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Update #72

We're Streaming Tomorrow!

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 Earlier this week, we busted out a turbo-huge update to Planetary Annihilation that not only introduced some fantastic new balance tweaks, but also added friends lists, instant messaging, replays, and more. Tomorrow, we're going to discuss all of these changes (and debut a hot, new one!) during a livestream at 1PM PST. That's right; buckle up, we're streaming again.

Here are the details:

WHEN: April 24, 1PM PST 

WHERE: Twitch.TV/UberEntertainment 

WHAT: A discussion on the gamma phase and the latest update, a hot upcoming feature, game balance, and the debut of something special. 

Have a question for us, by the way? Hit up this forum thread and throw us a line. Also, you can chat at us on Facebook, Twitter, or on Twitch. See you on the 24th!

Update #71

Planetary Annihilation MEGA Update: Friends Lists, Messaging, Replays, And More!

All of us at Uber Entertainment are always busy. It's a given. But, the last couple of weeks have been "turbo busy," as Brad would describe it. In-between polishing up a lot of incredible features, both the Planetary Annihilation and Toy Rush teams spent major swathes of time planning for their game's showings at PAX East 2014. All the hard work and brain-busting effort paid off, too -- oodles of folks dropped by, said hi, and had an awesome time playing Planetary Annihilation and Toy Rush.  

With Planetary Annihilation, we set up two groups of four computers and had folks face off against each other in 2v2 matches. Meanwhile, Adam rocked the microphone and casted the matches for everyone observing the action to hear. Over the course of the three-day event, we saw planet smashes and tons of epic plays from rookies that turned pro before our sleep-deprived, but glistening eyes. It was cool, to say the least. 

The rest of the team back at the office were also busy busting out all the new features you're seeing today in Planetary Annihilation's latest update. In addition to countless optimizations and tweaks, we've added some amazing Gamma-specific features: replays and videos, messaging, friends lists, and yet another advanced command and control feature. 

Friends Lists, Instant Messaging, and Replays 

Among other things, Gamma is all about you and your friends. Friends lists, messaging, and replays are a huge step in this direction. The friends list and instant messaging clients live on the right-hand side of your screen. When you're not in games, you can add friends, see if your pals are online, or message them. 

Replays can be viewed in the new Replay menu available at the main menu screen. Right now, you can search for matches and view them at any time after they end. We've got a great plan to expand this feature by adding the ability to create highlights and user uploading to YouTube. We'll be talking about Replays again pretty soon. 

Advanced Commander and Control: Line Drawing 

Starting now, you can organize units in whatever formations that you desire with a couple clicks of the mouse and a quick drag. We've also added the ability for you to set the path your units walk with a shift-click. Fighting across entire worlds is easier with this simple, intuitive, and customizable new control. 

The Rest 

Of course, this update includes many other fixes, optimizations, and tweaks. The full patch notes are available, as always, on our forums. We look forward to seeing you guys in the lobby or on the boards, Twitter and Facebook!

Update #70

Watch Battle of the Beasts Live! Right Now!


It’s on! Battle of the Beasts, Planetary Annihilation’s first official tournament, is going down right now! Go watch some of Planetary Annihilation’s baddest, beastliest SPACE WARRIORS duke it out for a custom commander (and eternal glory) on the official Battle of the Beasts site. Another way to catch the action? Head over to our host’s ZaphodX’s Twitch.TV page and interact as you watch!

Before you go: here’s the custom commander the winning team is going to walk away with:

 Also, stay tuned to our Twitter (@uberent) for a chance to win a GeForce 770 courtesy our awesome partners at NVIDIA who are generously helping us make Planetary Annihilation even faster.

Update #69

Announcing Planetary Annihilation's First Official Tournament, Battle of the Beasts


A handful of the BEASTLIEST teams in Planetary Annihilation are about to square off for eternal glory — and an epic prize.

Uber Entertainment is excited to announce BATTLE OF THE BEASTS, its first ever official tournament for Planetary Annihilation. Taking place March 28 at 11AM Pacific time, Battle of the Beasts is an eight team, doubles-style tournament where the winning team will walk away with a unique (and beastly) custom commander. Also, glory.

The entire tournament will be hosted by ZaphodX and his co-host, our own metabolical. To catch the action, follow and stay up with ZaphodX's Twitch page on March 28. The Battle of the Beast official page will be broadcasting the event, too -- and posting archives of the action as it goes down.

And who are these SPACE WARRIORS about to give everything for your amusement and their own eternal glory? We announced the eight teams and their seeds on this video:

You can get a text-based version of these rosters on the official BOB blog. We've also listed the rules in a post as well.

Excited? We are, too. Stay up to date on the tournament by visiting the BOB page. Also, jump into the discussion on our forums! This is a really unique opportunity for us and our competitors, so we're dedicated to putting on an awesome show. See you there!

Update #68

Planetary Annihilation Update Goes Live, Enters Gamma Phase Of Development!


In alpha, we introduced you to Planetary Annihilation. In beta, we gave you big, epic moments. During the gamma phase of development, we'll give you brand new ways to play and experience Planetary Annihilation.

Today, we released an update to Planetary Annihilation that ushered in the game's "gamma" phase of development. This update includes a totally rebuilt and streamlined front-end, as well as brand new lobbies that make it easier for players to join the games they want. This sets the table for further user interface updates that'll be unveiled in gamma.

The concept of "alliances" also debuted today. In free-for-all games, players can now set up alliances pre-match. We packed our epic orchestral score into today's update as well. This stunning soundtrack has over an hour's worth of content.

Over the course of gamma, we'll be rolling out a ton of features that'll make it easier to connect with others, team up, browse games, compare stats, and interact. We'll also push Planetary Annihilation's incredible scale to a new level with features focused on giving you more options, more control, and even more epic moments. You can read more about these features here:

We think you'll love what we added. Now jump into a (newly-redesigned) lobby and enjoy!

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