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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

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Resume Anywhere hits PA!

In the latest update, we've added the ability to resume anywhere in PA. This means you can rewind any game you are playing or from a save game and play from that point! Lost against the AI? No problem, just rewind back and try a different strategy!

Full update notes on the AI improvements, UI changes, Balance changes, and bug fixes can be found in game either on the main menu or in the patcher, or by going by the Uber forums!

And to add a quick note on the physical goods, they are finally all in Seattle and being processed for shipment. We are hoping that goes quickly and they get out ASAP! Thank you all for your patience on these.

Online Galactic Save/Load enabled!


We've got Galactic War Save/Load for offline and online servers now!  

Also included in this update is a Sandbox option in the Game Lobby to enable server cheats without using a mod. (Please note, this does not work in ranked games.)


 - Fix for crash loading a saved game
Known Issue: Saved games that experienced this crash prior to the fix will continue to crash. This will fix future saved games from crashing.
 - Added a text warning to indicate filenames restrictions
 - Fix for vision after reconnect
 - Fix for the gas giant size bug in System Designer
 - Added a sandbox option to enable server cheats without using a mod. (This does not worked in ranked games.)
 - Enable Galactic War Save/Load for PlayFab servers
 -- These save files will disappear after ~30 days.
 -- If you revert the Local Server setting, your save will still work, however you will not see the save file available until you change your Local Server setting again​.

Single Player Save/Load first pass!


Hey all! Over the last month, we’ve been pushing on getting save/load working in the single player side of PA. We’ve also done tons of balance tweaks based on feedback and our balance folks watching replays and streams, added 2 new maps (1 for ranked play and 1 for general play), did some fairly big performance improvements for large army fights, and hit as many bugs and polish items as we could. 

 This is the first pass of our save/load work, so you’ll see it missing items we want in the final. That being said, we are currently working on those elementsl, but since this version was working, we wanted to go ahead and get it out so you could use it. I’ve explained what is in this version below (single player AI skirmish saving), as well as what we hope to get in next (galactic war mid game saving and resume from anywhere in a replay loading). Take a look, and if you want to join the conversation, or run into any issues, join us over on the Uber forums!

Update on Kickstarter and Cosmic Limited Edition Fulfillment


We have not shipped the physical rewards yet as some of the items are still in production. 

Items have been ordered, but many are still in production. We are as excited to get these as you are, and will be sending them out as soon as they are finished being made and in our hands! 

We sent out a notification to confirm configurable items and shipping address to prepare for fulfillment. With this information, we’ve been able to calculate the precise number of shirts to order and in what size and style. (BTW, these shirts will be Awesome!) 

We also have lots to sign! Posters, game boxes, and art books, Oh my! 

We have the game boxes and art books in the warehouse and should have the poster done soon. When everything is ready, we’ll get to work signing over 2,000 individual items. (Whoa! Over 2,000 individual items?!) 

When can we ship? 

Once all the items are in our warehouse, we’ll start packing them up and shipping them out. We are unfortunately tied to waiting on manufacturers to finish production, but will post updates of this fulfillment process to Kickstarter and our website here: 

To see what items you’ll be receiving, just go to ‘My Account’ ( and select your pledge or Cosmic order. A detailed list of items for this order will be displayed.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Commander statue!

Invictus statue without its paint. Brrr, is it chilly in here?
Invictus statue without its paint. Brrr, is it chilly in here?

Submarines and Interplanetary Fighters!


Hey all! We've been working hard to get a full balance pass in place over January. You'll notice there have been a huge amount of changes based on feedback we've received from our players and replays. We've also added in 3 entirely new units to the game, including 2 new submarines and a T2 fighter that can travel between planets!  

Head on over to the Uber forums for the full list of changes including the balance, bug fixes, polish, and performance improvements!