough I am really looking forward to seeing some of the stuff people create, and maybe even trying my hand at some modding myself.

      As a last note I would just like to express my excitement for this game. I have not, crazy as it might sound, played Total Annihilation, but I look forward to playing this game. Best of luck!

    36. Giovanni Marin on

      Any ideas on bring this on steam at some point? Steamworks integration, stuff like that will be very cool..

    37. Warren G on

      Very cool video and it looks like a great team. I have spent more time playing TA and Supreme Commander games than any other ones. Many great lan parties.

    38. Missing avatar

      Glidder on

      +1 for Linux support :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Dustin on

      +1 for an interface like TA and Supcom 1, not supcom 2! ;-)

    40. Edward Morrison on

      +1 for Supreme Commander 1 inspiration and not 2!

    41. Missing avatar

      Roland Wurzer on

      +1 for Linux support

    42. Shane Cunningham on

      If the inspiration is Supcom and TA - please be like the glorious Supcom 1, not the horrendous Supcom 2!

    43. Missing avatar

      Malax on

      Hi! I'm wondering about the Mac OS X support: Is it some emulated crap or will it be native?

    44. Jim Tarnung on

      I really like the art style shown in the kickstarter video. Please don't depart too much from that.

    45. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      I noticed that you mentioned supporting 64-bit Operating Systems, but does that mean that the game will be 64-bit? With RAM being so cheap these days, it'd be nice if the game could use more than 3GB :D

    46. Jason Lu on

      Oops, I meant a choice of either steam edition or a DRM free version :)

    47. Missing avatar

      M Sinclair on

      I hope these cartoony kids cartoon graphics get replaced with something a little more realistic/shiny/bad-ass.

    48. Jason Lu on

      If you could give us the option of having the game available from steam in addition to a DRM free version then that would be epic. :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Dwarf on

      LAN support does it for me !! just donated $40.

      Good luck guys with this. I really hope it is a success. I love TA and SupCom :)

    50. Maciej Ziębicki on

      Can't wait to see the final product :D As a stretch goal addition i suggest to implement naval units & buildings and option to play on one huge planet:)