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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

1v1 Competitive Update is live!

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Build 75539 is live!

Leaderboards are live! Starting now you can see where you stack against the world. Work your way up, and take the number 1 Uber spot!

We’re happy to announce the release of the full 1v1 Competitive Update! We started working toward this with our 1v1 ranked games and matchmaking in our last update, and have moved it to the full experience by including the Leaderboards allowing you to see the top of each rank and where you land in the world of rankings, as well as bringing in 3 new symmetrical 1v1 maps custom made for our ranked play!

With this in mind, we have also reset the rankings to start the Leaderboards fresh. You’ll need to play your 5 provisional games to get your new rank.

Our System Designer now has the ability to make symmetrical planets, do CSG editing, and add custom metal placement for all you modders and planet creators out there! This is the first steps on this, and we plan on expanding the functionality of the designer even further in the future!

There’s been a ton of changes, tweaks, and bugfixes in this one, so keep reading for a more detailed list!

  • [General] You are now able to chat after games, even in chronocam mode 
  • [General] Added in backer names on more commanders in the Armory 
  • [General] More backer names are now in for planets and Galactic War credits 
  • [General] Nukes now have a specific effect if they happen in space 
  • [General] Jigs have a new custom explosion effect
  • [Balance] Jigs now explode in a nuke sized explosion (drag select will space these to be safe, but you can hand place them closer if you feel lucky) 
  • [Balance] Change to Dox vision from 150 to 100 
  • [Balance] Commander torpedoes rate of fire reduced from 2.0 per second to 1.0 per second 
  • [Balance] Commander torpedoes range reduced from 200 to 160 
  • [Balance] Dox will now correctly fire on factories 
  • [Balance] Nuke damage will now expand out to match the effect
  • [Ranked] Leaderboards are now online (found under Multiplayer off the main menu)  
  • [Ranked] Players can watch the last replay of the top 10 of each rank in the Leaderboards
  • [Ranked] 3 new custom made 1v1 planets for Ranked play, to replace the old pool  
  • [Ranked] You can no longer pause in ranked games  
  • [Ranked] Disconnecting in a ranked game now pauses it and gives the disconnected player 180 seconds to reconnect before they forfeit  
  • [Ranked] A player has 30 seconds to show up for a ranked lobby before the game is abandoned
  • [Ranked] A player disconnecting from a ranked lobby now immediately abandons the game (and applies a penalty to the abandoning player, like before)  
  • [Ranked] Players are now notified when they have a match and are tabbed away (flashing icon and sound)  
  • [Ranked] A new and louder sound now plays when you find a match.
  • [System Designer] We’ve implemented symmetrical planet creation
  • [System Designer] You can now edit CSGs (move, add, delete, copy, paste, rotate, raise, and lower them)  
  • [System Designer] You can now place or remove metal spots  
  • [System Designer] All System Editor hotkeys can be found under settings and changed if you like  
  • [System Designer] Orbiting bodies are not allowed to be more massive than what they are orbiting (As a placeholder fix, the system designer will move the orbiting planet to orbit the sun if you increase mass higher than the planet it orbits)  
  • [System Designer] Water flows into custom CSG
  • [UI] Lots of small changes to bring more continuity through the UI  
  • [UI] When first entering game, we have a bar added to give new players an idea of the initial controls  
  • [UI] Top 3 players from the Leaderboard are listed on main menu along with their last replay  
  • [UI] The message telling you that your opponent abandoned the ranked lobby will no longer disappear after 5 seconds.
  • [AI] Now uses Gas Giants  
  • [AI] Neural net tweaks  
  • [AI] Will now build Annihilaser  
  • [AI] Better handling of platoons  
  • [AI] All known issues of AI getting stuck now fixed  
  • [AI] Added a large set of new AI names  
  • [AI] Now better performance in the late game due to smarter pathing choices
  • [Bug fixes] Changing economy after everyone has clicked ready will unready everyone
  • [Bug fixes] Your rank changes will now immediately update after a match
  • [Bug fixes] Replaced the messed up “5” in the font
  • [Bug fixes] Landing zone low resolution circles now removed  
  • [Bug fixes] Straight line graphics bug when you look up through atmosphere into space is now fixed  
  • [Bug fixes] Linux should now correctly load all translated locales  
  • [Bug fixes] You should now be able to see the quit confirmation even if the game is paused [Bug fixes] Nukes and commander explosion damage should now better match the visual effect  
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed some of the instances of jerky movement  
  • [Bug fixes] Orbital Fabbers will now correctly build on planets other than their current planet  
  • [Bug fixes] Fixed detection that the planet you are orbiting was destroyed while attempting to move somewhere else  
  • [Bug fixes] Commander AA now prioritizes air correctly  
  • [Bug fixes] You should no longer be incorrectly prompted to reconnect to an old game  
  • [Bug fixes] Attempting to requeue after playing matchmaking should no longer prompt you to reconnect to the game you just played  
  • [Bug fixes] Connecting to a matchmaking game should be more reliable
  • [Armory] New Commander: Berlinetta  
  • [Armory] New Commander: Banditks
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Footitt on

      Silly not being able to edit. Correction to my last post, my uber forum tag is 'cdrkf' :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Footitt on

      @jurgen as stated lower down, your probably below minimum specs for offline (quad core and 8 gb ram- if you have 8 but integrated gfx that can cause this).

      Go into settings, turn the offline server from auto to on.

      You should then have access to single player gw and skirmish, as well as the ability to host lan games. It is definitely possible as I did this with my laptop, no login needed at any point.

      If your still struggling I'd be happy to help you further on the uber forums ( I use the same tag on there.

    3. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Brian Rubin Yes, we still have it on the list and have someone working on it, but we unfortunately won't get it out this year :(

    4. Brian Rubin

      Sigh, so will being able to save a single player game EVER be added at this point?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jürgen Peters on

      @Jérôme: when i copy the (which is conveniently located in a subfolder not visible to normal users) and open it on another machine, PA starts but the single player and multi player buttons are deactivated. Only after i log in to my account, they activate and i can play. This is what i call DRM.
      This is on OSX Mavericks.

    6. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Overmann email and we can help you get it situated :)

    7. Overmann on

      Under the server tab it only shows the "Region" drop down box, but its blank.
      And I don't currently have enough internet available to download the new update.

      So.. I guess I'm outta luck.

    8. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      @Overmann I just double checked it on my computer unplugged from network and it seems to work. The boxes are there asking you to sign in to PlayFab, but I skipped it and played Galactic War, and AI game, and created a custom multiplayer game. Maybe check under Settings/Server/Local Server and change it from Auto to On. You may not meet our min specs for running server so game is defaulting to off. That should set you up for it :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Jérôme on

      @Jürgen Peters
      You will be please to know that offline multiplayer is there.
      I really don't understand why people want so much Uber to fail, that they keep spreading false information without taking the time to do a single google search.
      Even basic operation like copy and paste, or joining a lan server suddenly become the most difficult operation that must be carefully documented.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jürgen Peters on

      @Jérôme: what you are describing isn't documented anywhere i looked. I'll check if that's actually true.

      So if that's the case, then we would just need offline multiplayer and we had almost everything that was initially promised.

    11. Overmann on

      @Uber Entertainment Inc
      Thanks for the reply.

      I tried loading PA.exe and it does load the game, but I can't play unless I sign in.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jérôme on

      @Jürgen Peters
      There is no difference between coping an installer and coping the PA folder.
      There is no need to be online to install the game is you have it already downloaded. Exactly like Gog.
      Please, explain precisely where is the difference because it seems to me like you're just spreading false infrmation.

    13. Darren Steinheuer on

      I'm finding it hard to care about this game anymore. Quite disappointed team.

    14. Ash Bailey on

      Keep up the good work guys,

    15. Missing avatar

      Jürgen Peters on

      The "fair" definition of DRM-free is IMHO this: Once i have bought and downloaded the installer for the game, I am able to install and play the game offline without restriction. This is how all games from and all games from the Humble Store marked "DRM-free" work and what Uber hasn't delivered yet, since i need to log in to their servers every time i want to install the game even if i already logged in and downloaded everything once before. The problem is, that the moment Uber decides to take their servers offline I'm unable to reinstall the game. This basically puts an expiration date on a game i bought, which seems to be fine for most gamers (hence the success of Steam) but some of us are simply not willing to put up with that.

      From Ubers communication in the past it is clear to me that they have no interest in delivering on their promise. They clearly see DRM as the way to go in increasing sales of their game during the initial phase. They'll probably release a truly DRM-free version once the sales died down to make some extra cash through stores like, but i wouldn't hold my breath.

      I've just marked this down as another Kickstarter failure and an example as to why i need to be more careful on where I invest my money in the future.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Footitt on


      If you need feedback from uber you should email support...

      Also I'm not sure your definition of 'drm free' is fair... You require a login to get the download however I don't think 'drm free' means 'don't have to buy the game initially'... That said once you have a download, it can be copied to other machines without the installer (copy the folder), and can be run with no log in. I have the game set up for lan play at home (played some co-op against the ai with a friend the other day).

    17. Daryl Putman on

      Uber, but we can't GET the game without going through our DRM downloader.

      You're not responding to my messages sent, either. See Kickstarter inbox for ignored messages from me.

    18. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Offline mode does not require any log in at all to play if you run it from the PA.exe (this keeps you from having to log into Steam or Playfab). Take a look at our previous update for more info!

    19. Overmann on

      Great update guys.
      Now if we could only get it DRM free.

    20. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      We plan to! Still have a lot we want to get done for PA, so you'll continue to see more things come online over the next updates!

    21. Missing avatar

      Colin Clausen on

      great work.
      Looking forward to more updates from you guys, keep them coming :)