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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

A Note To Planetary Annihilation Fans About Human Resources

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

tl;dr: today, we announced a new Kickstarter for a strategy game. Plans for Planetary Annihilation’s development will be unaffected. Human Resources’ team is a separate team.

Today, we busted out a new Kickstarter for a new strategy game called Human Resources. Built on the same engine that you helped us create for Planetary Annihilation, Human Resources expands on the scale and destruction you’ve come to love in exciting and different ways. We realize that some of you might take this news as concerning, so we wanted to come out and say this: work on Planetary Annihilation will not stop if Human Resources funds; both games will have a team dedicated to these separate projects.

In other words, things will stay the same. A Planetary Annihilation team will continue its amazing work on the game, and you’ll keep receiving new updates with new features, fixes, and mechanics. Meanwhile, a separate team will roll into pre-production on Human Resources.

What’s pre-production? It’s the first phase of game development. It’s the time where we sandbox and define features, game mechanics, and systems. Then, we begin to build any new technology that we need to support it. We’ll sketch out how we can accomplish our goals and when. It’s a pretty exciting phase where we create new worlds and possibilities.

Games are evolving. You don’t just “finish” them anymore. We see them as services, as active things that grow over a length of time. Planetary Annihilation’s vision has been achieved or else we wouldn’t have launched it, but that was just one journey. We embarked on a more adventurous one the second we updated it to 1.0.

This is a very, very exciting time for us. Words suck at expressing how much we love all you guys for your incredible passion and support. Planetary Annihilation wouldn’t exist without you — and we plan to keep it going. If you’d like to check out Human Resources and become one of humanity’s new overlords, please do so. We’d love your support.

Prepare to have your eyes melted.


Uber Entertainment <3

PS: Sorry for the eye melting.

PPS: But it was worth, right?

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    1. ThomasN on

      Sorry, wanted to reply to the new update :D

    2. ThomasN on

      Cool! One big reason why I backed this.

    3. Muad'Dib on

      They haven't been able to fulfill their promises with a full team, why do you think they will with a smaller one? And their studio isn't big

      Uber said the same about Super Monday Night Combat when they started the PA kickstarter. They won't abandon the game etc.
      Well, Super Monday Night Combat is dead. There hasn't been updates for a long time, and there won't be any.

    4. Lukas P. Jørgensen on

      @Brantley Love.. But they addressed this exact issue in the post?
      They are not abandoning PA, what makes you think that? They are just big, and they now have 2 teams working on 2 seperate games, as they said in the post, "Nothing has changed" (concerning PA at least). So I don't get where you are coming from or where you got these conspiracy theories from?

    5. Brantley Love on

      @2Ben PA isn't finished yet and they're already moving on to another project. It's still missing major features such as offline mode, 40 player games, and a few others I can't list right now. Don't reward these people for abandoning their last project. Uber's new project doesn't deserve to be funded if they haven't finished their last one.

    6. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      I don't get all the negativity. PA is great, what the hell is wrong with it ??
      Insta-backed HR of course.

    7. Pandemonium Games on

      You're kidding right? I am yet to even GET TO PLAY a single game of PA, due to your online only nonsense. I seem to live in a country where no one plays (Australia) and even though I like to feel I have decent internet I can't even get past the deployment phase of your game. It feels so unpolished and broken, and yet you're funding ANOTHER game? Talk about a slap in the face. Not only this but you speak of loyalty andhow much you love us, and yet you don't seem to show it? Not even some kind of return backer bonus or discount? (How about those god damn skins, that you want people to pay $125 for. What the hell?)

    8. SlyDave on

      Connection to server lost - returning to galactic map.

      Another 45 minutes wasted, and the prime reason why I have stopped playing this game - it's not yet complete, and feels very abandoned.

      What happened to the dream of making it the best RTS of it's type? At this point in time even Supreme Commander 2 is a more complete package.

      I really want to love this game, but it's just not quite there yet.

    9. Muad'Dib on

      You didn't keep your promises and failed to deliver a finished and polished game.

      I would gladly support another Kickstarter project from Larian Studios (Divinity: Original Sin), but surely not another possible trainwreck from Uber Entertainment.

    10. Missing avatar

      Josh Lobban on

      Hey Uber. I'm happy with the game you made. I do want offline capability, and I expect that to be provided at some point (you haven't said you aren't, the last we all knew you plan to). I'm fine with that.

      Your new game looks cool, but I don't think I will back it just yet.

      To anyone incensed that you are making another game, that's odd. You need to keep making games. I don't expect you to all retire.

      To people upset that you are asking the community for more money, what do they think? That you just go to publishers once for money then coast off that for every other game? No, you need to raise money for every project of course.

      To people comparing you to Double Fine, take that as a compliment. I still love the stuff Double Fine has gave me both as a backer of one of their projects, and a regular customer for all sorts of others.

      Thanks for the cool game.

    11. Missing avatar

      osmosisbones on

      @michele you pretty much said it, uber has FAILED to keep their promise, that's what the whole kickstarter project is about, they promise to offer you something in RETURN for giving them money upfront, if they FAIL to deliver just as uber has then you lose all credibility. just as @isotone said reputation is everything, ESPECIALLY on kickstarter, apparently uber doesn't seem to think so when starting another kickstarter for human resources, and dont kid yourself by thinking uber worked on this project for free, they all got paid, every single person at uber got a pay check, and since the kickstarter backers are basically the stock holders for PA and we are pissed, we were promised things, they failed to deliver, period. so you can feel sorry for uber, but im betting @EthiC wasn't one of the 150.00 backers, so uber still hasn't popped their pony tail head out of that new building we backed to address the increasing resentment and disappointed backers on kickstarter or steam, and rumors of banning people who voice their opinions. AND yet they have the time start another kickstarter.... credibility is draining fast uber.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Christopher Wolfe
      People are simply asking what was promised, nothing more. Asking for money after having proved that they are not capable of delivering what they promise, it's a bold move.

      @Christopher Bort
      And the censorship begins...

    13. Christopher Bort on

      lmao. I told you the same thing i told you here on the Steam forums about how you abandon your games and you banned me. This is how you treat your kickstarter backers. I am telling everyone this

    14. Xenophon on

      Can't say I'm thrilled with the way you are handling PA. At best it feels like a playable tech demo. I truly hope you live up to the promises made about PA. That said I most definitely won't be supporting another product until I see PA made into what was sold to people.

    15. Christopher Wolfe on

      I don't get all the pissiness. First of all, Uber is not Riot, and Planetary Annihilation is not League of Legends. Aside from the aforementioned example, don't just make one game, and then continue to develop and profit off that game until the end of time. Game developers make a game, and then, when they are done, they make another.

      I don't know why game developers these days are having to apologize for following the business model of literally all of industry. When you offered them your money in exchange for the promise of a game, did you think that was going to be the specialest game evar and that it would summon unicorn faeries to fulfil your every wish? If so, grow up.

    16. isotone on

      oh, and matchmaking. Huge missed opportunity there to take on SC2, real shame.

    17. isotone on

      Not really happy about this, even though I understand the financial pressures involved it does seem like poor management.

      As Double Fine will no doubt find out, reputation is the most important currency to have, and much harder than real $ to get back when lost.

      If offline play, save game, tutorial, planet biome restrictions on units and the unit cannon are not in PA by the close of this next kickstarter I daresay you may be in a similar position.

    18. Jalister on

      The only reason I backed many of the games that I did was to support games that promised DRM free versions. PA being one of them. Not only has PA not delivered, it is now obvious that Uber has no intention of following through since they removed that information from the Steam page.

    19. bonuswavepilot

      Yep. While my situation at the moment is such that I have a good reliable 'Net connection (I'm in Japan for a few months), back home my Internet is a lot less reliable and it is incredibly frustrating to be locked out of games because of that.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      that faq entry was added recently, it wasn't there yesterday.
      However I wonder why an offline version should cost more than the online version.
      That said, I agree that with that clarification they lost a lot of appeal to me.

    21. ErPanfi on

      @bonuswavepilot : seconding this, but I'm more confident that the polishing will surely come.

      I work in another game software house that follows a similar workflow pipeline... And it seem to work :-)

    22. bonuswavepilot

      From the FAQ:
      "Will there be an offline version of Human Resources?
      The initial goal for funding Human Resources will not have an offline version. "
      ...No sale!

    23. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on

      This is a real slap in the face to everybody who has been waiting for you to actually complete PA and add all of the features that you promised including offline mode. And seriously when last did a RTS game only have 1 faction?

      You won't see a cent from me again until you deliver on the promises you made for PA.

    24. bonuswavepilot

      I like the premise of this, but I'm also a bit worried about some of the missing PA stuff. While I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt that the unfinished PA features will make it in there, and hopefully some of the performance issues will be solved, I'm not sure if my goodwill is sufficient to extend to another project just yet.
      I know it's not a big deal for a lot of users, and they are apparently still working on this stuff, but always-online is one of my most hated features of modern gaming.

    25. Missing avatar

      EthiC on

      Tbh I don't get all the negative commotion. I've backed PA together with some other kickstarter projects(Castlestory, carmageddon <- ,,|,,) and Uber was the only team that was dedicated, worked with the community, gave many status updates,... aaaand delivered an actual groundbreaking game. Goodluck with your next project Uber!

    26. Missing avatar

      pizzapotamus on

      You have got to be freaking kidding, you jackoffs.

    27. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on

      I'm not going to fall for this twice, that's for sure. Uber's not getting another cent from me.

    28. Daryl Putman on

      @ThomasN, you're probably best off saying screw it and hanging out with us on GOG. Uber's certainly decided to treat us with contempt.

    29. Allan Rodda on

      @Gabriel They mentioned quite a number of times during the kickstarter that there will only ever be one faction in PA, also that 'Experimentals' or Tier 3 units were not going to happen. I believe Mavor himself said he felt they unbalanced the game too much. Aside from which, you already have planets smashing into each other and giant planet destroying lasers, do you really also need a big stompy robot that you can't actually take to another planet (lets be honest, you wouldn't be able to lift it and it sure as hell wouldn't fit through the teleporter)?

      The only complaint I really have is that the unit count is still a little low when compared to TA or SC.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Seaman on

      I actually kinda hope this new kickstarter fails so that you're forced to go back to working on PA.

    31. ThomasN on

      Thing is, I don't even know if this new game will be DRM free in my meaning of the word, which means I can install it without internet, until I investigate or harass some people. At least with PA, I still don't know for sure. Question is: Do I like to investigate and harass? Or do I say fuck it and hang out on GOG.

    32. Gabriel on

      Not going to lie, with all the flack coming at Uber, I did not expect them to be launching another Kickstarter just yet. Yes, I understand the development system for games, and I understand that this probably won't affect updates to PA.

      But, to say that they've successfully delivered on their kickstarter promises seems a little ridiculous. On top of that, I dislike how they're hyping different factions. What ever happened to the different factions for PA? How about more units? Tier 3? I'm not sure if they were ever planning to put experimentals, or tier 3 units, or different factions into PA, but I DID expect them to. If they weren't going to, they didn't make that clear. I am disappointed that they haven't put more content in. I'm disappointed because it means that the kind of differences between factions that they're touting for HR will never come to PA.

      On top of that, the aliens are just a little similar to zerg in Star Craft. Just sayin'

      And, I wish that they were designing those robot units to put into PA, instead of making a new game with them. I mean, they've clearly already got the design concepts, they should just put them in the completely robot universe in PA.

      And I'm not buying the fact that they say everything will be destructible. Sure, buildings will go down, but are there going to be craters too? I doubt it...

      Wow, over the top features. That's exactly the same pitch we got for PA...

      Now, I don't want to come off as a total hater, because I'm not disgusted by PA or anything. (I'm actually just waiting until it has save games to give it a shot). The art for HR looks really nice, and the gameplay sounds really fun also. It looks very interesting. That being said, I wish they had taken this idea and instead made an expansion pack for PA (free for backers, or something, even as another kickstarter).

      It does seem that, even though they won't be dropping PA support, they aren't planning to keep it as a long-term commitment. They don't seem interested in adding anything like expansions, etc.

    33. Nathan Camp on

      There seems to be a lot of ire being directed at Uber for this and I don't really see how it as fair.

      There is definitely things that PA needs right now and I agree that it probably would have been better for PA in terms of its PR if it had features like offline play and the ability to run servers ready for 1.0 release. If these features get cancelled and don't show up then there would be legitimate concern but I do think we will get these features. Late sure, and I think that is suboptimal but the patches continue and they are finalising the backer rewards as we speak (with the physical rewards locking down on October 15th).

      2 years is a long time for a small company to be working on a single project on a relatively small amount of crowd funding. I think that so long as PA continues to receive support and updates to the feature set then it is perfectly acceptable for them to continue as a company and make another game.

      Best of luck Uber, although I hope that those features for PA come sooner rather than later so this kind of community response can be minimised :/

    34. Michael Pedersen on

      I won't say never again. After all, I'm getting some pretty good games out of it all. I will say that I'm definitely more choosy, though. And companies which come back to Kickstarter for a second project need to demonstrate that I should back them. Right now, Uber isn't demonstrating that very well. I hope that changes.

    35. Ed Ray on

      I need offline/LAN play on PA guys. I need it!

    36. Missing avatar

      osmosisbones on

      they had 2 years.... 2 years to finish PA, and they did in fact promise things that they have not delivered upon, that's why kickstarter is seeing a huge drop in game development backing, they promise the world, but fail to deliver, dont take my word for it though, here's the link:
      so do i feel let down? yes, do i feel like they took my money and have yet to deliver? yes, hell they STILL haven't delivered the promised rewards for kickstarter backers, how freaking difficult is it to deliver t-shirts... or get the statues made? or the retail boxes that were promised? 2 years... and yet they cant keep their promise, but they can damn sure take your money on kickstarter. so it looks like uber is gonna have to do some serious damage control over at steam and on kickstarter cause the original backers are pissed, hell the game went to half price on steam... half price. but hell they have plenty of time to start another game project and beg for more money yet they cant find the time to make another video to explain themselves. nope. so now there attention is divided, and the kickstarter backer gets screwed, NEVER AGAIN. i'll wait till the game comes out on steam before wasting another 150.00 again.

    37. Cory Maddox

      Looks great. I am backing it for now, but will pull out if there is no offline play for PA by the time it gets to the final days.

    38. darkstorm on

      From the "Human Resources" kickstarter - "we’ve shown with Planetary Annihilation that we can carry a bold new idea from pitch to final polish."

      How is no saving and no offline mode a game that has had final polish

    39. Missing avatar


      @Michael Pedersen
      You're exactly right.
      If they can prove they're capable of finishing a game in the way they promise then I'll back them again. Until then, why would I risk my money when they might just not bother with a key promised feature for my enjoyment of the game?

    40. Jedra7609

      No-one should expect them to stand still. Good luck with the new game - probably not my cup of tea but I wish you well.

      I backed GODUS too - I am one of the few (based on the KS comment thread) that actually likes it!!

    41. Michael Pedersen on

      @TheChosenOne Did they ever promise a DRM Free copy? Or offline play? Only in their very first update to this kickstarter, which you too can read right here:

      Also, they used to have it right on the steam page, though that's been removed. You have to use the internet archive to read it, but here, I've done the research for you:

      Under the section titled "Launch Feature List":
      DRM Free: Play connected to the UberNet servers, your own private server, or offline, it’s your choice. (Early Access to offline play may be restricted.)

      So, as of right now, they've "delivered" the game (just look at the video embedded in the update above), despite missing some fairly major features that they promised from very early stages would happen *at launch*. The game is released, and the features aren't there.

      I'm still willing to back HR *iff* they get those features out before HR closes. If not, well, why would I toss more money at a company that fails to deliver on some basic promises?

    42. Nathaniel O'Neill on

      Wow, some seriously nasty people here. As someone who backed both PA and another KS name of GODUS, I have to say I'm thrilled with PA. It's been a great game for a long time, and anytime I log in to play, I'm happy.

      I've backed, and I'm super excited :)

    43. TheChosenOne on

      So basicly its a post for the dumb people who complain right away and don't understand game development. *looks below this comment window...* oh to late..

      PA is being patched over a long period with some huge patches from time to time. Take a chillpill and actually provide proper feedback on the right location instead of some weird post here. Also did they ever promise a DRM-free copy? Can't find it in rewards or frontpage at least. I'm happy playing on Steam anyway.

    44. Christopher Bort on

      Also, once again, like you did with Saturday Night Combat 1 and 2, you're abandoning your last game. Amazing.

    45. Christopher Bort on

      You are joking right? You don't even have offline single player for PA and you want more money.

      You are on drugs

    46. Yuri on

      It looks AWESOME!!!!! if you give me PA DRM-FREE before the new campaign ends i will definitely back this new project.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Also I want to stress one point. For Human Resources you are asking for 500000 more than PA. For PA you had to build an engine for scratch, in HR you already have an engine to work on. Why do you need so much money?

    48. Missing avatar

      ncrav on

      What about finishing P.A.? Do you really think it is worthy to have thousands of payers talking about how you never really finished P.A. and delivered what you promised?

    49. Missing avatar

      Oxi12 on

      Don't see how this is "good news". They will be moving most of the man power to this "new" team in no time while leaving their fans with a non finished product which they declared "ready" despite the crowdfunding keeping publisher deadlines at bay. And now they're telling you "we delivered". No more support from me for this comany.